Bloodborne - Secrets - Guide to Side Quests

The universe of Bloodborne hides many small worlds made from the stories of the secondary characters in the game. It will be very difficult to understand how to help these people because the game does not provide any kind of help or explanation about them. The only option you have is to choose or follow our...

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! - It is likely that the guide will reveal spoilers about some events in the main plot and especially about the side quests. Read at your own risk.


PLACE: After opening the gate on the left of the Lantern of Yharnam Central ( if you don't know how to open it look at the GUIDE TO THE BOSS in the PLACE section of CHIERICO BELVA ) return to the area with the dogs in the cages and continue over the small bridge to enter a building with a large window that emits a red light. Go down the stairs and eliminate the enemies. Continue to the next area and go down into the canal with the water. Continue walking to the right until you reach a wooden walkway. If you look just below you, you will notice a corpse with an object surrounded by Apparently Dead Creeping Enemies. DO NOT go down but climb the very long ladder on the right hand side of the walkway. Once at the top cross the small bridge on the left to find yourself in a large area with a Brutus (the big and slow enemies). The Brutus will not notice you until you attack him or climb the ladder on his right. Once you reach the top you will find yourself behind a gate that you already know and that overlooks the square with the fountain near the Brutus beating on the big door. Before opening the gate, speak from the left window with the Child barricaded in the house.


The little one will tell you that her parents went out for the Hunt and never came back. She will inform you that her mother has a RED PIN while her father is a Hunter and sometimes loses his mind. Precisely for this reason he will give you a CARILLON with which to make dear daddy come to his senses. The most careful ones will have already understood that the girl's father is only FATHER GASCOIGNE, one of the boss/prey of the game. The Carillon will in fact be a very useful tool to eliminate him, LOOK AT THAT TO BELIEVE.

Once the nice shepherd has been eliminated, take the ladder on the right of the boss's area and instead of opening the gate to the Tomb of Oedon, continue a few steps along the left parapet. You will be able to go down on a canopy where you can retrieve the RED PINK. At this point return to the Bambina and you will have 2 choices:

A-CONSNING THE PIN: In this way the child will thank you by locking herself in the house in tears.
A1- The baby won't talk to you for a long time. Until you find a PIG in the SOGENS of YHARNAM CENTRAL, eliminate it to find out that the little girl has died in the street, thus obtaining the RED FIRE FOR MESSAGES.

B-SAY YOU HAVE NOT FINDED ANYONE: This way you can keep the Brooch and continue the mission of the Child. You can also equip and use the Brooch. Your character will smash it and find a Blood Gem powerful enough to upgrade your weapons.
B1-If you have already spoken with the deformed creature in red at the entrance to the HAT OF OEDON, go back and speak with the child to send her to the chapel which is a SAFE REFUGE.
B2-Unfortunately the little girl will die on the street and you will get, always from the Pig mentioned above in A1, the RED FIOCCO PER I MESSAGGGERI.

In both cases, go back to the little girl's window after beating the Boss/Prey ROM THE EXPECTED KINGDOM. If you talk to the window, the little girl's older sister will answer and ask you to find her little sister. Show her the RED FLAG FOR MESSAGES and wait outside the window to hear the dialogue. Return to the DREAM OF THE HUNTER and return to the woman. Go down the stairs next to the window and you will find the WHITE MESSAGE FLOCK.

OPTIONAL: If you talked to Iosefka from the Clinic door, the point where you start the game, you can choose to send the child to the CLINIC as well, generating a sort of option C in the phase of the 2 choices seen above. In this case the child will disappear without leaving you anything and not even the Pig will appear in the sewers. But you will be able to talk to Iosefka and you will get a potion for having sent him the Child that "unfortunately she didn't come back to save! In this way this will end prematurely. Same thing if you will never speak to her again after you have found the RED PIN. At a certain point in the game the child will disappear without a trace.


PLACE: Gilbert will probably be the first NPC you talk to. As soon as you activate the Central Yharnam Lantern, you can talk to him through the window to the right of the gate on the left.

There's no real mission to accomplish but it's good to talk to this man at different stages of the game to get various benefits:

It will provide you with information on where to go and how to get there.

It will give you more information on where to go and some FIALA to go on.

She'll give you a weapon, the FLAME THROW, a very effective weapon with enemies who fear the element of fire. It sprays a continuous short-range jet of fire and consumes Mercury bullets depending on the time of use. Very useful against the wolves that you will find in Old Yharnam THE BEASTED BEAST OF BLOOD.

Go back to Gilbert after the change of the Moon to discover that by now the man has become a beast that wanders around the lantern. Eliminate him to get the RUNA ART.


PLACE: When you arrive in the Chapel of Oedon, just behind the local Lantern, on the right, you will see a repugnant red dress. Talk to him to start the next mission.

OPTIONAL: Once the mission is underway, you can kill the creature and get the OEDON RUN from its corpse, which will allow you to increase the maximum number of Mercury bullets you can take with you. Remember that you can only tie the Rune to you in the advanced stages of the game.

If you let the little deformed being live, it will provide you with information about the survivors you will bring to the Chapel and new MANAGES for each survivor you bring.

After talking a couple of times with the creature you will unlock this mission, if you want to kill him the important thing is to talk to him before doing so and the mission will remain active allowing you to start recruiting survivors.


PLACE - You will find it in YHARNAM CENTRAL, near the stairs that descend into the sewers where there is a large red window. There are also many dogs in the cages. To talk to her you will have to turn to the window on the left just before going down the stairs to the sewers.
The woman at the beginning will not listen to you but once you eliminate the dogs in the area she will ask you for a SAFE place to go. Tell him to go to OEDON'S HAT ( Attention! This option will not be available if you have not first spoken to the HAT WATCHER mentioned above). Go back to the Chapel to find the woman sitting to the left of the clearing just ahead of the Lantern, she won't give you anything for the moment, just a shower of insults.

It will gradually change attitude towards the player as time goes by. She is initially ungrateful, continuing to blame the hunters for what is happening. After some time she will enter a state of despair and finally, after beating the Boss/Prey Rom, the obtuse spider will suddenly become gentle. At this point talk to him and tell him that you too have "your troubles" to receive various amounts of SEDATIVES, the first time 1, then 2 and then 3. After the third time the woman will go looking for new sedatives leaving a note on her chair.
If you go back to the Chapel and go out the left door you will discover that the woman is dead and by searching the corpse you will find 2 more sedatives.
OPTIONAL: If you hit the woman, she will become even more hostile towards you, but apparently she won't change for the future.


PLACE - You can find this character in the CATHEDRAL WARD area. Get out of the Chapel of Oedon by going straight. Go right and go up the stairs, turn left and pass the circular cemetery with the 2 giant enemies. Go down further and reach the windows in the alley on the left to paralry with Ariadne. After defeating at least 3 bosses, the woman will tell you that she is looking for a safe place and you can send her to the OEDON HAT or the IOSEFKA CLINIC:

You will find the woman sitting next to the Chapel lantern and will provide you with several vials of prepared "Blood of Ariadne" which serves to restore much vital energy. WARNING: If you accept her blood while you have ADELLA's blood in your inventory, she will kill ARIANNA and her quest will end prematurely. It is therefore good to take ADELLA's blood only if you do not have ARIANNA's blood in your inventory.
After killing BOSS PREDA Micolash, Ariadne will move downstairs and give birth to a "baby". IMPORTANT: Kill this newborn to get one of the 3 "Third Umbilical Cord" that are needed to get the TRUE FINAL OF THE GAME.
By killing the child you will instantly kill Ariadne too and you can get the garment of clothing ARIANNA'S SHOES.
OPTIONAL: You can also not kill the child and let it live with its creature.

The woman will be killed by Dr. Iosefka's crazy experiments and you can get some vials by talking from the door of IOSEFKA in the INFERMERY PLAN 1 area.
When you will be able to enter the CLINICAL CLINIC from the PROHIBITED BODIES you can kill the creature that once was ARIANNA and collect from her the "Third Umbilical Cord" and the Shoes.


PLACE- You can find this character in the CATHEDRAL WARD area. Get out of the Chapel of Oedon by going straight. Go right and go up the stairs, turn left and pass the circular cemetery with the 2 giant enemies. Go down further and reach the windows in the alley on the left to talk to The Skeptic, in front of Ariadne's window. After sending Ariadne to a safe place, the man will tell you that he too "is looking for a safe place" and you can send him to the OEDON HAT or the IOSEFKA CLINIC but WARNING because he doesn't trust you and will do exactly the opposite of what you will tell him. At IOSEFKA he will die without giving you anything except the vials that the doctor gives you from the infirmary door. While sending him to OEDON'S HAT ( so telling him to go to IOSEFKA ) you will find him sitting by the door at the back. He will always be suspicious with you but every now and then he will give you useful information and some objects.
OPTIONAL: If you kill it you can get 118 Blood Echoes and 3 Acre Blood Blends.


PLACE- You will find this character in the area of YAHAR'GUL, THE INVISIBLE VILLAGE. To reach this location you will have to get killed by the new enemies that will appear after eliminating the Boss/BELVE BLOODED BEAUTY. One of them is hidden in CATHEDRAL WARD, exit the Cathedral from the front and turn right. Just before going up the stairs, look to the right and you will find a tall hooded guy with a sack on his shoulders. He is much stronger than the enemies in the area, let him kill you and you will find yourself in the PRISONS of Yahar'gul. Get out of the cell and look for the stairs to get down. You will find yourself in an underground room. Look in the far right corner to find Adella hidden behind a statue. He will tell you that only the Faith will follow. Find the suit of the Black Church or, more simply, buy the Guascoigne suit (only the torso part, without boots, hat and gloves) in the intuition points tank, in the Dream of the Hunter. Wear the suit and talk to the woman, at this point you can send her to the OEDON HAT or to the IOSEFKA CLINIC:

You will find the woman sitting near the front exit of the Chapel. Speaking to us, she will provide you with various vials of "Adella's Blood" prepared that serves to restore some vital energy and to humble the recharge time of the life points by hitting the enemies.

The woman will be killed by Dr. Iosefka's crazy experiments and you can get some vials by talking from IOSEFKA's door in the INFERMERY PLAN 1 area. If you enter inside the CLINICAL you can kill what remains of ADELLA and take a RUNA from her corpse that can increase the mercury bullets by making some attacks.

OPTIONAL: If you leave Adella in the prison, after killing the Boss/Preda BELVA OSCURA DI PAARL, you will find her dead near one of the steps in the streets of Yahar'gul. You can then collect from her body the same Rune mentioned in the option "Clinic of Iosefka".


PLACE- You will find this character in the area of the PROHIBITED WOODS, inside the big mill with the elevator. At about half way up the stairs, which climbs inside the mill, you will be able to go out of the window. Continue now to the left and climb the ladder to find yourself inside the mill. Continue on until you reach another outdoor area and you will see the BELVA MAN to the right of this area. If you talk to the man he will tell you that he is looking for a safe place:

The Man-Belva will stop just outside the chapel and, as time goes by, will kill all the characters you have saved so far following this order:


If you haven't saved one character, he'll move on to the next. From the bodies of each dead pg you can get some BELVA'S BLOOD PASTIGLIES. Once you kill all the characters, the BELVA MAN will disappear from the game. If you want to stop his murderous madness, kill him to get the RUNA ART.

The man will be killed by the crazy experiments of Dr. Iosefka and you will get some vials talking from the door of IOSEFKA in the INFERMERY PLAN 1 area. If you enter inside the CLINIC you can kill what remains of the BELVE MAN and take the RUNA ART from his corpse.

OPTIONAL: You can kill the HAPPY MAN at any time, but if you kill him in the clinic you will get a few Blood Echoes instead of 6811. After the first attack the man will turn into a complete Beast extremely weak with Poison. Kill him to get the RUNA ART.


PLACE: You will find this character in the LUNARIUM of BYRGENWERTH. He will find himself sitting in a chair and talking to it will just point you to the lake.

It seems that this character has no quest-line to complete and that his only utility is to provide you with 2 INTUCTION POINTS, talking to him for the first time. During the movie, after defeating VICARIO AMELIA, you can see MASTRO WILLEM talking to another character about the wrath of the gods and fear of ancient blood. For the rest, he seems to be waiting for death.

OPTIONAL: If you kill Master Willem you will get 2545 ECHI DEL SANGUE and RUNA OCCHIO. If you already have this Rune you will get the KNOWLEDGE OF THE FOLLE.


PLACE: You will find this character in 3 different locations in the game:

-BORDER OF THE HEADQUARTERS- After having unblocked the first shortcut of this place, knocking down the large tombstone, continue over the stone bridge and go down to the area immediately to the right, where you will see coins. Patches will fall down the wall and push you into the poisoned river where you will find several objects. If you return to the place where he pushed you, you can throw a PUGNAL or similar to the treacherous spider that will fall and disappear.
-DUNGEON- In these places Patches will only appear randomly by providing you with objects, a bit like Messengers do, but will require exorbitant payments.
-ACCADEMIA SECOND FLOOR-This is the only place to talk directly to Patches who is entrenched behind a door on the first floor. To reach it you will necessarily have to go up to the second floor, continuing the game, and at the end of the second floor, before going out, go down the trapdoor with the ladder on the right.


Going down the ladder, mentioned above, you can reach the spider. Talk to him and answer "Not at all" to get the Anti-Hourly Metamorphosis Rune which increases your Energy by 15%. After a few more sentences he will limit himself to telling you the same words that always change after killing AMYGDALA and MICOLASH, until he disappears after eliminating the BALIA DI MERGO.

OPTIONAL: If you kill Patches the Spider, in the Academy, you'll get a small amount of ECHI OF BLOOD and KNOWLEDGE OF THE GREAT BEING, enhanced version of KNOWLEDGE OF THE SPRING.



PLACE: Eileen can initially be found in an elevated side room in Yharnam's sewer system. This entrance is hidden behind some crates and barrels and is very close to the SCORBUTICAL OLDWELL that asks you to find a safe place. You simply look to the right just before going down the sewer steps. Destroy the crates, come down from the window onto the wooden walkway and enter the small area on the left.
WHAT TO DO: If you talk to her 2 times she will provide you with 4 units of the HUNTER'S BRAND and a new MANAGER'S BRAND to show off.

OPTIONAL: You can also not talk to Eileen in this area, she will appear in the next step.


PLACE: CATHEDRAL WARD, can be found outside the door directly in front of the lantern looking immediately to the left.
WHAT TO DO: Talk to him and he'll teach you the GESTO "Shhh!" Talk to him again about some problems at the Tomb of Oedon. At this point, you will need to open the shortcut gate to the BIG CATHEDRAL to progress the quest. You can do this by buying the emblem from the MESSAGE TANK or from underneath the OLD OFFICINA ABBANDONATA, after you have killed the BLEED BELVIA ASSETATA DI SANGUE.

PLACE: Once you open the gate mentioned in step 2 go to the OEDON TOMBER, you will find that you cannot travel directly to the local Lantern, so you will have to go either to CATHEDRAL WARD or CENTRAL YHARNAM and reach the area on foot.
WHAT TO DO: In this area you'll have to help Eileen in the fight against Henryk, old hunter companion of FATHER GASCOIGNE. Once the hunter is eliminated, you will receive the "Approval" MANAGEMENT, the rune HEREDYK and the set of HENRYK.

Step 4

PLACE: BIG CATHEDRAL. After defeating Rom, the Obtuse Spider, you will find Eileen at the top of the stairs giving access to the area. Follow her inside the Cathedral and prepare for the fight.
WHAT TO DO: To easily eliminate the Slayer, use the VELVENATED PUGNALS that will give you a big help throughout the battle, taking Eileen down for poisoning. Once defeated, you'll get her EMBLEM which will unlock the FOOTBALL BLADES and the FEATHERED RUBBER dress inside the store. You will also get the HUNTER RUN, one of the 3 runes of the pacts, which greatly increases the speed of recharging the ENERGY.

OPTIONAL: If you attack Eileen, in any of the areas mentioned, she will become hostile and will not continue the mission. Likewise if you kill her the mission will not continue but you will still get her EMBLEM to unlock the weapon and dress. The rune, however, can only be unlocked by completing quests.


PLACE: OLD YHARNAM, it's the guy on top of the tower shooting at you with the machine gun. All you have to do to get to him is go to the foot of the tower and climb up the ladder.
WHAT TO DO: Djura can become your ally or stay or style towards you. In the first case you won't have to fight him, in the second you will. In both cases, however, unlock his POWDER KEG EMBLEM so you have access to his POWDER KEG costume and weapons in the store.

1-Don't enter OLD YHARNAM but buy the HEAD HUNTER emblem and continue to the BIG CATHEDRAL. If you enter OLD YHARNAM and DJURA shoots you even once it will remain hostile throughout the game.
2-After you kill ROM, THE EXPECTED RAGE you can reach YAHAR'GUL, THE INVISIBLE VILLAGE. Go to the place where the BELVA OSCURA PAARL is and kill her. IL VILLAGGGIO INVISIBILE and IL CARCERE DELL'IPOGEO present the same way to reach PAARL because the first place mentioned is the nightmarish version of the other.
3-Killed PAARL, open the big door to find yourself at OLD YHARNAM in an area where DJURA cannot see you. Go left as soon as you can and when you reach the BELVA ASSETATA DI SANGUE, eliminate it.
4- Now go back to PAARL's gate and staying on OLD YHARNAM's side cross the church with the big crucified beast in the middle and climb up to the foot of DJURA's tower from the back. The Hunter has so far neither seen nor shot you. Go up the ladder to the tower and talk to DJURA.
5-If you choose the option 1-Hunt the Beasts of Old Yharnam you will have to fight Djura and your work will have been useless. Then you'll have to choose Option 2-Save the Beasts of Old Yharnam to make Djura friendly and have her EMBLEMA delivered to you without any problems.

1-Since there are no substantial differences in the rewards or particular quests to be completed, I suggest you get to OLD YHARNAM, let Djura see you and shoot you, kill all the beasts that wander around the tower, and finally get up there and take out that crazy villain Djura. You can even throw him off the tower. In this case you'll have to go back to the HUNTER'S DREAM and return to this area to find the emblem near the tower's machine gun.



PLACE: You can find ALFRED at CATHEDRAL WARD, pray at the obelisk behind the church with underground access to OLD YHARNAM.
WHAT TO DO: Talk to him several times and agree to COLLABORATE with him to receive the PRAYER MANAGEMENT and some PAPER UNITS.


PLACE: After killing the VICARIO AMELIA, ALFRED will move to a small balcony of CATHEDRAL WARD located along the road leading to the PROHIBITED WOODS.
WHAT TO DO: Enter the Iosefka Clinic and collect the CONVOCATION IN CAINHURST. Go to the DIMORA DELLA STREGA in HEMWICK CHARNEL LANE and, after leaving the castle, go down to the fork with the obelisk to start a filmed interlude. Take the carriage and reach the FORGOTTEN CASTLE OF CAINHURST. Pass the whole area and reach the roof, eliminate the BOSS/PREDA MARTIRE LOGARIUS. You will receive the CROWN OF ILLUSIONS, put it on behind the Boss Throne and a new intermission will start. Enter the new area and to the right of the woman on the throne you will find a small area with a table and a CLOSED CONVECTION above it. Do NOT swear allegiance to the Queen, in fact possibly do not speak to her at all. Once you have received the summons, go back to ALFRED and give it to her to receive a new MANAGEMENT and the EMBLEM that unlocks the LOGARIUS WHEEL in the shop.


WHAT TO DO: Go back to the place where you met the Queen of the Viles Blood to find her dismembered on the throne and see ALFRED standing in front of her remains. Talk to ALFRED to receive a new gesture.


PLACE: You can find ALFRED at CATHEDRAL WARD, pray at the obelisk behind the church with underground access to OLD YHARNAM. (It is the first place you met him).
WHAT TO DO: You will find ALFRED's body at the foot of the obelisk and you will be able to collect from his body one of the 3 RUNES OF THE BLOODS, the GREAT RUN, which increases the vitality of each FIALA OF BLOOD by about 0.8%. You can think that ALFRED after completing his mission and killing the last remaining VILESANGUE took his own life becoming a martyr like his predecessor LOGARIUS.

OPTIONAL: If you attack ALFRED in any of the above mentioned locations it will become hostile and will terminate. If you kill him you will get his emblem, a variable amount of echoes, but NOT the GREAT RUN.


PLACE - FORGOTTEN CASTLE OF CAINHURST, THRONE ROOM. To reach this place: Enter the Clinic of Iosefka and collect the CONVOKING IN CAINHURST. Go to the DIMORA DELLA STREGA in HEMWICK CHARNEL LANE and, after leaving the castle, go down to the fork with the obelisk to start a filmed interlude. Take the carriage and reach the FORGOTTEN CASTLE OF CAINHURST. Pass the whole area and reach the roof, eliminate the BOSS/PREDA MARTIRE LOGARIUS. You will receive the CROWN OF ILLUSIONS, put it on behind the Boss Throne and a new intermission will start.
WHAT TO DO: Go up the stairs and kneel down, using the appropriate MANAGEMENT, in front of the Queen ANNALISE and choose to become a VILESANGUE. In this way you will get the third and last RUNA DEI PATTI, CORRUPTION, which allows you to permanently recharge the HPs if they drop below 12.5%. You will also receive the CAINHURST emblem that unlocks the CHIKAGE and the CAINHURST SET in the shop.
MULTIPLAYER FUNCTIONALITY: Become a Vilesangue and by equipping your CAINHURST suit and CORRUPTION rune, you can collect blood for your queen by killing enemy hunters in the PVP and then giving it to her in the throne room. The blood collected will raise your ranking in the VILESANGUE ALBUM which can be found in CAINHURST. The first time you donate blood you will get a GESTO.
OPTIONAL: If Annalise was killed by ALFRED you can collect remains from her throne and bring her back to life from the HIGH OF DISPERATION, in the place where you killed BOSS/PREDA EBRIETAS THE SON OF THE COSMUS.
CURIOSITY: It is possible to ask ANNALISE to marry you only after you have obtained the TRUSTING RING, an object rarely found in dungeons but that you can find using PTHUMERU IHYLL'S CALICE with the fetid offer and the following GLIFO: 5bfq7tyk. Once you get the ring, offer it to Annalise who unfortunately will refuse your proposal but who knows, maybe getting first in the ranking of VILESANGUE, things could change...

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