Blades of Vengeance - Mega Drive cheat

Blades of Vengeance is a platform game developed for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis console by Beam Software and published by Electronic Arts.

Playable by 1 or 2 players, who can choose between 3 fantasy characters to complete the various levels, Blades of Vengeance aims to defeat the forces of evil, which threaten the world. At the end of each stage there is a end level boss and to reach the end of the stage it is necessary - or at least very useful - to collect potions, silver coins and magic keys that can be used by accessing the inventory.
Many of the levels in the game boast secret areas which, if discovered, reward the player with extra items, potions of various kinds, immunity to poison, increased skills, armor and so on. The number one enemy to defeat is the evil Mannax the Dark Lady, who has conquered the kingdom and now our hero, one of three characters to choose from, will have to defeat if he wants to restore peace to the world and drive away the dark forces forever.

In the first level, continue normally until you get to the door that leads you to the second part of the level. This is the door next to a button that comes out of a treasure chest. Use the jump to land on an invisible platform just to the left of the top of the door. It is quite difficult to reach, although with the girl it is easier to reach.
When you are on this platform, jump to the right, where there is another invisible platform against the wall. From here keep jumping until you get to a secret door. Beyond the door there are numerous treasure chests with gold and silver and many potions, stars, and 7 other doors that will take you to the various levels of the game.

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