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Blazing star is an arcade video game by shoot'em up genre developed in 1998 by Yumekobo and published by SNK also for Neo Geo. The video game is the sequel to Pulstar and should have been called Pulstar Blast or Pulstar Plus, names later changed for purely commercial reasons.

Blazing Star is a beautiful game and has gone down in history tooand thanks to the expression “You fail it!”, which appears at the time of Game Over. The plot sees the planets Remuria and Mutras fighting each other in a war that is as bloody as it is lasting and from which there is no way out. Over the years and the evolution of technology they have been created organic weapons combined with devastating alien technology. Like the Brawshella weapon, which controls animals by causing them to attack the human inhabitants of the two planets. After being stunned and confused for a long time, some pilots they regain consciousness and rebel, attacking Brawshella to destroy her permanently. Classic horizontal scrolling shooter, Blazing Star can rightly be called an authentic masterpiece, frenetic and fun at the right point, with colorful and rather difficult graphics without being too frustrating!

In the character selection screen, press and hold RIGHT on the joystick and the D key on both pad 1 and 2. At this point, choose the character.

The next screen will be a level selection bonus menu.

In the spaceship selection screen, press A to get the spaceship in basic color, B for the color usually associated with player 2 and C + D to unlock a third hidden color. Which? We do not reveal it to you!

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