Dark Souls Remastered: How to Kill the Bed of Chaos

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As we've said before, Dark Souls' boss fights represent the ultimate epic that the game has to offer. Precisely for that reason, there are plenty of players who have purchased Dark Souls Remastered and are taking their first steps in the initial chapter of the From Software saga. If some monsters can be defeated simply by memorizing their attack patterns and choosing the right equipment, others will require the resolution of some phases that we could almost call platforming. This is the case of the Bed of Chaos, one of the most enigmatic and, in some ways, challenging bosses of Dark Souls. In this guide, we'll tell you how to beat this enemy without running into too many game over.

Dark Souls Remastered How to kill the Bed of Chaos

It's good to make one thing clear: the Bed of Chaos, the immense structure that you will face, is not really a boss in the true sense of the word, but a real "boss container". Inside it, in fact, there is a demon cub, which can be finished with a single blow; the real problem will be to destroy the huge "bed" that contains it and protects it. This enemy has a central role in the story of Dark Souls, as it is precisely from it that the demons present in the game are generated, and it will be up to us to destroy it and take possession of one of the fragments of the Lord's Soul.

If any of you have ever played Demon Souls, you will remember the fight against the Dragon God. More than a real boss fight, to defeat the monster in question we had to solve a real puzzle trying, in the meantime, not to be killed. Well, to eliminate the Bed of Chaos we will have to go through a very similar fight. To get to kill the boss we must first destroy the two side seals, obviously taking care to avoid attacks. After doing this, the boss will become even more aggressive, and we will have to pay much more attention. As some may have understood, what awaits us is a challenging and at times frustrating combat, perhaps the most frustrating present in Dark Souls Remastered .

Destroy the seals of the Bed of Chaos.

Watch out for flaming "arms" - they can do you a lot of damage.

Let's start by saying that tackling this boss will not be easy at all, precisely because you will have to go through several stages of increasing difficulty. First, as soon as you get to the arena, start running to the right trying to hold on to the ends of the stage, so as to avoid being hit by the boss. Once you get to the bottom, you will find a large red ball: it is one of the two seals, which will have to be destroyed. Sweep away the roots that protect it with your weapon and, as soon as you have shattered this first seal, you will notice that a firearm has popped out of the Bed of Chaos.

At this point, all you have to do is make the reverse route, so you're going to destroy the other seal, but this time you'll have a few more headaches. The flaming arm, in fact, will begin to bother you with attacks, which you must promptly avoid, and also, the floor will literally start to collapse. Precisely for this reason, you'll have to avoid falling into the void and avoid being pushed into the various precipices by the attacks of the boss, because in both cases you'll meet the game over. Fortunately, in case you die after having already destroyed one or both seals, you'll start the fight again from this point, without having to repeat everything from the beginning.

Head for the boss

Once the seals are destroyed, you will have to reach the "real boss".

As soon as you destroy even the second seal, a second flaming arm will emerge from the Bed of Chaos, making your feat even more difficult than it already was. There will be even more cracks in the floor and the monster's attacks will be even more numerous. Once again, you'll have to avoid every single attack, try to parry them at the right time, treat yourself promptly in case you get hit and, of course, keep running like madmen. You will have to head towards the "belly" of the boss and you will notice that, just below one of the cracks in the floor (just below a ledge), you will find a huge root to land on.

As soon as you find the point, do not hesitate to jump and, once you land, keep running until you enter a sort of corridor full of roots. Make your way with your sword until, at the end of it, you meet the demon cub we told you about in the opening article. You will only need one attack to kill him: finish him off without any remorse and victory will be yours.

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