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A new brawler Brawl Stars has arrived: Eugenio. He is very strong and has a very nice character design. Many fans of the game for iOS and Android are interested in making the most of his abilities, but before you do that you have to unlock him. In this guide we will see how to unlock Eugenio in Brawl Stars and how to use him in the best ways in the various modes.

We'll also see what other brawlers he can team up with and his best skills. If you want to know everything about Eugenio, keep reading our guidebook.

Brawl Stars | How to get Eugenio

As we saw in the guide to unlock all the brawlers, there are various ways to collect the little fighters of Brawl Stars . One of these is the Trophies Path, a path made of challenges that allow you to collect trophies with which to unlock brawlers.

The second method is to open the brawl coffers that are obtained by overcoming challenges and obtaining the trophies mentioned above. For example, if you get to 3000 trophies (with which you unlock Bo) you get a lot of brawl boxes. To unlock Eugenio all you have to do is play, play, play.

In doing so you will unlock many boxes, a sort of loot box containing coins, tokens and, indeed, new characters. Complete the challenges and with a little patience, you'll find Eugenio in one of the boxes. We remind you that Eugenio is a mythical brawler, so you'll have to open a lot of huge crates.

Basic information about Eugenio

Once Eugenio is unlocked, who do we have to deal with? Eugenio is a mythical brawler who looks like a little genie from the lamp. His basic information is as follows:

  • Type: Launcher
  • Attack area: 5.66
  • Reload attack: 2 seconds
  • Speed: 2.5 tiles per second
  • Role: Support
  • Rarity: Mythical

Eugenio only needs 4 shots to fully charge his Super Ability.
The basic attack inflicts 1000 basic damage if it hits the target. If it doesn't, each spark inflicts 166 damage.
The special ability has twice the range of its basic attack.

Statistics by level

HP Super Base Attachment Level

1 3600 1000 300

2 3780 1050 315

3 3960 1100 330

4 4140 1150 345

5 4320 1200 360

6 4500 1250 375

7 4680 1300 390

8 4860 1350 405

9 5040 1400 420

Eugenio's skills

Eugenio has a primary ability and a super ability.

Primary skill:Smoke Blast

Eugenio shoots a solid ball of magic smoke from his lamp. If the ball doesn't hit a target, it splits and widens the damage into a cone area.

Super Ability: Magic Hand

Eugenio throws a magic hand from his lamp. If the hand hits an enemy, they are returned to Eugenio's position.

Eugenio also has a Star Power skill called Magic Blow: with it, Eugenio heals all the Brawlers around him with 100 health points per second.

Best ways to use Eugenio

Eugenio is a Brawler with very interesting abilities, but like all other characters, he has strengths and weaknesses. If you want to ensure victory with Eugenio, take part in the following modes:

  • Araffagemme
  • Survival
  • Footbrawl
  • Robbery

Brawlers suffering Eugenio's attacks

There are brawlers who suffer the most from Eugenio's skills and attacks. The following characters are particularly vulnerable:

  • Brock
  • Barley
  • Colt
  • Penny
  • Nita

The following list, instead, offers you the brawlers that tend to resist Eugenio's attacks the most and from which, therefore, it's mallet to keep away:

  • El Primo
  • Shelly
  • Bull
  • Frank
  • Tara
  • Crow
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