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When will you start Dark Souls Remastered and you will be struggling with the creation of your character, you will be given the opportunity to select a gift. These gifts are rare or even unobtainable items, in some cases, within the game that will allow you to start the adventure more "quietly", among many quotes because in Dark Souls you can never be quiet enough. There are many gifts to choose from and none of them can be considered useless, but the choice is not so obvious, considering also that the usefulness of an object can vary depending on the class you choose and the approach with which you want to play the remastered version of Dark Souls.

In this guide we will cover all available gifts and try to figure out what is the best gift of Dark Souls Remastered , so you can have a "simpler" gaming experience, always in quotes.

After creating the character, you will be given the opportunity to select a gift to take with you right from the start.

Best gifts Dark Souls Remastered

Let's start with first and last names right away. The following two items represent the best choice as a gift from Dark Souls Remastered . One is for experienced players, the other is for novices.

  • Expert Players - Universal Key
  • New Players - Divine Blessing

Choosing the best gift Dark Souls Remastered depends a lot on whether or not you are an experienced Dark Souls player. If you have already played Dark Souls, the best gift is generally the universal key. However, if this is your first time playing Dark Souls, or you're not very good at games in this series or genre, you should opt for the Divine Blessing instead. Keep in mind that if you choose thief as your starting class, you'll start with the Universal Key.

If you're not an expert on Dark Souls, Divine Blessing may be the best gift to select.

The universal key allows you to open any door locked in the game, taking the extra thought out of your mind. If you have the Universal Key in your possession, you can also take an alternative route and collect the Crimson armor set which is one of the best pieces of equipment you'll find at the start of the game. Of course you don't need this key to do this, but if you're an experienced player you won't need the other gifts to make your way.

For players approaching the game now or people who simply aren't that good at Dark Souls, the Divine Blessing is the best gift. It completely restores your health and status, which can be a great advantage if you're in a bad situation. As a new player, it's likely to happen much more frequently than you'd like, so having this extra help can be a good thing.

If you don't think these two gifts are useful for your cause, you can check out all the gifts below and decide for yourself which one to get. As mentioned above, none of these gifts will be useless or, on the contrary, will make you Rambo, so select the gift that suits you best.

Dark Souls Remastered All available gifts

Below is a list of available gifts and a short description:

  • Black Arson Bomb: An impact throwing weapon and inflicts more damage than a standard bomb.
  • Binoculars: Use them to scan the horizon and discover new locations and flush out distant enemies.
  • Divine Blessing: As we have already said, restore your health and restore your state.
  • Universal Key: Opens any locked door in the game.
  • Witch Ring: Equip this ring to understand Quelaag's sister. You can also exchange it for Snuggly the Crow to receive the Sunlight Maggot helmet.
  • Pendant: Swap this item for Snuggly the Raven to get a Reminder of Retaliation.
  • Tribal Ring: It gives you a small health boost.
  • Humanity Gemini: You get two points for humanity.
  • None: Yeah. You can also choose to start the game without any gift.
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