Blair Witch | Guide | How to Unlock All the Endings

Blair Witch | Guide to the Finals | Blair Witch is the survival horror, inspired by the film The Blair Witch Project, developed by Bloober Team, the Polish studio that worked on the two chapters of Layers of Fear.

As in previous titles, based on some choices made during the adventure, you can unlock one of the different endings available in the game. In this guide, let's see how to unlock them all: good, bad and the secret ending. The endings are also influenced by our behaviour towards the dog that accompanies the protagonist.

The game is available on PC and Xbox One. There are spoilers in the article.

Blair Witch is the new title of Bloober Team, the development studio of Layers of Fear. As per tradition, also in this game inspired by the horror movie of 1999 there are more endings, unlockable with the actions that we will adopt in game.

Blair Witch | Guide to the Endings

There are two main endings in Blair Witch and on each of them there are two variants (good dog / bad dog). There is also a secret ending, which we will discuss at the end of this article. The endings for Blair Witch are as follows:

  • Take His Face
  • Break the cycle (Good Final)
  • Good dog (variant)
  • Bad dog (variant)
  • Secret ending

Blair Witch | How to unlock the good ending

Getting the good ending in Blair Witch is not immediate, as you need to follow some guidelines from the beginning of the game. To get the ending Break the cycle of Blair Witch you will need to do the following:

  • Don't leave Bullet behind in the final chapter
  • Don't pick up any of the carved figurines you find.
  • During the last chapter, do not follow the orders of the witch. This means do not kill the sheriff, etc..
  • Don't kill the enemies hiding in the trees. Instead of using the torch, use the night vision camera to sneak past.
  • Don't destroy any of the totems you find during the game.

Blair Witch | How to unlock the Bad Ending

It's very likely that you'll get the worst ending than Blair Witch the first time you play. This is because the game is set to trick you, with the witch manipulating you during the game. If you miss any of the conditions described in the good ending section you'll get this ending. Ellis will kill Carver and become the protagonist of this hellish process, imprisoned in the forest forced to continue the cycle again.

All the endings explained in one guide. Here you will find all unlockable endings in Blair Witch , including the secret one.

Blair Witch | Good dog / Bad dog

In addition to the actions described for the positive and negative endings, the way Bullet will be treated will also affect the finale, thus unlocking a variant for each of the two. To get a good dog, you need to pet it and give it the delicacies hidden in the backpack. Also, try not to yell at Bullet and make sure you stay close to him throughout the game.

If you do not follow these lines, you will unlock one of the endings described above with, in addition, the bad dog variant.

Blair Witch | Let the dog die / Bullet survives

During the last chapter of Blair Witch , Bullet will be seriously injured. You'll follow him into a sort of ravine, where you'll get stuck in a ring section. The Witch will write 'Let Dying Dogs Die' on the walls and you'll be able to leave Bullet holding LT.

The advice is to keep walking, because eventually Ellis will lose consciousness and Bullet will live.

Blair Witch | How to unlock the secret ending

To do this, you'll need to unlock the bunker area at the beginning of the game, in the area just before you find the sheriff's car Blair Witch .

To open the bunker door, continue beyond the sheriff's car. Continue going over the felled tree to the point where you have to go and meet the sheriff at the white tree. After that, you will return to the car. Get in and try to start it, it won't start. Get out and lift the hood, then connect the wire to the battery. Get back in the car and turn on the radio. Look for a game show. After listening to everything, you'll get the code, which is 2113. Now you'll be able to access the bunker.

At this point, you can move away and continue the game because the radio inside the bunker will not be working. During the section at the sawmill, you will need to take a 12v battery. Once you have it, you'll need to complete the game and start it all over again. Reach the bunker again and use the radio by inserting the battery.

By turning on the radio you will learn more details about what happened.

Below you can see the endings of Blair Witch .

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