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Like several of its illustrious predecessors, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 also has its own Zombie mode. However, as the latest addition to the Activision franchise doesn't have a single player campaign, but only an online multiplayer component, the mode has been heavily "redesigned", making it much broader, more articulate and deeper. To make your way through the hordes of undead that await you, you'll have to be very careful to choose your equipment carefully, as well as the Perks you decide to use. As you plunder the title developed by Treyarch, in fact, you'll be able to count on an increasing number of skills. In this guide, we'll list all the skills present in Zombie Mode, and advise you which are the most suitable to face this game mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - All Zombie Mode Perks

As soon as you have access to the Zombie Mode main menu of 4 Call of Duty: Black Ops , you can click on the "Create a class" option at the bottom to see an overview of all the various custom class slots that will be made available to you. Now, at the top of the screen, you will see two slots: "Aether Story" and "Chaos Story". In the following lines, we will explain all the details of the two options now mentioned.

  • Aether Story - The classes in this category come into play in the more "normal" maps of the Zombie mode, which feature the more traditional Perks. The option now described will include the Voyage of Despair and Blood of the Dead maps;
  • Chaos Story - As you can assume, this option is dedicated to the classes available for the most "strange" and "original" maps of Zombie Mode, such as IX, set in an arena of Ancient Rome;

Within each of these two options, you'll have a total of six fully customizable classes to play with. When you start Black Ops 4's Zombie Mode for the first time, you'll only have four of these classes unlocked for Aether Story and Chaos Story, but you'll be able to unlock the other two remaining classes to levels 27 and 43 respectively. Keep in mind, however, that your character will not actually start the match with these directly assigned Perks, but that he will benefit from the advantages guaranteed by them during the match. Below, we'll give you a list of all the Perks available in Zombie Mode 4 Call of Duty: Black Ops .

  • Timeslip - The recovery time of your equipment will be decreased, and the ability to appear Mystery Boxes and Pack-a-Punch will be increased;
  • Quick Revive - The time to resurrect your ally will be reduced, just as the time to allow your health bar to regenerate will be reduced;
  • Death Perception - You'll also be able to see enemies through walls, and a marker will appear when a zombie comes up behind you;
  • Stamin-up - Your speed will be increased;
  • Electric Burst - The moment you go to reload your weapon, you will cause an electric discharge, and the emptier your magazine is, the more powerful the shock;
  • Dying Wish - The moment you're about to be killed (when you're lying on the ground, so to speak), you'll activate a 9-second Berserk mode, where the damage from melee attacks will be increased. At the end of the 9 seconds, you will only have one life point available;
  • Stone Cold Stronghold - This ability will create a circular defensive area. As you place yourself inside it, your attack and defense values will be increased;
  • Secret Sauce (unlocks on level 6) - You will receive a random Perk, which has not previously been placed in another slot;
  • Victorious Tortoise (unlocks at level 14) - The shield will block shots from any direction, and will trigger an explosion the moment it is destroyed;
  • Deadshot Dealer (unlocks at level 18) - Aiming the crosshairs at the enemy's head will reduce the swing of the crosshairs and the recoil of the firearm;
  • Bandolier Bandit (unlocks on level 26) - Will increase the number of ammo you can carry;
  • Winter's Wail (unlocks at level 30) - The moment you're hit, an explosion will be generated that will freeze or greatly reduce the movement of the enemies involved. It can be used twice;
  • Mule Kick (unlocks on level 38) - Allows you to transport an additional primary weapon;
  • PHD Soldier (unlocks at level 42) - This ability will allow you to accumulate a charge simply by sliding. As soon as you fill the bar, slide against an enemy to trigger a powerful explosion;

What are the best skills to use in the Zombie mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Each Perk will reward a different style of play.

At this point, having listed all the Perks available in Zombie Mode, many of you may be wondering what are actually the best skills to use against the undead. It's not possible to give a very specific answer to this question, as it will depend on the style of play you're going to adopt. If, for example, you love to run and move quickly around the game map, PHD Soldier and Deadshot Dealer skills will be practically indispensable. If you're a player who prefers to crouch, hide and defend a single point, we recommend that you equip Perk like Victorious Tortoise, Dying Wish, and maybe even Bandolier Bandit.

Obviously, as mentioned above, you won't be able to count on the assigned Perks immediately, but you'll have to explore the game map and find them. However, the advantages of these skills will automatically compensate you for your efforts to find them.

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