Brawl Stars Guide: The Best Ways to Spend Gems

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In this guide we will give you all the necessary information about the store, in-game purchases, and all the best ways you can spend gems on Brawl Stars , trying to help both free-to-play players and users who spend real money in the new Supercell game.


-How to get gems in Brawl Stars

-The best ways to spend gems in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Guide: What are gems and how do you get them?

Gems are green diamonds that represent the most important currency in the game. There are only 2 ways to get them the first one is free, and allows you to acquire only very few gems at a time. The second one is paid for with real money, but you can get mountains of gems even if it is better to choose the right time to buy gems to get gem bonuses. Let's see both methods below:

Method 1 - How to get free gems in Brawl Stars

Free gems can be found randomly as a bonus in a Brawl Cashier. There is no need to buy a Huge Cashier or a Mega Cashier, bonus gems have the same chance (9%) of appearing in any type of cashier. If you can find them they range from 3 to 12 gems per cashier in blocks of 3 (61%), 5 (27%), 8 (9%), 12 (3%).

Method 2 - Best gem packages to buy in Brawl Stars

If instead you decide to buy gems with real money is good to think well about your purchases: in fact we recommend you to climb at least to level 40, before buying, because every 5 levels you unlock in the store a new package of gems that costs less and provides more gems than the classic ones.

Brawl Stars Guide: The best way to spend gems

Getting gems in Brawl Stars is a big effort and a big expense so why throw away this premium currency by buying junk? There are so many ways to spend gems i Brawl Stars n but the best ones are the ones that allow you to get more with minimum spending. Below is a list of the best ways to use gems on Brawl Stars :

  1. Double Tokens. A special token that allows you to double the next 200 tokens obtained in battle. If you are a new player this is the best way to spend gems because in a short time you will be able to upgrade the Brawlers by buying energy points, buy the skins you want and get double the rewards by playing a single game.
  2. Tickets Events. If you are now seasoned players of Brawl Stars the best way to spend your gems are definitely event tickets. On weekends you can buy 6 with 10 gems, 20 with 30 gems and 60 with 80 gems. These tickets will allow you to access the events and get numerous rewards in tokens, cash desks, energy points and Brawlers.
  3. Wait for the Bids. Every now and then, the game offers a few chests, wrestlers or packs of points. The most convenient packs are those of 30% or more and are really good purchases.
  4. Brawl boxes. If you decide to use the gems in Brawl Stars to buy Brawl crates avoid the small but accumulated gems for the Mega crate. A Huge Case costs 30 gems and contains only 3 Brawl Boxes while a Mega Case contains 10 Brawl Boxes and costs 80 gems. As you can see there is a big saving in the Mega Cashroom, moreover the shop often makes daily offers with 2 Huge Cashboxes at the price of not even one (29 gems).

Brawl Stars Guide: Is it right to spend gems for rare Brawlers?

In principle we do not recommend it since Brawlers, from the basic to the legendary one, can be found inside a simple Brawl Box. So unless the shop makes you a great offer for a Brawlers or if you do not want a fighter all the costs we do not recommend you to spend gems in this way but always prefer the methods recommended above, you will see that in a short time you can find the Brawlers you want.

Brawl Stars Guide: Power up quickly and spend the gems at their best

The following video shows a method to level up in a short time, upgrade and spend gems to become even stronger in Brawl Stars !

Audio Video Brawl Stars Guide: The Best Ways to Spend Gems
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