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This section of our comprehensive guide will show Bloodborne you how to get the 3 ENDINGS of the game without spoiler on the game's storyline!

As it was logical to expect from the authors of the Souls series, it is also Bloodborne a game full of secrets, subplots, additional bosses, special items and endings. For the moment the available endings are 3, let's say that there are 2 main ones and one alternative one. To get these endings, however, you'll have to sweat a lot, especially as far as the third one is concerned. Thanks to this guide you can view all 3 of them from the first game without inadvertently falling into the New Game +.



  • PS4 ( Of course )
  • Bloodborne ( Otherwise what are we talking about? )
  • SAVING OF Bloodborne ( Maybe you are masochists and play without saving! )
  • USB DEVICE ( To connect to your console )

First of all you will have to secure your savegame from automatic saving (later we'll see when to do it). To do so, exit from Bloodborne and make sure you have closed the game application: PS button from the game, OPTION button on the Bloodborne open icon, scroll to CLOSE APPLICATION.
Now go to PS4 settings and from there choose the option SAVED DATA MANAGEMENT OF THE APPLICATION. Continue by choosing SAVED DATA IN THE SYSTEM ARCHIVING MEMORY. Finally select COPY IN THE USB ARCHIVING DEVICE. The system will show you all the saves of the various games you have played, search Bloodborne and select it with X. On the screen that opens, tick the save and choose COPY from the item below. The system will make a copy of your save and you will have finally secured it from accidental overwriting.
Now you can try anything! Even kill annoying Yharnam inhabitants that you have laboriously helped while they addressed you with names that could harm your mother's honor by comparing her to a wise expert of particular "fighting" clubs. I refer above all to a certain old woman that you will meet during the adventure with whom I finally had the pleasure to talk to inviting her to swallow my axe!

POINT OF NO RETURN: When to secure your data!

Read without fear of spoilers, the best time to secure your data is immediately after you have deleted the Boss/Preda LA BALIA DI MERGO. Returning to the HUNTER'S DREAM you will notice a slightly "different" environment. DO NOT OVERLOAD THE GATE, if you remember, at the entrance of the Hunter's Dream area there is a gate that has been closed for the whole adventure. After defeating the Nanny, you will find it open. If you want to continue enjoying the adventure without falling into the New Game + DO NOT OVERLOAD THAT CANCEL, or rather, pass it only after you have copied your rescue so that you can reinsert it when you want and start again just before the point of no return.

Continue to page 2 to find out how to unlock the 3 Endings of the game!


Once you pass the gate mentioned above you will find a certain character who will offer you a choice: The first option will unlock an ending, the second another one. The first choice shows a beautiful movie. The second one will lead you to a fight with, in case of victory, another movie different from the one of the first choice. We RECOMMEND you to see the final movie first and then to insert the previously secured rescue to proceed to the final with clash. The beauty of Bloodborne lies in the immensity of the title, do not stop at the end, consider the adventure over only after exploring every secret lair of Yharnam.


This is the most complicated ending to get because it requires some requirements to be completed.
You will need a particular object that, without revealing too much, concerns an OMBELICAL CORDONE. This object is divided into several pieces, but just collect 3 to unlock the finale:

-Get him from ARIANNA's son. -Mm-hmm. After talking twice with the weird little monster dressed in Red in CATHEDRAL WARD you will discover that the Cathedral is a safe place for Yharnam's survivors. Found the NPC ARIANNA tell her to "take refuge at the Cathedral". After defeating THE BALIA OF MERGO, return to visit Ariadne in the Cathedral. She will give birth to a child, which you will necessarily have to kill in order to obtain the object.
-Get to the old OFFICINA ABBANDONATA. A place I can't tell you much about so as not to spoil the plot. It can be reached in the most advanced stages of the game from the Cathedral ( CATHEDRAL WARD Lantern ). Go down the stairs immediately in front of you and turn into the right door, which has always been closed. Continue until you reach a large tower. Go inside to find many wooden bridges that cross the structure from one side to the other. Go down until you find a door. Go through it and go to the only building in the area.
-Shoot the Boss/Pillage THE BALIA OF MERGO.
-Kill IOSEFKA inside his clinic, only after you have eliminated ROM THE EXECUTIVE RAGE. To enter the clinic you will have to find the secret passage in the PROHIBITED OGOSS, located behind the only house with the red lantern outside. You will have to cross a cave with a poisoned lake and then climb a long ladder. Once outside, unlock the gate (which you will discover to be the one at the beginning of the game) and then continue in the area and climb up a roof and enter through a window into the clinic. Inside look for the stairs and go up to the upper floor, you will find Iosefka giving birth, kill her and get the Cordon.

Remember that you only need 3, so choose the ones that are easier to reach and pay attention to the secondary quests...some choices preclude others!
Now go back to the "no return gate" and use the 3 Cordons before you cross the threshold. You will also get a considerable amount of INTUCTION POINTS. Enter and at the fateful stage of choice always select the second option to start the fight. When you win the battle, the game will not end as it did before, but a further fight will be available. You also win this battle to unlock the third final in the game.

For the moment the guide to the Endings ends here but who knows if there is anything else hidden in the world of Bloodborne .

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