Clash Royale Guide How to Get a Free Epic Card per Week

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In Clash Royale if there's one thing very precious, it's epic cards. Without getting into too many technicalities, the name itself already says how important they are. But how do you get them? Paying with real money is the quickest and easiest method, but our guide to Clash Royale will also help users who don't want to spend a single euro.

To get one free epic card per week you only need two requirements: being part of an active clan and a lot of patience. For starters, before you choose a clan make sure that it has active elements, people with high scores who therefore report the fact that they spend many hours in the game and give cards with ease. Then start giving your cards to the other members of the clan. The game allows you to give away a maximum of 60 cards a day, and for each card you earn 5 gold units. This means that on a day when you have exchanged 60 cards you have exchanged 300 gold units. Don't worry about the most important cards, you can get up to 10 cards back per day. Of course, if you have donated 60 cards to the members of the clan, you have to make sure that the others do so too, so that you have a continuous exchange of cards and never find yourself without them.

As mentioned earlier, after donating 60 cards in one day you got 300 gold units. If you do this every day in a week you will have earned 2100 and this is exactly the price of an epic card you can buy in the store.

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