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But what's new in the Summer 2019 update of Brawl Stars ? As we said, there's a lot of meat on the fire but, to sum up, the most important updates are: a new brawler, new maps, new skins, new stellar abilities for all the wrestlers on the roster and, above all, the introduction of a new electronic currency.

Do you want to know all the updates Brawl Stars ? All you have to do is read the following lines to find out everything there is to know.

The 2019 summer update Brawl Stars begins with a bang, introducing us to the newcomer to your fighters' roster: Tick. He's a pitching brawler, belonging, to say the least, to the same category as Dynamike and Bombardino. However, Tick differs from his two illustrious colleagues for his attacks and, of course, for his final technique.

If Dynamike throws explosive sticks, if Bombardino uses, instead, corrosive bottles, capable of inflicting damage to the area, Tick's attacks will generate three bombs, which will explode both when an opponent approaches and after a certain period of time.

As for the Super of this new brawler, we're looking at something definitely new and unexpected. Once filled the usual bar, Tick will launch his head, which will go to reach the nearest opponent, exploding on contact. However, be aware that this final weapon can be destroyed if hit a certain number of times.

Tick will be available completely free of charge to all players who have accumulated 4000 trophies or more.

New maps and skins for our brawlers

If the Costa del Sole map makes us understand that even for our wrestlers the swimming season has arrived, one of the nicest additions of this update Brawl Stars concerns the new skins that, starting from today, will be present in the digital shop of the game.

There are four alternative costumes, all mecha-themed: Bo mecha, Corvo mecha, Dynamacchina and Spike Automa, which will go to Bo, Corvo, Dynamike and Spike respectively.

But the surprises aren't over: you'll be able to buy color variations of these skins, but not through gems, but with a new digital currency specially introduced by this summer update from Supercell: the Star Points.

Brawl Stars How to get Star Points

Let's welcome the newcomer: Tick.

With the introduction of this new virtual currency, Supercell has definitely surprised us. The Starpoints are, in fact, a new way to buy various kinds of items from the digital store of Brawl Stars . At the moment, you can use them to buy skins for our favorite brawlers, or a color variation of the mecha skins mentioned above.

How do you get Star Points in Brawl Stars ? There are many ways to earn them, and one of the main ones will be the number of trophies you have. Higher ranking players, with more than 5000 trophies, will see their excess trophies reset to zero with the new season; but don't worry, the excess trophies will be converted into Star Points.

Finally, even if we rise in rank with our brawlers, we'll be rewarded with Star Points. Going down in more detail, we'll be rewarded when our characters reach the ranks, respectively:

  • Grade 10 = 100 Star Points
  • Grade 15 = 200 Star Points.
  • Grade 20 = 300 Star Points

Brawl Stars All new Star Abilities on the way

Lots of new skins for your brawlers.

You know what they say when they say, "last last but not least"? Well, even in this case, the best surprise came at the end of the video that presented the summer update of Brawl Stars . Every week, during this long and red-hot summer, three new stellar skills will be released for our wrestlers.

Yes, you understand: every wrestler can now count on two skills, as soon as he reaches level 10, and no longer on one.

What are all the new Star Abilities of Brawl Stars ? Below, we list them all, both those already released and those in "home straight", grouped according to the various fighters in the roster:

  • Shelly - Plasters: When her health is less than 40%, Shelly recovers it all immediately. The ability becomes available again after 20 seconds.
  • Nita - Slap Course: Nita's bear's attack is faster and the time between each paw is reduced by 50%.
  • Colt - Magnum Special: The range of the main attack and the speed of Colt's bullets will increase by 11%.
  • Bull - Tough Guy: When Bull's health drops below 40%, he will earn a shield that will reduce all the damage suffered by 30%.
  • Jessie - Shocky: The turret shoots energy balls that bounce between enemies.
  • Brock - Rocket number four: Brock will finally get a fourth rocket, increasing the ammunition in his possession
  • Dynamike - Demolition: Dynamike's final technique will cause 1000 more damage
  • Bo - Snare a Bear: Bombs, instead of exploding and bouncing enemies backwards, will stun hit enemies for 2 seconds;
  • El Primo - Meteor Rush: After using his Super, El Primo will be 32% faster in the next five seconds;
  • Bombardino- Extra Noxious: Adds 140 damage per second to the main attack;
  • Pocho - Screeching Solo: Super will deal 1200 damage to enemies;
  • Rosa - Thorny Gloves: During the Super, Rosa's punches will cause 200 more damage;
  • Cue - Robo Retreat: When your health falls below 40%, Cue will move 34% faster;
  • Barryl: - Rolling Reload: When using the Super, Barryl instantly reloads his 3 ammo;
  • Penny -Balls of Fire: Penny's turret cannonballs set fire to the ground they land on for 3 seconds. Enemies crossing the burnt area will suffer 400 damage per second;
  • Carl - Protective Pirouette: During the Super, the damage it receives is reduced by 30%;
  • Piper - Snappy Sniping: When Piper hits an enemy (or turret), the shot reload bar will instantly fill half full;
  • Pam - Mama's Squeeze: The healing turret will damage enemies in range with 300 damage per second;
  • Frank - Sponge: Frank's health bar increases by 1000 points;
  • Bibi - Batting Stance: When Bibi's fourth bar is fully loaded (Homerun), she will be able to protect herself from 30% of the damage that will be inflicted;
  • Mortis - Coiled Snake: Mortis gets a fourth bar of attack! When the bar is fully charged, its range is increased by 100%. When Mortis has 3 loaded bars, the fourth bar will reload after 3 seconds;
  • Tara - Healing Shade: The Super opens a dimensional portal. The dark version of Tara will heal both Tara and her companions;
  • Eugenio - Pat on the Back: If his Super hits his teammates, he will heal them with 2000 health points;
  • Spike - Curveball: Spyke's grenade thorns fly with a curved motion, making it easier for you to hit your targets;
  • Crow - Carrion Crow: When Crow's health bar drops below 50%, he will inflict +100 damage with both basic and Super attacks;
  • Leon - Invisiheal: While his super is active, Leon recovers 600 health points;
  • Tick - Automa-Tick Reload: The charging time will be 15% shorter;
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