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Guide and tricks Crazy Defense Heroes | Crazy Defence Heroes is much more than a classic tower defense game, as it also combines elements of role-playing games and collectible card games. Your goal is to defeat enemies through hundreds of levels and a myriad of different worlds with the right combination of cards, which can represent towers, other heroes, spells or other.

This mobile title has a lot of depth to offer, although the graphics seem to betray an underlying simplicity. There are a lot of mechanics to assimilate, so we offer you a general guid Crazy Defense Heroes e that will allow you to win more easily at the beginning and have the green light in the following stages.

How to download Crazy Defense Heroes | To download the game, go to -> Google Play | App Store.

Crazy Defense Heroes - Driving - How to play

Complete missions to collect resources

In Crazy Defense Heroes , there is the Scavenge function, which allows you to instantly collect selected resources, depending on your current level. The missions, which become available once you reach level 6, are similar in the sense that all you really have to do is touch the corresponding button once, but to participate in a mission, you have to have cards of a certain type or rarity. The missions are also divided in order of difficulty, from Trivial to Hard, though you don't have to worry about any real difficulties on your part; this simply determines how long it takes to complete a mission.

You can earn a variety of rewards through missions, though these are usually coins and energy potions (see below). The more difficult missions, of course, mean better rewards.

Use energy potions first

When we say energy potions, we're not talking about the green bottles of potions at the top of the screen - those refer to your health units - but the blue bottles you normally get by completing missions. You can use these whenever you find yourself in a situation where you no longer have energy for a given task, such as a campaign or digging level; these potions allow you to complete the task even if you no longer have any real energy units.

If you don't have energy potions, the game will ask you to spend gems. You should only do this if you have enough gems, because it will cost you 50 gems each.

Put the towers near the escape points

You should know that battles in it will Crazy Defense Heroes start with a limited amount of mana for positioning towers and defenses. This becomes a bigger problem as you progress through the game's map, as it becomes more difficult to earn three stars when completing a level.

We recommend that you place your initial towers close to enemy escape points; these are usually the points near the edges of the level map. Make sure to use your best towers as well. Don't forget to also place your towers near the entry points so that you can at least slow down or eliminate weaker enemies (such as rats) before the enemy hordes become overwhelming.

Crazy Defense Heroes - Tower Guide

Crazy Defense Heroes - What are Towers?

Towers are one of the types of cards you'll get in the game, along with skills, items and heroes. Towers are by far the most important, because they basically allow you to pass through the game levels and defeat tons and tons of monsters.

You can never progress in Campaign mode if you don't have decent towers, so you can imagine how extremely important they are. All towers have a predetermined radius and depending on that, they can cover more or less ground with their attacks.

All towers can be upgraded and this will be symbolized with a yellow "+" symbol next to them once placed in the designated space. Upgrades are unique to each tower and are usually specific to the type of tower (e.g. a Poison Tower will increase poison damage and decrease poison resistance).

Towers can also come in different rarities, from 1 star to 4 stars (common, rare, epic, legendary), with those of 4 stars being obviously the strongest.

Crazy Defense Heroes - What are the best towers?

Javelin Tower: It's a great tower for doing single target damage, especially since both upgrades make attacks substantially more powerful. The cost in mana is not exorbitant, so we recommend you use it. Inflicts physical attack damage.

Lightning Tower: This is one of the best end game units, as it inflicts stun damage (enemies are hit by lightning). The shots penetrate the armor, so this unit is definitely surprising. Perform as many upgrades as you can and, if placed, upgrade the overload before Lightning Chain. Inflicts magical damage.

Sun Prism: This unit will burn the strongest enemy in range and cause a lot of damage. Since it's single-target, it's an extraordinary unit, so consider upgrading it. It inflicts magical damage.

Sniper Tower: This is by far the best unit in the game. It basically takes down enemies in one shot, even if they are far away. So you can place this unit somewhere far behind, and thanks to its range, it can reach almost any target.

Necromancer Tower: This unit is in the middle: it is neither extraordinary nor weak. If you have other support towers around it, it might be super useful, as it basically resurrects defeated enemies to fight at your side.

If you add a couple of powerful damage inflicting towers, you can probably turn it into an S+ unit, but it all depends on how you choose to play. Inflicts physical attack damage.

Slow-down Tower: Again, it depends a lot on how you want to play, because this tower basically slows down enemies. If you want to add a strong AoE Tower to destroy them all at once, or even a powerful Spell to hit an area, this tower can help you gather all the enemies in one place.

Archers Tower: Might be a good choice if you need more poison towers to inflict damage. They are quite useful, especially since they are a game unit you get in the beginning.

Crazy Defense Heroes - Tricks for iOS and Android

Here are some tricks to get ahead more easily in the game.

Study your enemy, then gain access to the bestiary.
You might overlook this pre-battle feature when the levels are easy and you can get three stars with your eyes closed. But when the game gets tough, you have to start preparing in advance by studying your opponent. Once you've figured out which enemies give you the most trouble, access the bestiary and find their weaknesses and strengths. The pause menu of the battle screen has this option where you can learn all the information you need to know about the enemies you've already encountered.

Keep your avatar active while you don't have enough towers yet
Previously, we established that you often don't have enough mana with which to set up towers in the most difficult levels, which would force you to create only a few towers, mainly those that cost a lot of mana and do a lot of damage. With the towers' lack of firepower, you'll likely need to be active during the first waves of enemy attacks, using your avatar and allies. We recommend that you place your avatar and allies close to escape points to prevent enemies from escaping.

Accelerate Battles
Crazy Defense Heroes gives you a chance to speed up the battles, even though this could be a risky process. Once you become an expert in the game, with progressively longer levels to complete, you should take advantage of this feature. Our best advice when it comes to the acceleration feature (you can activate it by pressing the fast forward button at the top right of the screen) is to use it while waiting for enemy waves, but not once they are escaping, at which point you'll need to mobilize your avatar / activate your spells / activate the towers.

Participate in Raids
Raids become available once you reach level 6 of the avatar, and these are essentially the usual battles that there are in campaign mode, but with different difficulties: Easy, Medium and Difficult. You should participate in Raids if you're trying to get the evolution materials, which are used to classify one of your cards. While Evolution Materials can occasionally be won during campaign battles or by opening chests, Raids focus primarily on them as the main type of reward.

Two identical cards of different rarities do not make a duplicate
In the game you will unlock cards that you already have. With duplicate cards, you get the ability to convert these cards into instant resources (unlocking a duplicate also gives you a damage bonus). You will also have to deal with situations where you unlock a card that is the same but of a different rarity than the one you already have. Well, it's not a duplicate, unfortunately. Cards must be equal in everything, even in rarity, to unlock a duplicate and have the opportunity to convert them into resources.

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