Call of Duty: WWII - Nazi Zombie Mode Guide

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Call of Duty: WWII allows players to launch themselves into a thrilling mode

zombies but, as per tradition, things are not at all simple. The vast map

game is full of easter eggs, hidden weapons, secrets to discover, switches from

activate and much more. For this reason we have prepared

this guide, so you can quickly access the advanced sections of the

without going crazy trying to figure out what to do. The news this year are

many, so let's not waste any more time and go straight to the discovery of the world...

zombie of Call of Duty: WWII !


First news this year: unlike the previous chapters, players come with

greeted with a rather elaborate prologue that allows them to know the basics of the

history and, of course, to practice the main mechanics.

The mission, however, is optional but we still advise you to tackle it from the

The only thing you have to do is resist the waves...

and accumulate enough money to open doors.

After finishing the prologue, if you've been good enough, you may receive

a loot box dedicated to the mode containing some perks and bonuses to exploit

in the following games. To equip them simply go to the soldier section

and set the desired consumables.

Perk consumables

There are a lot of consumable items in the game, some explicitly mention bonuses

that may appear on the map after killing a zombie. Here's the complete list:

Elektromagnet - double points

Totengriff - one shot a dead man

Taschen Voll - reloaded ammunition

Uberladen - this perk recharges your special skill right away

Vernichten - the classic nuke, instantly kills all zombies

Flamethrower - provides the player with a convenient flamethrower

Bazooka - provides the player with a bazooka

Refund coupons - allows the player to recover 25% of the amount spent during


Blitz machine coupon - provides a 50% discount on all blitz machines

MG15 Guarantee - the next time you use the mysterious crate you will receive an MG 15C

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