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Castle Revenge is an interesting mobile title in which the player must build his own fortress defending it from the assaults of other users. It's a bit like Angry Birds had a multiplayer twist, although there are many elements that make this product unique compared to other mobile games on the market. We've got flying bombs, boomerangs, crazy weapons, and many other explosive elements!!

An extra builder!

In Castle Revenge the player starts with about 300 rubies, the premium currency of the game. If you want, as you can see from the basic menu, you can buy an extra builder for only 200 rubies. We strongly recommend you to do such an operation as soon as possible, an extra worker will double your speed and will allow you to expand much more easily.


You can spy on enemy castles before you launch a head-on attack. This way, you can also get to know your opponent better and understand what ammunition to use and how. If you want, spending 10 rubies, you can also use a special command to find the best target right away, but it's not worth it... better not to waste too many rubies.

The right target

During an attack on an enemy fortress you should always try to locate the weakest point in the walls. Aim for the points that connect structures or tower bases, so you'll undermine the enemy's foundations and have an easy life. With a little luck, you'll be able to take down a large part of the castle with a single shot.

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