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This new fighter joins the already rich roster of brawlers in the game, going to fill the category of launchers, represented so far only by Dynamike and Bombardino.

However, as you'll soon see directly, Tick is not at all similar to the two wrestlers just mentioned, both in terms of his basic attacks and, above all, his final technique, fundamentally different from any other Super you've seen so far.

We make it clear from the beginning: despite initial appearances, Tick is not an easy and immediate brawler to use, for a variety of reasons. However, if you learn to master its techniques, the new character Brawl Stars may prove to be as lethal as few others. How to learn how to use Tick? Read our guide and you'll find out.

As for the Super, know that it is the most original so far included in Brawl Stars . As soon as you have filled the usual bar, the brawler will launch his head, which will begin to move quickly to the nearest enemy, exploding and inflicting 2000 damage (at level 1), and with damage that can only increase as the character level increases.

Like any pitcher, Tick will not have so many life points at his disposal: at level 1, in fact, you can count on 2200 HP.

How to get Tick

Fortunately, unlike all the other recently released brawlers, getting Tick will depend on the number of trophies you have. While other brawlers required a "gem price" to be purchased or alternatively had to be obtained from the brawl coffers in a completely random manner, Tick can be unlocked by obtaining 4000 trophies.

Precisely for this reason, start winning as many matches as possible and, with a little effort, the new character will Brawl Stars be yours.

Tick's Strengths

From a strategic point of view, Tick has very few rivals. His proximity bombs will be a deterrent to any brawler; for this very reason, you can block the way to almost any opponent, preventing him from getting close to you and, in fact, exposing him to the attacks of your teammates.

Needless to say, the same possibility of attacking by being able to "climb" walls and barriers of all kinds, allows us to have the advantages of no small advantage, being able to protect the integrity of our life points.

In addition, the possibility of being able to count on a tracking bomb, will allow us to have a Super of great confidence, flushing out the hidden enemies and inflicting a considerable amount of damage.

What are the best game modes to use Tick? Undoubtedly all those in which area damage will be your strong point: Siege, Robbery and Wanted.

Tick's weak points

Like every pitcher, the life points at your disposal will always be few, too small to expose you directly and, above all, too small to think about throwing yourself directly into the front line, in the heart of the action.

Secondly, unlike Dynamike and, above all, Bombardino, know that if you come in close combat with an opponent's brawler, you will be completely discovered. If with Bombardino, in fact, we could think of responding to the closest attacks, Tick's shots will not only not work that way, but will also be rather slow in materializing mines. Precisely according to what is now written, avoid at all costs to end up in close combat.

The ways in which we discourage the use of this brawler are: Brawler, Footbrawl and Survival.

How to unlock the new Tick skins

At present, Tick has no alternative skins. However, it is very likely that, in the near future, several will be included, which can be purchased through the game shop, paying with the usual gems. Precisely for this reason, we invite you to "visit us again" as soon as possible, waiting for new updates.

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