CTR Nitro-Fueled | Guide How to Unlock Penta Penguin

After the extraordinary announcement of the return of Penta Penguin in the roster of CTR Nitro-Fueled many players wondered how it would be possible to unlock the adorable penguin.

How to unlock Penta Penguin

Penta Penguin, in the original CTR, was a character unlockable only through a code as an "unfinished" pilot (even his voicelines were a Naughty Dog employee who said "Penguin yay 1/2") and above all unbalanced as in some versions of the game he presented himself with all the stats to the maximum. Thanks to N. Tropy's technologies I was able to travel back in time to get a copy of the code from my '99 self and luckily we can confirm that Beenox left the same code in Nitro-Fueled too. Penta Penguin, however, was rightly blacked out so as not to unbalance the online games and therefore has the same statistics as Dingodile and Tiny Tiger (7/7 speed, 3/7 acceleration, 2/7 steering).

To unlock it enter the following code by holding down L1+R1 in the main menu:

  • PS4:
  • XBO:
  • Switch:

Below is the reveal and gameplay D E B O L E shown at E3 2019.

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