Bloodborne - Platinum Guide - Unlock All the Trophies

In this section of the guide we will show Bloodborne you how to get all the trophies and unlock the Platinum for cleaning the streets of Yharnam from the evil that plagued them!

Main trophy list of Bloodborne

here is the trophy list:


You got all the trophies. Congratulations!

Contact Blood Gem

Get a blood gem that gives special strength to the hunter's weapons.

Rune contact

Get a Caryll rune that gives the hunter special strength.

Chalice of Pthumeru

Get the Chalice of Pthumeru, which seals the catacombs that extend below Yharnam.

Master of the weapon

You get a top-notch weapon. To maximize a weapon, you'll need to bring it up to +10. Below is a list of all the stones needed to achieve this:

  • +1 - blood stone fragment x3
  • +2 - blood stone fragment x5
  • +3 - blood stone fragment x8
  • +4 - twin shards of blood stone x3
  • +5 - twin fragments of blood stone x5
  • +6 - twin blood stone fragments x8
  • +7 - piece of blood stone x3
  • +8 - piece of blood stone x5
  • +9 - piece of blood stone x8
  • +10 - Blood Rock x1

For levels from +1 to +9 you need stones that you can find anywhere in the game. Especially if you increase the ARCANO skill of your PG that will also increase the FORTUNA and the possibility to find rare objects from enemies. The useful Stone for level +10 can be found in Mergo's lair where the Mega-eye that inflicts Madness is located. Use the lever that can be reached from the window in the second cage elevator to drop the Giant Eye underneath. As for the online mode, you can randomly find it in the dungeons of the Chalice. The above mentioned value helps a lot! If you really can't find the stones, you only need one and thanks to this guide you can clone it infinitely!

Master Blood Gem

You get an extremely valuable blood gem. This Gem cannot be found in the main gameplay, you will have to face the Dungeons.

Master of the rune

Obtain one extremely valuable rune of Caryll.

Essence of the hunter

Obtain all the weapons of the hunter.

Craftsman hunter

Get all the special tools of a hunter. Follow the video that shows where to find the useful tools of a hunter, the Monocle is not necessary for the trophy.


Father Gascoigne
Defeat the beast that once was Father Gascoigne.

Vicar Amelia
Defeat the beast that once was vicar Amelia.

Shadow of Yharnam
Defeat the Shadow of Yharnam.

Rom, the obtuse spider
Defeat the Great Being: Rom, the dull spider.

The Reborn
Defeat the reborn.

Micolash, lord of the nightmare
Defeat Micolash, lord of nightmares.

Nurse of Mergo
Defeat the Great Being: Mergo's wet nurse.

Cleric beast
Defeat the cleric beast.

Bloodthirsty beast
Defeat the bloodthirsty beast.

The Witch of Hemwick
Defeat the witch of Hemwick.

Dark beast Paarl
Defeat the dark beast Paarl.

Defeat the Great Being: Amygdala.

Martyr Logarius
Defeat Martyr Logarius.

Heavenly Emissary
Defeat the Great Being: Heavenly Emissary.

Ebrietas, daughter of the cosmos
Defeat the Great Being: Ebrietas, daughter of the cosmos.

Falling Chalice of Loran
Get the Falling Chalice of Loran, which seals the tragic land shrouded in sand.

Chalice of Isz
Get the Great Chalice of Isz, which seals the home of the cosmic brothers.

Get access to Cainhurst, the ancient ruined castle.

The Choir
Enter the realm of the Choir, the upper level of the Church of the Cure.

The origin of the dream
Discover the old abandoned workshop, where the hunter's dream originates.

The nightmare's main hall
Enter the Byrgenwerth's hall of fame, adrift in the nightmare.

Dawn of Yharnam
You have survived the hunt and seen a new day.

Respect the wishes
Before the Presence of the Moon, you swear to protect the hunter's dream.

Early childhood
You have become a newborn Great Being, ready to elevate the human race to its new youth.

Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen
Defeat Yharnam, Queen Pthumerian.

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