Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Mode Tips

Call of Duty Mobile | Tips for battle royale mode | One of the game modes available in Call of Duty Mobile is the Battle Royale, which is very polar these days and is featured in many titles that have the right features to contain it. In the case of the mobile title of Activision, there are no substantial differences, in fact this game mode is based on well-known and popular concepts used in this genre. The next page of the guide provides an overview of this mode and the basic concepts to master to start playing.

Battle Royale mode is now ubiquitous in games of this genre. In general, the features of this mode in CoD: Mobile are no different from those of other titles.

CoD: Mobile | How to play battle royale mode

Let's get ready to play

When you decide to play in this mode, you will be taken to the game settings screen. Here you can define the game in a way that best suits the way you play. The available options are as follows:

  • Perspective- At this point you have to choose whether you want to play in TPP or FPP mode. The game will be easier if you choose a third person perspective because the field of view will be wider.
  • Teams - In CoD Mobile you can play alone and in teams of two or four players.
  • Map - at the time we are writing this guide, there is only one map available. However, the panel indicates that new environments will be added after some updates.

After confirming your chosen parameters, you will also need to select one of six character classes:

  • Scout: It allows you to effectively track the position of your opponents.
  • Doctor: this character class allows you to take care of your teammates.
  • Defender: Specialized in increasing damage resistance.
  • Clown: this class allows you to summon and control zombies.
  • Ninja: It allows you to move silently and jump quickly on your opponent to catch him off guard.
  • Mechanic: It specializes in trap detection and allows you to release an EMP drone.
Choose the class that comes closest to the way you play or the one that seems most fun. The clown class, for example, allows you to control zombies.

Battle Royale CoD Mobile | How the game progresses

Start the match in a random part of the map. You'll have time to get to know the area. During this time you can collect weapons in the area and check how they work. At this time, in fact, you are completely immortal.

So you'll be put on a plane. You'll have to decide when you want to jump out. Upon landing, a typical Battle Royale match will begin. You'll start without any equipmentYou have to get it by searching the buildings. Your goal is to survive as long as possible among all 100 participants in the game. Of course, as time goes on, the area of the map will start to shrink..

On the map you will find some strategic points where you can go. These are the following:

  • Airdrops of supply: these are randomly released packages containing valuable equipment. They are marked on the map in green.
  • Update points: These are the places where you can find cases of improvement. On the map, they appear as purple dots;
  • Boss: If you want to face a more difficult challenge, you can fight the boss. On the map, the other players are marked with an eye. This way you will be able to determine where your closest opponents can land. This allows you to determine which side the threat might come from.
  • Watch the minimap during the match. If your opponent moves noisily, the footprints will appear on the minimap. This will allow you to locate your opponent and estimate the threat.
  • When a new reduced zone is displayed on the map, don't jump into the fray right away. It won't shrink in seconds, so you have time to assess the situation. Playing like a real macho and without planning can lead you into an ambush.
  • Customize your playing style according to your equipment. If you're equipped with a sniper rifle, it's worth finding a convenient place to attack passing enemies. If you find a sniper rifle, you'll need to move silently across the map and attack enemies at close range.
  • Do not randomly collect ammunition for supplies or supplies. Instead of collecting all the bullets you find, focus on finding the right type of ammunition for your weapons.

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