Brawl Stars | How to Win with Rosa, Unlock New Skins

Like all of the newly added characters, Rosa has been a huge curiosity throughout the player community since the moment she was made available.

How do you win Brawl Stars using Rosa? Read our guide and you will find all the strategies to win with this new character in the game.

Brawl Stars How to get Rosa

As with almost all other Brawlers, the only way to add Rosa to your Brawler roster will be to open as many cases as possible, or take advantage of promotions that will cyclically allow you to buy her for a certain number of gems.

If you are looking for a way to get as many gems as possible for free, follow our gem guide.

Brawl Stars What are Rosa's strengths

Strengths and weaknesses of the new Brawler.

Let's face it: once you're in close combat, Rosa is a Brawler who can make a difference. With a few rounds of punches you've pulled off, there won't be an enemy you can't defeat or, at the very least, reduce to dying. Our Rosa will have an easy life with opponents of the calibre of Mortis, Tara, Eugenio and Spike, managing to mow them down with her attacks.

As soon as her special technique is loaded, activate it without delay: our heroine will be able to withstand most of the opponent's attacks, and she will also be able to win in battles with more than one opponent. The barrier can also provide a good escape route if your health bar is running low.

The features now listed will make the Brawler an almost obligatory choice in game modes like: Siege, Brawler, Survival, Footbrawl, and Wanted, especially when the fashion maps in question include bushes to hide in.

Even the special Big Shot, Wreck Cars and Boss Fight game modes will allow Rosa to exploit her huge potential.

Brawl Stars What are Rosa's weak points

As mentioned above, if Rosa gives the best of herself in close combat, you may find quite a few problems in coming into contact with your opponents. Brawlers with long-range attacks like Piper, Brock and Eugenio may hit you before you get close enough to throw your punches.

Even fighters like Dynamike and Bombardino, despite the few health points available, could keep you at a distance with their attacks, without considering that, unlike the Brawlers mentioned above, the attacks of these two will inflict area damage.

According to what is now written, if you have not activated the special ability, avoid loading the enemy head down in open spaces, because it would mean exposing yourself too much, going to an untimely end. Our advice, rather, is to move from one bush to another, trying to catch the enemy by surprise.

Brawl Stars How to unlock the new skins of Rosa

As well as any other character of Brawl Stars , also Rosa has alternative skins and, as was the case for her colleagues, these "alternative clothes" will become available only under certain conditions, such as reaching a certain level.

In addition, skins will have to be purchased for a certain price in gems. Our advice, as always, is to wait for the cyclical promotions that will appear on the game shop.

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