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The genre of Battle Royale is a video game genre that over the past five years has managed to become one of the greatest gaming successes in history: some video games of this genre have managed, in complete solitude, to overcome the sales of established sagas and titanic brands.

The game is Battle Royale not, however, exclusive to PC and Console, but has expanded to such an extent that it has even reached mobile phones, in numerous forms and with different declinations. Among all these games, however, there is one that has managed to become one of the greatest hits in history.

This video game, called Fortnite and developed by the veterans of Epic Games, after having recorded record numbers on almost all the consoles and platforms where it landed is about to arrive in the Android world with an ad-hoc release.

The announcement of the release of the Android version of Fortnite is now old and with it have been wasted rumors about the type of device needed to run the title. If a high-performance mobile phone is not part of your collection it's probably time to use Bluestacks, a software (which we've talked about in depth here) that will allow you to play the Android version of the title directly on your trusted computer.

What are video games Battle Royale ?

The question, however trivial, could run to the rescue of those who are not familiar with technical nomenclatures on the nature of certain applications. The Battle Royale is a recently born videogame genre (we have also written a short history of the genre that you can read here) that has been able to become a real mass phenomenon.

The gameplay of Battle Royale is generally very simple and takes up, in several game elements, the lessons of first and third person shooters. The player (and any companions) will be asked to land in one place and survive, using only weapons and items found on the battlefield to face the remaining players.

The games, consisting of one hundred players (usually), end when only one of them remains alive and well on the battlefield. The large number of players, combined with the gameplay that forces each one of them to do their best to survive, has generated a real mass phenomenon where every moment can be the last and every bullet counts towards victory.

Want to play Fortnite Mobile on your computer? Use Bluestacks !

Among the various Battle Royale present on the Fortnite market is the one that has come closest to the concept of mass cultural phenomenon; it celebrates the purchase of players, is able to raise or lower the stock market prices of giants like sony and has a marketing campaign that often and willingly leads to real life.

Fortnite presents the above mentioned gameplay (one hundred players on the battlefield, the last one remaining alive wins) and makes it more varied through a complex system of fortifications that can be built by the player through special keys; to this we can add an irresistible cartoon graphics able to make adults, children and parents happy.

The title of Epic Games, with this gameplay system, is then filled with new content week by week, renewing the map and adding features such as vehicles, new weapons and new mechanics at an absolutely incredible pace.

All this, arrived on Android and consequently on your computers thanks to the presence of Bluestacks. Thanks to the simple interface of the program you will be able to start a game of Fortnite Mobile in a few seconds and have fun with your friends, also having the possibility to use streaming to share your gameplay with your community thanks to the Bluestacks 3 features.

Click here to play Fortnite Mobile .

Why Choose Bluestacks ?

Thanks to the important partnership that has been established between Samsung and Bluestacks it will be possible for all users of the platform to have access to Fortnite Mobile from the day of its release. Normal Android users to play Fortnite Mobile from the very first moment will need a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the phablet with Google operating system coming in August. This device, with its price of almost a thousand euros, is not exactly within everyone's reach; this problem is nullified by using the Bluestacks platform!

To play Fortnite Mobile 30 days before the others you can choose to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Bluestacks, obviously with this second choice you will have the perennial estimate of your wallet!

Don't like Fortnite Mobile it ? Don't worry!.

If you don't think Fortnite is for you, you can take advantage of the large size of the Play Store to find the video game Battle Royale that suits your taste.

Bluestacks allows you to play a lot of video games of this genre, here we will present some of the best games on the platform: all quality video games!

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile, exactly as in the Pc/Console market is one of the titles Battle Royale that can rival the production of Epic Games.

Much more serious and more realistic than its cartoon companion, PUBG Mobile offers its players a more complex and articulated gaming experience with protection/armour, a greater variety of weapons and a gunplay decidedly more oriented towards realism.

PUBG Mobile is the exact counterpart of what Playerunkown's Battleground offers on PC and Console for a price equal to zero. All vehicles, armaments, protections, scenes, environments; everything is present exactly as in the big brother with ultra hd graphics. All this saving every single penny.

PUBG Mobile is available for free on the Play Store and consequently on Bluestacks.

Last Craft Survival

Last Craft Survival is not just a video game Battle Royale The title is much more like a mixture of Minecraft and a pure survival video game where you have to deal with all your resources to get to the end of the game.

A videogame with a graphic style that deeply recalls what Mojang's product has invented over the years, with blocks and squared textures almost everywhere.

In Last Craft Survival, it will be necessary to meet man's basic needs for food and water while using and refining raw materials to build a better future for his character and friends, all in a post-apocalyptic setting that recalls historical sagas such as Fallout in several places.

Last Craft Survival is available for free on the Play Store and consequently also on Bluestacks.

Free Fire

Free Fire is a video game Battle Royale available for mobile devices with a free-to-play structure with various types and types of cosmetic microtransactions.

Here too we always have the same ingredients: an island (less barren than expected), an airplane, an emergency landing and the usual load of weapons and ammunition scattered throughout the floors and exterior of buildings.

Started by fifty players with a maximum duration of ten minutes they serve as a characterizing experience for a gameplay extremely bite and run, from one game to another.

Free Fire is available for free on the Play Store and consequently on .

Rules Of Survival

Rules Of Survival is a video game Battle Royale released exclusively for Android and iOs devices that can easily rival the more famous PUBG Mobile.

A third-person shooter with a giant island, a hundred players, vehicles, weapons and more are waiting for you in a title available for free on dedicated stores with cosmetic microtransactions.

The game offers a rich ecosystem of tasks, side quests and modes to increase its longevity out of all proportion, which somehow differentiates it from its aforementioned rivals. A title that will catch the player with content support worthy of the name.

Rules Of Survival is available free of charge on the Play Store and therefore on Bluestacks.

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