Batman Arkham Knight - How to Get the Freeze Blast

Batman Arkham Knight Where to Find the Freeze Blast - In this mini-game guide we'll see where to find the freezing bombs, one of the key gadgets if you want to complete the game 100%!

Batman Arkham Knight : Location of the Freeze Blast

Arrived inside the PANESSA STUDIOS (if you do not know when and how to get there consult our guide to the main missions of the game), with Batman, where they are kept in isolation the infected with the blood of the Joker, look on the small table next to the last cell on the left to notice a kind of capsule with heavenly finishes.

If you come any closer, you'll find that you can pick it up. It is the Freez Blast, a weapon that can be used both in combat, to block enemies, and in the streets of Gotham to overcome, for example, the challenges of the Riddler.

Below is a photo showing the exact location of the Freez Blast:

Audio Video Batman Arkham Knight - How to Get the Freeze Blast
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