Batman Returns - SNES cheats and codes

Batman Returns it's a genre video game fighting based on the homonymous film. The version SNES of this game was released by Konami in 1993 while the version for Sega Mega Drive was distributed by SEGA itself.

As for the version Amiga, it was released by Denton Designs, while the Atari Lynx version was distributed by Atari itself. The game is basically a Final Fight-style fighting game, a cult game whose graphics and game mechanics are also found in Batman Returns.
On the other hand, in the early 90s i beat'em up they were all the rage, so Batman Returns fits perfectly into this context. The player must face 7 different levels inspired by the movie, with members of the Red Triangle Circus Gang standing between you and your goal.

The video game is not too difficult, but if you are really stuck here are some tricks to have lives and continuous extras.

To get 9 Continue, in the options screen press the UP, X, LEFT, Y, DOWN, B, RIGHT, A, UP, X keys.

To have 9 lives available, in the options screen press the following keys from Controller 2: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A.
If you do this trick correctly, you should hear a sound, and if you go to the life menu, you can choose to have up to 9 available!

Batman Returns - SNES

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