Call Of Duty: Warzone - Best Weapon, Setups & Tier List

Today saw the release of Call Of Duty Warzone, the battle royale mode for the latest installment of the well-known Activision saga. The title is a first-person shooter with battle royale mechanics full of items to collect between resources, money and weapons.

In this guide we see which are the various categories of weapons present and which are the best weapons for each category.

How are assault rifles?

Like any good first-person shooter, assault rifles are very useful and versatile weapons. Call Of Duty: Warzone The title features the same arsenal that is available in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Best Assault Rifle

Nowadays the best assault rifle available inside Call Of Duty: Warzone is the M4A1, despite all the nerf received during the last months. The M4A1 is a particularly powerful weapon, able to face opponents without problems from both short and long distances.

To try to maximize the range of this weapon you can apply the corvus barrel but usually, under normal playing conditions, the versatility of the weapon allows it to be used in virtually all sauces.

If you don't find this we recommend you to retrieve the Ram-7 rifle, excellent weapon for statistics and accuracy.

How are the sniper rifles?

In Call Of Duty: Warzone the sniper rifles are very smart weapons to find and use. Their incredible range allows the player to make kills from enormous distances and their high damage allows you to eliminate with a single shot.

Best sniper rifle

In these first rounds of play the sniper rifle that most manages to excel among the weapons that you can find on the ground is, without a doubt, the AX-50. This sniper rifle has an excellent range and has a better ADS (time from normal aim to ironsight) than the HDR rifle.

An equally good weapon for very long distances is the Dragunov sniper rifle, equipped with features inferior to the AX50 but with a semi-automatic firing system; a panacea when surrounded by opponents.

How are the SMGs?

SMG in Call Of Duty: Warzone are weapons that give the best of themselves inside buildings or in places. Compared to the classic multiplayer, SMGs are weapons with limited utility, given the huge size of the game maps, but if used in the right conditions, they remain weapons that can quickly take down an opponent.

Best SMG

The best SMG to use inside Warzone is definitely the MP5, a rifle capable of matching a good range to a great rate of fire. This rifle has very limited recoil and is very easy to carry around, with low ADS and good damage.

If you want an SMG able to adapt to more dilated battlefields we can recommend the AUG, equipped with viewfinder and able to shoot down enemies with simplicity. The version with 5.56 caliber bullets is definitely the best but has a problem of magazine size, insufficient for the majority of situations. In case of short-range battles the SMG to prefer to MP5 is instead the good MP7, equipped with tiny range but able to melt opponents in a very short time.

How are the light machine guns?

Light machine guns or LGMs are weapons with high rate of fire and high magazine capacity, similar to how they are presented and used in Modern Warfare. These weapons are able to work even over long distances, sacrificing mobility and reloading time.

Best light machine gun

There Call Of Duty: Warzone are two light machine guns worthy of the name that rival other weapons in the title. They are the PKM and the M-91 machine gun. Both of them have very long aiming times and slow down the movements of those who wear them; these characteristics are counterbalanced by gigantic magazines, an excellent rate of fire and a good precision even on long distances.

This makes these weapons perfect for covering your teammates with lead walls and bullets, a little less so for trying to make your way out of something.

How are the tactical rifles?

Tactical rifles are one of the best types of weapons in all Call Of Duty because they combine excellent damage with short reload times, good portability without forgetting a decent rate of fire and a respectable range. The main problem with tactical rifles is their single-shot firing mode, which rewards accuracy and reflex readiness compared to the rest of the weapons.

The low ADS rewards the active player and makes shooting with these weapons a real joy.

Best tactical rifle.

The best tactical rifle the player can hope to get his hands on in Call Of Duty Warzone is one between MK2 and Kar98K. Both have quite similar statistics and a comparable gunplay, which is why we can consider them equivalent. Slightly different speech should be made for the EBR rifle which is semi-automatic and requires even more precision.

How are shotguns?

The smooth-bore shotguns in Warzone seem to be quite different from how we were used to using them in multiplayer. They've been basically comical, so they've become really useful in close-range combat situations.

Best shotgun (shotgun)

The best smooth-bore shotgun you can use inside the Battle Royale mode of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is, in our opinion, the R9-0. This rifle at close range is virtually lethal and you can defend even at medium distance, with great damage and acceptable accuracy.

Call Of Duty Warzone's main weapons tierlist

Let's now see a tierlist to classify which weapons in general are the best in their category and which should be avoided like the plague.

Tier S

  • M4A1 (assault rifle)
  • MP5 (SMG)
  • MP7 (SMG)
  • R9-0 (Smooth-bore rifle)
  • RAM-7 (Assault Rifle)

The weapons within the Tier S are basically the strongest weapons within the title. They are the weapons you need to recover at all costs if you want to have as much damage per round as possible as a ratio.

This tier contains two assault rifles, with the Ram 7 providing an excellent replacement for the otherwise ubiquitous M4A1, two SMGs and a smoothbore rifle.

Tier A

  • GRAU 5.56 (Assault Rifle)
  • Kilo 141 (Assault Rifle)
  • MK2 Carbines (Tactical Rifle)
  • AUG (SMG)
  • Kar98k (Tactical Rifle)
  • PP Bizon (SMG)
  • Model 680 (Smooth-bore Rifle)
  • M13 (Assault Rifle)
  • Crossbow

Tier A weapons are weapons that you know how to defend well in battle and are great alternatives in case of unfortunate loot. Among this category of weapons we find the latest assault rifle added in Modern Warfare, the GRAU 5.56 that between customization and statistics is a great choice for the player who has nothing but a gun.

Also M13 and Kilo 141 are excellent weapons to use when you need a reliable assault rifle; unfortunately weakened by a rate of fire not comparable to other assault rifles.

The MK2 carbine remains an incredibly powerful weapon when entrusted to a player with good aim. This weapon is capable of killing with two shots at virtually any opponent and is perfect for players who are able to make the most of their controller or mouse.

The rest of the weapons can still do a lot of damage if put in the right hands. The PP Bizon is a very good SMG, the Kar98K is an excellent tactical rifle and the smoothbore rifles in this category are capable of eliminating any opponent from short range.

Tier B

  • AX-50 (Sniper Rifle)
  • FR 5.56 (Assault Rifle)
  • P90 (SMG)
  • FN Scar 17s (Assault Rifle)
  • 725 (Smooth-bore rifle)
  • AK-47 (Assault Rifle)
  • Oden (Assault Rifle)
  • PKM (LMG)
  • Striker 45 (SMG)

The AX-50 sniper rifle, despite being the absolute best in the game, is a Tier B weapon. He is able to shoot down enemies without too many problems from long distances but need an excellent preicsione to be used at best, without considering the need to calculate the trajectory of the bullet over very long distances.

The Striker 45 takes the place of the old SMG UMP and gets a place among the suboptimal weapons, with a decent damage that is usually overcome by other weapons of the same type. Similar speech also for the FR 5.56 assault rifle, also known as Famas. An inconsistent rifle, capable of killing if you are much faster than your opponents and little else.

The AUG finds position here because of its poor ADS, a very important feature for an SMG; fortunately this feature is counterbalanced by its greater range than the average in the category.

Tier C

  • HDR (Precision Rifle)
  • Origin 12 (Assault Rifle)
  • M91 (LMG)
  • FAL (Assault Rifle)
  • Dragunov (Precision Rifle)
  • SA87 (LMG)
  • EBR-14 (Tactical Rifle)
  • Holger-26 (LMG)
  • MG-34 (LMG)

We finally get to the bottom of the charts. The Tier C contains all the weapons that it would be better not to use within the title due to low statistics or difficulty of use. A perfect example is given by the light machine gun SA87, powerful, capable of discharging a huge number of bullets in a few seconds on opponents but characterized by a practically uncontrollable recoil that makes it really complicated to use.

The Dragunov makes sense as a sniper rifle given its semi-automatic nature; unfortunately this is counterbalanced by the low damage that sometimes requires two spun headshots to eliminate an unsuspecting opponent; a bit too much.

The other weapons on the list are simply topped by the rest of the Call Of Duty Warzone arsenal. Between suboptimal weapons and overrated equipment, be careful not to fill your character with useless hardware.

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