Clash Royale Hacks for Gems and Free Gold?

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Clash Royale is a recently released browser game made by the developers of Clash of Clans themselves. The essence of the game is more or less the same view in its "big brother", today we explain how to get gems and free money, thus avoiding expensive microtransactions.

The only way to do it currently is to download a hacking program. The program is very similar to the Cheat Engine and works for both iOS and Android devices. The procedure is simple: just download it directly on your smartphone or on your PC and then connect it to the device via USB cable; start the program and click on "connect", first choose the device (iOS or Android), then the amount of gold and gems you want in the appropriate box and click on "Start Cheat".

At this point you will load a bar that shows you how to load gems and money into your account. After it has finished loading, wait a few seconds, disconnect the program (and the USB cable if you have done the operation via PC) and open the game: here you will find the number of gems and money that you had previously typed.

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