Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements - Complete Guide

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Guide and Tricks | If you are a fan of the successful TV series, Breaking Bad, then it will Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements certainly be a pleasant pastime. Savour what it means to be the villain and engage in a series of criminal activities. You will be asked to prepare substances, build bases, conquer territories, all activities that will test your strategic and managerial skills.
There are also some decisions to be made that will change the path taken. Players who love strategy games will find a fun and original title in .

The mobile title is available on Android and iOS and has plenty of mechanics to master. In this guide, we propose the explanation to all dynamics of play and the Tricks to advance the story faster.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements | How to play

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements catapults you into the criminal world of the TV series as a beginner under the protective wing of the series' protagonists, Walter White Since your goal is to grow your empire by expanding into the surrounding territories, you must continually produce your goods, collect materials to strengthen your base camp and expand your territory one area at a time.
The resource management is essential to complete operations, base updates and contracts. In-game battles are more about ingenuity and strategy than brute force. As the full range of activities you need to involve covers a lot of ground, working alone to meet every need requires exceptional multi-tasking skills. You won't be alone on your journey, as you can hire specialists to help you meet the many actions that await you as you progress through the game.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements | Activity Guide

Always be multi-task

Like other strategy and base building games, it Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements offers many activities to expand your influence. Although you are generally free to engage in activities as you wish, efficiency dictates that you must ensure that nothing remains unused for too long. First, you must build and upgrade several structures in your camp to become stronger, as the availability of other structures will depend on the level of your base camp. You can use a second builder with limited time to build and upgrade two at a time and since bricks are the only resource needed to purchase structures and make upgradesThe only other essential aspect to keep an eye on is the time needed to finish the construction.

As a general rule, you need to prioritize what you need the most before you start any construction or upgrade. Focus on tasks that can be completed while you are online so you can move on to the next project or undertake a more time-consuming task. Make sure you regularly check the status of your builders in the top right corner of the screen. You can also click on it to see how long it will take to complete a construction task.

Beyond construction, you should always make sure that someone "cooks" on your RV LabWhat you can cook depends on how many resources you have in your warehouse. It regenerates over time, though, so make sure you get back to cooking before it gets full.

You'll always have something to cook. In the early stages, it doesn't take long to cook, but when you start making upgrades, the time will increase. We suggest you always cook something, because you will benefit greatly from it. Staying on your hands won't get you anywhere, as money and resources can only be accumulated if you are always busy cooking something.

Make your presence known and Earn reputation points through contractsContracts require your product to be put on the market for cash or bricks, but mostly for reputation. You can access contracts via the dollar icon at the top right of the screen, just below the builders icon. As you earn more reputation points, you can unlock more contracts.
Once the headquarters reaches the level 5Make sure you check the search articles to help make your base or troops more formidable. Search articles are very expensive, especially for beginners, so make sure you leave some extra money for other uses before you spend it on a search item.

Start completing contracts for resources

By completing contracts you can obtain various resources, from bricks to money to reputation. The contracts tab is located in the top right corner of the screen, just below the amount of money you have.

Tap there and make sure you have the required stuff (usually the "stuff" is the "white glass" you're cooking), but if you really want to complete a mission without having to wait to cook, then you can do so by spending gold to automatically complete the mission without having the requirements.

I suggest completing as many contracts as possible every day and claiming the rewards, but be careful not to waste money.

Don't expect more than you can carry

You will see at the top of the screen that the money bar will slowly fill up. We suggest you to be very wary of this shortage of means, and never let the bar fill up completely because then the temptation to waste money will be very much. For example, if you collect money and your money bar is full, the money will not exceed that bar, but you can still ask for it! This will be a waste of money!

Upgrade your buildings

The buildings you build on your territory can also be updated by tapping the green arrow button. Do this to make them harder to attack, to increase production and get EXP.

You should always upgrade your headquarters and lab equipment, because these are the things you'll use the most. Later, you can upgrade your trucks to increase profits. Just remember that the priority should fall on HQ and Laboratories!

Expand your territory

In addition to managing resources within the boundaries of your base camp, you must regularly expand your territory and attack enemy chemicals to gain resources to help you progress faster. Because bricks are the resources to build structures and upgrade them, cash is a prerequisite for further upgrades.
Before choosing the enemy to eliminate, be sure to take note of the numerical indicators under each enemy icon, as it determines their level of difficulty. Likewise, be sure to take extra precautions and choose before you explore to see what the enemy has in store for you.

Progress through the story

Following the campaign of the story is the best source of resources and materials for your specialists. A key feature of is Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements that there will be decision points in the story where you have to choose a path that is very different from the other. In general, this will be mainly a choice between spending time in the lab cooking or take the more aggressive approach to territorial expansion and engage in gunfights with enemy camps. In any case, you will still receive many rewards.

Follow the Activity Guide

You don't have to kill all the enemies

The battles in Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements require you to conquer only the enemy's laboratory. There is therefore no need to eliminate the enemy threat completely. You can thin out or approach it less aggressively.
Some enemy bases also have 2 open sides allowing you to enter from the less guarded entrance.

You can adjust the layout of your camp

Although the reorganisation of structures within your base area is an almost standard feature among strategy games, it plays a more vital role as Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements you need to protect your base more than any other structure. With mines and various defense troops at your disposal, having an effective layout can hold up against even the most powerful enemies. To begin with, make sure your headquarters is the most difficult to reach. You can choose to cover it with other structures and cover some small adjacent areas with mines.

Be very selective when updating your specialists

It may not be easy to choose a specialist, but the initial ones you can get for free can certainly take you a long way. Nevertheless, even if you reach higher levels, you also have to invest money and resources in specialists to make them stronger. Updating specialists is a very expensive effort, which is why you need to be very selective. Specialists can have bonuses in attacking, defending bases or providing support, as indicated by the red, blue and green bars on the left side of their character icon on the specialists page.

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