Chase the Express PS1 cheats

Chase the Express, which in the North American market is known as Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn, is an action video game developed for PlayStation da Sugar and Rockets.

Released in 2000, the game stars Jack Morton, a NATO soldier engaged in a rather delicate mission. Indeed, the French ambassador and his family left the Russian city of St. Petersburg for Paris, France, aboard a special train, known as "Blue Harvest". However, the train is attacked along the way by a terrorist organization known as the "Horsemen of the Apocalypse".
NATO, through its international anti-terrorism organization, tries to negotiate with the bandits, but the deal fails miserably. This is where Jack Morton comes in, unique escort member of diplomats still alive, who manages to infiltrate the convoy with the aim of rescuing the entire French family.

Within the game there are different scenarios depending on how the player approached the game:
- If you complete the entire game by playing Scenario A you are entitled to play a special scenario, Scenario S.
- If during the game you have not collected some notes or have not inspected some rooms, you will end up in scenario B and thus skip the final fight with Mason. In this case the train stops in Avignon and not in Paris.
- If during the game Billy MacGuire dies from the wrong transfusion or is killed by Boris Zugoski, the train will have a different route than the canonical one, ending its run in Italy in Milan and not in France in Paris.

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