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DuckTales is a platform game developed by the software house Capcom and published by the same for both Nintendo Game Boy for both NES.

The video game was made by some talented members of the team that gave life to the Mega Man saga and, precisely for its playability and attention to detail, it was very appreciated both by the public and by the sector press. The gameplay was excellently studied and the original control system, without forgetting colorful graphics and Disney characters so loved. all elements that have made Duck Tales a commercial success.
Horizontal scrolling platform, this videogame features Uncle Scrooge, busy crossing the planet at the search for treasures to discover. At the beginning of the game, we will be able to choose between 5 different levels, which we will see appear on a mega screen in the headquarters of Uncle Scrooge, in Duckburg. Each level sees the presence of Jet McQuack: if you talk to him, you can fly to Duckburg and collect the loot found during exploration.


To completely reset the energy bar and maximize it, pause the game and press SELECT (you must have at least $ 300.000 to activate this trick).

Select the level of African mines without the key to be transported to Transylvania. Enter the mine and climb up the slopes to collect the extra life there. Go to Transylvania without having the key and repeat the process as many times as you like.

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