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Calculate IV in Pokemon Go - Practical Guide There's nothing else about IV in Pokemon Go . IV stands for Individual Valor, which is the individual value of a Pokemon. It all stems from the fact that as you may have noticed the value of a Pokemon is not only based on the PL (Fight Points) that the Pokemon itself has, but also on the type of primary and secondary move and how strong it is. Starting for example from a low special attack value, even if you boost the Pokemon will never become close "to perfection". In the same way we have to take into account another value that is not clearly shown in the game: the stamina or the resistance of a Pokemon.

Perfect Pokemon: Which IV?

The stamina then together with the attack and defense form the famous IV - Individual Values of a Pokemon. They are expressed in fifteenths, so the maximum score will be 15 points in attack, 15 in defense and 15 in stamina/resistance. When you reach these values in a single Pokemon it can be considered perfect, so it can be used as an attack and defense Pokemon. It is not rare to have a perfect Pokemon in defense but not good in attack. Knowing this information also helps our battle strategy in gyms.

Strengthening a Pokemon: which and why

Stardust is rare, indeed, stardust is sneaky. At first you find lots of it, it never seems to end, and you throw yourself into evil power-ups that you'll soon curse in ancient Aramaic. Stardust is not rare, stardust ends immediately. Figuring out which Pokemon to put up and then investing in the right pets at our disposal makes the difference between a mediocre coach and an excellent one. The IV calculator shows you exactly how perfect the Pokemon is. The candy then, how much we would like to be given by strangers. A real battle to reach the necessary number to evolve the Pokemon of a certain species (who said Magikarp? Lapras? etc.?). The candies must be invested and used with the right Pokemon. So we just have to find out how to calculate exactly the IV in Pokemon Go .

Calculator IV in Pokemon Go

To calculate the IV in Pokemon Go and get a percentage that shows when the Pokemon you want to pontenziare is close to 100% you can use different systems. We list the best ones:

  • Pokemon Evaluator for Android is an app that you can install directly from Google Play. Unlike many other alternatives it doesn't need an APK version and you can find it comfortably in the store. In addition, it's absolutely the best one out there for Android! How does it work? It's soon said:
    1. Take a screenshot of the Pokemon for which you want information in the app Pokemon Go
    2. Start the Pokemon Evaluator app and enter your coach level.
    3. Press "screenshot select" and select the screenshot you took above. Now align the guide arch with the PL arch of the Pokemon. This is necessary to get the screenshot to read the app correctly!
    4. Place the PL arc over the level indicator by placing the calculator dot (the pink/red one) over the white dot on the screen.
    5. Insert the name of Pokemon and sect CP (i.e. PL in Italian) and HP (i.e. PS)
    6. Press the EVALUATE button and here's the result!

    The Pokemon ratings will be like in the picture you can see above with Meow: first of all a class will be assigned, in this case "Genius" to indicate that the Pokemon is almost perfect! But don't get used to it, "Silly" could come out too!

  • Pokemon Calculator for PC
    The best PC calculator around is the gameinfo one. It is very easy to use if you have a pc at hand
    As you can see from the first image below you need to enter some values. Also here we insert CP ( PL fight points) and HP ( PS health points) and the star dust needed for the enhancement. We also open the "advanced option" screen and enter our team and if it's the first time we upgrade the pokemon we tick the first box. If it's the second time we upgrade the pokemon, we can tick the second box.

The result will be quite clear: Pokemon's percentage radius of perfection will appear once the Calculate button is pressed. Here's the result of the Pokemon from the previous screenshot that actually looks pretty good!!

It's definitely a Pokemon to risk on even if you can't reach complete perfection with a bit of luck it will be a great Pokemon to invest in.

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