Battlefield 1 - Basic Class Guide, Tips and Tricks

The basic classes present in Battlefield 1 , as we said in our review, are not particularly original: the guys at DICE have decided to follow the same pattern seen in many other games proposing assault, doctor, scout and support. These roles, however, should be considered with the particular historical period in which the game is set and, consequently, we believe that this guide can be useful to explain to less experienced players how to handle a doctor or a sniper on a front of the First World War.


Perfect class for short/medium range combat, it features handy and efficient automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Probably the best class to start from for beginners as the role of the assault is quite simple: your only aim is to engage the enemy by killing all hostile subjects within your reach.

The assault is also equipped with some very useful tools to combat enemy tanks and, therefore, is absolutely essential in games where you can use vehicles. Managing the range and range of the grenades isn't absolutely simple and you'll fail several times, but when you adjust your aim you'll be a real nightmare for the opposing drivers. Apart from grenades, you can also use simple dynamite or a powerful cannon (not very handy in reality) to counteract the tanks.

We are talking about an extremely mobile class that runs (possibly in groups) through the battlefield, trying to progressively gain ground and positions to allow the snipers to position themselves. With the weapons in your possession you can shoot down virtually any other class but of course you will have to be able to get to the right distance ... Remember: the secret to master an assault is to make the most of space and distance.


A class designed and engineered for those who do not like to run around the battlefield, but prefer to find the perfect position and wait for the enemy to be in range. The scout is basically a sniper, the rifles at your disposal are very powerful but are highly unsuitable for a close combat and have rather heavy reloading times. Also in this case you have to try to make the most of the opportunities offered by the game map, finding the ideal positions and keeping you always ready to fire.

The Scout is a rather vulnerable class when used in a reckless manner, but fortunately there are several tricks you can use to stay alive for as long as possible. By lying down you can place a cover to cover yourself frontally (at least in part), while to avoid attacks from behind you you can use special bombs. The latter are not very easy to use and you have to be very good to place them in the right position, but with a little practice you will get great results. In conclusion we point out the presence of the bait, a useful tool that allows you to flush out hidden opponents, the periscope, essential in trench fighting, and the rocket launcher gun: using it you can report the position of hostile targets on the map.


A class simply essential to ensure victory to the team, a good doctor is able to reverse the fate of a fight by slowing down opponents and ensuring fresh forces on the front.

In Battlefield 1 , however, the doctor is not simply a means to cure the comrades: fortunately the boys of DICE have decided to provide the lovers of this class with a good number of weapons to counter the thousand dangers of the front and, although it is not possible to compete with assault or support for rate and power, with the right skill you can still get good satisfaction.

The doctor has both single care and area care, to make the best use of this class you need good coordination with your companions and certainly voice chat can be very useful. As per tradition, moreover, we can also use the syringe to resuscitate the newly fallen allies, making the enemy's efforts vain and gaining precious seconds; this tool can also be used as a hand-to-hand weapon for quick kills, but of course you have to take yourself at a super close distance...

The secret to make the best use of the doctor is to constantly communicate with your comrades, intervene without exposing yourself too much and make the best use of area-based treatment in the disputed areas.


The best friend of doctor and assault, a character whose main objective is to provide support to the various lines of defense. This class generally boasts weapons with large magazines, little accuracy and a lot of firepower: maybe you'll do a few kills, but you will surely attract the attention of the enemy. We're talking about a soldier simply perfect to ensure cover fire, he hardly ever has to stop to reload (if handled well) and can safely allow the doctor to do his job.

The support, moreover, guarantees a constant supply of ammunition to the allies, repairs damaged vehicles and allows the team to use the mortar, a very useful weapon to get out of stalemates or to get rid of particularly annoying enemies.

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