Clash of Clans How to Grow Fast Complete Guide

Clash of Clans it's one of the most popular games played on mobile. Released in 2012, the app has stood for several years in a row as the top download on iOs and Android stories, and is sure to continue its success. One of the game's toughest challenges is how to make your village grow as fast as possible and make sure it's not immediately overrun by the opposing players.

In this guide we're going to find out how to do it and all the techniques to know and keep in mind for this to happen in the most efficient way without having to wait.

Guide to growing fast in Clash of Clans

You will surely have often seen other players and see that, although they have started playing with you, their growth rates are different, sometimes higher, sometimes slower. In case you want to maximize the expansion of your village, this is definitely the guide for you. This guide is applicable to those who are in the town halls from 6 to 8, and can also be applied at 5.

Keep your workers busy as long as possible

In Clash of Clans , the most scarce resource is definitely time. This becomes even truer in the case of builders and workers. You may find yourself playing all day, collecting millions in gold and elixirs but there seems to be no way to speed up their work, unless you buy gems with real money. Let's think about it: every minute your builder isn't building is a lost minute that takes you away from your goal.

A few minutes seem irrelevant but if you think about it better, they can spend literally hours and days leaving builders stuck doing nothing. The more work you entrust to your builders, the faster you can achieve your goals. Since having more builders is certainly useful, make sure you have at least five gems. Some might say that it is impossible to raise enough resources to keep builders busy all the time, but before you resign yourself wait until you read points 3 and 4 of this guide.

Keep your workshops busy most of the time.

Like your builders, the time your lab doesn't have tasks is literally time wasted, and it's to keep it busy as long as possible. However, you must always keep your most important goal in mind: don't look for something you won't use just because you lack the resources to find something you actually need. In addition, you will probably need to balance research elixirs with elixirs for the construction of important buildings.

Think carefully about what to build and when to build it.

There are many ways to build smartly. It may not be a rule carved in stone, but there are general rules that will definitely help you if you keep them in mind.

First of all, here is a table that will show you the time needed to bring the various Town Halls to the maximum, in workers' days (1 worker for 1 day). The upgrade of the archer queen, the barbarian king and all the traps are excluded from the table.

There is definitely a lot to build, but there are some good things to draw from this table. First, the lower levels don't take much time (for example, if you have three builders, you could upgrade to level 5 in just over a month). Secondly, many of these are not necessary to advance in the game.

One tip is not to bring everything to maximum before upgrading to the next town hall. The best thing is definitely to maximize your income and the fun that the game provides. Players should find it easier to get 100,000 gold in town hall 7 than at level 4.

If you only have three builders, the advice is to maximize town hall 6 (and prepare for level 7) in 51 days. If you limit your extractors to level 7, the time required would be reduced to 34 days. If you upgrade your defenses to 2 levels less than the maximum, the time would be further reduced to only 23 days. If you even decide to upgrade to a maximum of only some of your barracks and leave the other 1-2 levels behind, the time would be reduced to only 21 days. Watch your surroundings: if you can save resources on defense, you will have doubled your growth speed and you can start developing a more powerful army once you reach level 7.

You need to find the right balance with how often and for how long you play. If you raid a lot and find yourself online a lot, then defences will be much less important to you than someone who plays occasionally during the day.

If you have the possibility to attack several times in a limited time, the advice is to try to get to TH7 as fast as possible. Basically, you should be able to generate enough resources from the various raids and use them immediately to build, so that your main defense is to have enough resources to sustain the opponent's attacks and make sure that, when this happens, you don't have much that you can get out of a raid.

Although you devote enough time per day to Clash of Clans , have used gems to increase your production of barracks and have efficiently divided your attacks over time, you will still get to a point where you need to accumulate resources and have to defend yourself against attacks in some way so as not to lose all your progress. Remember also that the more your town hall increases in level, the more you will be penalized for attacking lower level players. For those who don't have the possibility to attack more than 5 times per day, we recommend not to attack up to level 7 immediately. Town Hall 7 is a great place to recover resources as you will be able to attack Town Hall 6 with sufficient resources, as well as having access to armies that will also allow you to face higher level opponents.

If you have the possibility to continue upgrading your shacks, you have the possibility to use the application continuously throughout the day, surely this strategy will be more successful and you can even go as far as Town Hall 8, if not further. It all depends on how long and how often you play.

So here is the most effective construction strategy to use:

  1. Build with your strategy in mind. If you follow this strategy based on continuous raid, it means that your priority must be to upgrade your army as quickly as possible and make sure that your laboratory is also upgraded as the upgrade of the army you will use for raids depends on it. The development of armies should go hand in hand with the development of your villus.
  2. Don't waste time with the mines and the elixir miners. In fact, you can get many more elixirs by attacking than with the extractors, even if this should not mean not building them. If you have enough income, it is better to switch to TH7 rather than wait to build mines and extractors. Mines and extractors are a great way to occupy time that wouldn't be used in any other way: if you're waiting for the resources you need to upgrade, use your builders in a mine upgrade so you don't waste any time. Your goal is to take extractors to level 6 or 7. In this way, you won't waste resources but you won't have to wait for the long construction time of levels 8 and above.
  3. Keep the difference in levels between all buildings and walls of the same type at a maximum of one. The advantage of upgrading to a higher level is generally the same per level. However, the cost becomes higher at each level. So keep in mind that it will be more efficient to have e.g. two buildings at level 3 than one at level 4 and one at level 1. This does not apply, however, to shacks.
  4. Upgrade your barracks to the level that is most convenient for you. Generally, this means bringing a shack to the maximum so that you can get a new upgrade. The rest of the barracks need to be organized so that you can build your armies as effectively as possible. You won't need all your shacks to be able to produce sorcerers if you use mostly low-level troops for your raids. The best strategy is to have the shacks at a sufficient level so that you can line up the entire regular army at once. Also, if there is one unit you use more often, it is good that they can be produced from more than one shack. Ultimately, always think about whether it is more efficient to upgrade one level to your shack from the highest level or whether it is better to upgrade more to the lower level.
  5. Plan your constructions so that the builders are always busy in some building. This could mean delaying the completion of a project as it would end at the same time as other upgrades. It is very important to make sure that projects that require more time don't leave your builders with their hands full, but that they are always working on a new one. One tip is to optimize your time: if you are going to go to sleep, it is better to launch your workers into a longer project, and reserve shorter projects as long as you are awake and active to direct your workers towards numerous small projects.
  6. Build all the buildings that offer one level before moving on to the next. This is mainly to understand firsthand which buildings are actually more useful and which are less useful, which is difficult to explain in a written guide.

Raid so you can have resources for your activities

Raids are perhaps the most important source of resources in Clash of Clans . Raids can be used as a way to boost your ego or take revenge, but their main utility is getting funds to build more troops and upgrade your base. If you are aggressive in your raids you will spend less resources on extractors and you will lose less in case of attack.

The most important things to keep in mind for a raid are:

  1. Put the suitable army in line for the attack
  2. Select the right target
  3. Arrange your army properly
  4. Wait until your army has completed the raid on the buildings
  5. Repeat the process as quickly as possible

Be careful that we said to line up the right army, not build it. The most efficient way is in fact to have already built your own army, to queue the next army to use and only at this point make the raid. Depending on how much time you will spend looking for your target and how many troops you have, you may have to return to your base and realize that most of your troops have already been produced.

What makes a resource-efficient army is being able to capture as many buildings as possible in as little time and at as little cost as possible. Since you can choose your target, you won't need a perfect army. The best mix is a few squads and a fair division of archers and barbarians. As for wall brakers, it's always better to have a spare than the necessary ones. For a Town Hall 7, the perfect raid army should have 3 wall bracers, 97 barbarians and 97 archers. For smaller armies of villi, of course, the numbers will be different.

A critical point for this strategy is when you get your 97 archers and barbarians at level 4. Since the villus has no further upgrades for the army at level 8, the TH7 army is almost on par with the TH8 army. The upgrade to level 5 is so minor that rushing TH8 to get it would be more disadvantageous than anything else.

Let's now analyze why this is the best army. Archers and barbarians are cheap and can be built in a limited time. This means that it will be possible to attack several times in the time that a more powerful army would be built. Secondly, it is surprisingly effective. It can in fact be used to steal exposed resources or use it in its entirety to conquer the enemy base. If you add goblins to the army, the production time will increase considerably. Using only archers and barbarians will make it much less flexible and less powerful. Giants can help but are not useful for this tactic. The reason why the wall breakers are included is to allow archers to access the innermost parts of the base more quickly. Most of the problems of this kind of army can be overcome simply by attacking the right opponents.

In fact, selecting the right target is very important. First, you need to consider how many resources you can get from an attack. For a TH7 and TH8, with a trophy range of 1000-1500, the number of resources to justify the attack is about 100,000 between elixir and gold. The advice is to start earlier with smaller raids (about 50,000), and increase progressively once you are familiar with the strategy. It should also be taken into account that during the ideal weekend targets will be rarer to find, and therefore concentrate your efforts during the week.

Before you attack, you must determine where the resources you intend to take away are. If they are located in the meanders of the base and are well defended, it's a good idea to forget about them and move on to the next target. Ideally you want to find a base that has been abandoned. In this way you will find all the gold and elixirs in the mines and miners and very few in the depot. Obviously there are many possibilities, and you can also find bases built so badly that they can be easily raided. Two tips are to pay attention: if gold and elixirs are the same it means that the warehouse is almost empty, and if the elixir extractors are full.

Once you've identified your goal, it's time to take action. The first step is to have a line of barbarians as close as possible to where the resources you need are. The exact number of barbarians you choose is not important, but there must be at least two per building you intend to destroy. At this point the advice is to immediately place a line of archers behind the barbarians, with minor adjustments depending on how strong you think the defenses may be. Even when there is a wall, it is important that it is the barbarians who open the dances because they will be the first to suffer enemy fire.

For the first few times we recommend that you observe how effective your troops actually are. If they are not enough for your objectives, then try adding more barbarians or archers. The goal is to have the right amount of troops to accomplish your goals, without unnecessary extra troops. You also want to deploy troops quickly, but not en masse, because with powerful defenses your entire army could be wiped out in the blink of an eye. Carry out these small, sudden attacks in all parts of the base where vulnerable resources are present.

Occasionally, you'll want to use the wall breakers if there are a large number of resources behind a wall to open it up to make room for your barbarians, or if the resources are too deep to send your archers directly. In this case, first send out the barbarians, and then arrange the right number of wall breakers. Remember that wall breakers are very vulnerable, so avoid launching them while your opponent's defenses are busy dealing with your barbarians to avoid collateral deaths. The cannons will shoot the barbarians if they are in the front row, so with a little attention and strategy it should be possible to keep all your wall breakers alive.

Once you get most of your target's resources you'll have to make a decision: stop or continue with the raid. If you stop, this could result in a defeat but if you have more trophies than you need, it won't be a big deal. Keep in mind that if you decide to escape, you may be attacked again in the next few minutes.

If you decide to continue, you'll notice that most targets have enough vulnerable targets to win a one-star victory. Obviously if the person keeps their villus outside the walls the victory will be easier. Although this is not the case, appropriating their resources and other buildings outside the walls or within the first layer of them should be enough to achieve a one-star victory.

Finally, some final thoughts on raids. Another strategy using an army of archers and barbarians is to place archers and barbarians on a vulnerable side of the base as quickly as possible. This will make it easier to breach the enemy base, but you'll have to abandon resources on the other side of the base in case you don't get a 3-star victory. This approach is more powerful than the one recommended above, but it doesn't always bring constant results. In addition, sending troops in small quantities to various points of the base is also effective against heavily defended bases, as long as resources are contained outwards.

Secondly, the strategy we have talked about does not involve setting traps in advance, killing heroes or baiting opposing troops. This depends on the fact that your main targets must first of all be abandoned villi without troops inside and that thanks to the large number of troops, you should have enough to offset the losses caused by traps.

Ultimately, spells. Generally speaking, it's not important to use spells during raids because they require a long preparation period, much longer than the army itself, so you won't be able to use them in every raid. Also, armies of archers and barbarians are so cheap that using a spell will almost double the cost of your attack. The only time you should consider using spells will be in case you need to make a raid to get elixir, which is very rare.

Once the attack is over, it will be time to wait for the new troops. Depending on how many troops you lost in the raid and how far away your target was, the time to wait will vary but should generally not exceed 5 minutes. Since the splitters will not be used in all raids, it is best to leave them at the back of the training queue so that they can be eliminated if you return from a war.

Remember that as long as you are online, no one will attack your base. Use your time efficiently, for example by checking Facebook or Whatsapp, to resume the game when your troops are ready. If you're lucky and good strategically, you can get up to one million gold and elixirs in an hour. Always keep your attack planning in mind and don't go on suicide missions against opponents with too high defences.

Follow these simple rules and copy the others in the layout of your villus

This guide will not go into detail in the construction of the village as it does in raids, and the best way to arrange the buildings may depend on various factors.

First, the first thing to keep in mind when building your villus are the goals you want to achieve. If your goal is to get to Town Hall 10 and have a very powerful army, then small raids as suggested in this guide may not be the fastest way to achieve this. For the sake of improvement, we recommend that you create a base to protect your resource stores and defenses, nothing more than these two things. The perfect base is one that has enough space to allow you to move your villus in and out of the center. A town hall outside the base can push other players to attack you, which will cause you to lose trophies, but will guarantee 12 hours of defense against much more powerful and brutal attacks.

As for the layout of the base, there are many models according to your needs, in case they are for farming or continuous raids. Let's go for a moment to see some small rules to follow to better plan your base:

  1. Protect your warehouse. Keep it close to the defenses and behind the walls.
  2. Make sure that if someone attacks you they must be forced to break through more than one wall. A single huge wall can be destroyed by the breakers before the battle has even begun. More small walls will make the task more difficult for those who are trying to level your base.
  3. Keep your fire and air defenses towards the center of your base, but don't place them next to each other.
  4. Use buildings of lesser value such as barracks, army camps, mines or spell factories as a diversion to slow down your opponent's attack. This way the troops will not appear immediately next to the walls. Keep close enough to allow your towers and cannons to attack the enemies that are attacking you, and consider placing buildings in the far corners of the base to avoid a 3-star defeat.
  5. Before adding traps to your base, make sure that the open space between your walls is still next to a building and that you don't have any decoration inside your walls. Both can be places where enemies can appear and traps can make these spaces less visible.
  6. Spread the resources inside your base as much as possible. A long line of mines or extractors is too easy a target for a possible enemy.
  7. Watch replays of attacks against your base for weaknesses and what to fortify.
  8. Keep a balance of levels between the buildings and your walls. Having one side with particularly strong walls is not useful if the enemy can ignore it and attack the other side.

There are exceptions to the rules but by following these tips you will at least make life more difficult for possible attackers.

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