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During the adventure of Borderlands 3 , the player may encounter unique monsters to hunt. These are the targets of the so-called Legendary Hunts. Borderlands 3 has 10 of the legendary hunts that are assigned by Hammerlock. This guide shows the precise locations where you need to go to to start the hunt. Completion of all 10 legendary hunts unlocks the relevant trophy.

It should be noted that none of these missions can be missed, but they are not displayed from the beginning. These, in fact, become available and indicated on the map as soon as you approach. There is not a precise moment in the story when you can take them, in fact, you can even do them all after you've finished the game, in free-roam.

In every fighter you must defeat a unique monster. They are a little stronger than other monsters in the game, but with the right weapons and an acceptable level they shouldn't be too difficult to kill. You can even use a vehicle to kill some of them, which makes the operation much easier.

Legendary Hunts also count as Crew Challenges (a type of Collectible). They are marked with a green icon on the map that appears when you approach them. Completed ones will remain on the map but will have a blue and slightly transparent icon. You can also keep track of them by opening the map of the area where you are hunting and pressing the right arrow button. It will show you how many challenges you have faced in that specific area. There is never more than 1 legendary hunt per area.

After each completed hunt, you receive an email from Sir Hammerlock with a new weapon inside. This can be retrieved in Pause Menu > Social > Mail. After the last hunt you get a legendary rifle called "Quickdraw Bekah" which fires 3 bullets simultaneously.

Note: Since the last hunt is in the final part of the game, you cannot complete them all until the end of the story. Also, while you can go to all of these areas during the main missions of the story, some of Pandora's regions are inaccessible on your first visit to the planet and can only be unlocked at the end of the game.

This guide shows the Legendary Hunts sorted by planets.


  • Hunting #1
  • Hunting #2
  • Hunting #3
  • Hunting #4
  • Hunting #5
  • Hunting #6
  • Hunting #7
  • Hunting #8
  • Hunting #9
  • Hunting #10

Borderlands 3 | Legendary Hunting | All positions

Legendary hunting #1 | Crawly

Location: Pandora, The Droughts

Legendary Hunting #2 | Skrakk

Location: Pandora, Ascension Bluff

Legendary hunting #3 | Antalope

Location: Pandora, Devil's Razor

Legendary hunting #4 | Phoenix

Location: Pandora, The Splinterlands

Legendary hunting #5 | Manvark

Location: Pandora, Konrad's Hold

Legendary hunting #6 | Chupacabratch

Location: Athenas

Legendary Fighter #7 | Chonk Stomp

Location: Eden-6, Floodmoor Basin

Legendary hunting #8 | Jabbermogwai

Location: Eden-6, Voracious Canopy

Legendary hunting #9 | Blinding Banshee

Location: Nekrotafeyo, Desolation's Edge

Legendary hunting #10 | Swarm Host

Location: Nekrotafeyo, The Pyre of Stars

These are the positions of all the legendary hunts in Borderlands 3 .

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