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The new arrival represents a very original addition to a roster already very varied and complete, as it allows game solutions practically unique in their genre, thanks to its attacks and, above all, to its devastating special technique. Bibi is defined by the game as a "beater", thanks to the weapon she uses: a baseball bat, generating the curiosity of many players who are already starting to spread.

How to win at Brawl Stars with Bibi? Read our guide and you will find all the features of the new brawler, as well as the best strategies that will lead you to victory.

Brawl Stars : Bibi's combat stats and Skills

A beater in the roster of Brawl Stars .

Not a tank, not a support character, nor a pitcher: Bibi is categorised with the unusual description of "batter". This new brawler represents a middle way between the various categories of fighters already present in the game, combining good attack statistics and life points with a special technique that, if you know how to use it, can be devastating to say the least.

The basic attacks will inflict damage of 1300 (at level 1) and, in addition to having a very wide range, hitting any enemy in the arc of sight and even repelling him by a few steps, just like a baseball!

Are you wondering how powerful is the special technique of Bibi? Well, she's strong... very strong indeed. The time to fill the bar and our beater will create a huge ball made of chewing gum, which will inflict 1000 damage (at level 1) to each opponent that will hit, with the ability to bounce off the walls and, therefore, to impact against other enemies, causing large amounts of damage.

At level 1, Bibi will be equipped with 4000 life points, ideal not to be shot down in a few shots by enemies, resisting the right attacks from opponents.

Brawl Stars How to get Bibi

As all hardened players will Brawl Stars surely know, there is no "universal" method to acquiring fighters, especially those recently added. The only way you will have is to open many, many crates, and hope that Bibi comes out as a reward.

At the moment, you can buy the brawler from the game store, at a cost of 170 gems. If you do not have it, you can decide to spend real money to acquire the necessary virtual currency, or you can follow our gem guide to get as much as possible.

Don't forget, also, to cyclically check the presence of limited time promotions on the virtual store of the game.

Brawl Stars What are Bibi's strengths?

Wide-ranging attacks and a special devastating technique.

As you will probably understand, Bibi's attack is unique among the various brawlers in the game. The blows of the baseball bat of this wrestler will immediately inflict a considerable amount of damage to all enemies within its range, ideal for untangling the wildest melee. An enemy of yours is about to be hit by a meteorite? Give it a tap and make sure it's hit in full!

If you are fighting against the likes of Shelly, Nita, Jessie and Carl, know that you have a good chance to be the winners of the fight.

Are you in an area full of walls and barriers? Well, time to use your special technique! Summon the huge chewing gum, throw it at your enemies and use the bounces to mow down as much of it as possible. Needless to say, if you can hit the right number of opponents, you'll be able to reload the ultimate bar in no time, unleashing a second wave of death on those who have the misfortune to face you.

The modes in which this brawler will give the best of himself are Siege, Rockin' Coach and Footbrawl, as well as the special Big Shot, Wreck Wagon and Boss Fight modes.

Brawl Stars What are Bibi's weak points?

Watch out for this brawler's weak points.

The versatility of this character is also one of his main weaknesses. He's not exactly a tank, and his waistline proves it, but speed doesn't seem to be on his side either, both from the point of view of movement and attack. Bibi isn't exactly "fast paced", while she's even slower than Frank when it comes to striking, with the advantage, however, of not being forced to stop when she attacks.

We have previously praised the special technique of this character, as lethal in tight spaces as well as incredible powerless in wide and flat areas, where Bibi can be easy prey to quick characters and, above all, able to hit at great distance as Piper, Brock, Penny and Eugenio.

If you can bring Bibi to level 9, you can get a bonus at her speed when the home run indicator (the bar positioned below the attacks) is loaded, but it's a bonus, in our opinion, that doesn't move the needle of the scale so much.

Brawl Stars : how to unlock the new skins of Bibi

Like every other character of Brawl Stars Bibi also has other skins and, just as it happens for her companions, these "alternative clothes" will become available only when certain conditions are reached, such as the arrival at a certain level, the accumulation of a certain number of trophies, etc..

In addition, skins will have to be purchased for a certain price in gems. Our advice, as always, is to wait for the cyclical promotions that will appear on the game shop.

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