Batman Arkham Knight - Mission Creature of the Night

- Batman Arkham Knight Wanted Guide - Strange Noises, A crazy experiment gone wrong has turned a man into a giant bat that is now free for the skies of Gotham. With this guide you will be able to find out who is the giant bat that haunts Gotham and get the Crazy Bat Trophy / Target.

Batman Arkham Knight : how to unlock the Creature of the Night mission

To begin this mission, you must climb the Luthor Corp building on Founders Island. As you climb with the grappling hook, a giant bat will roar in your face and then escape through the skies of Gotham.

The mission is divided into 5 phases in which you will have to:

  1. Glide over Man-Bat and get a blood sample.
  2. Find Kirk Langstrom's lab and synthesize a cure.
  3. Glide Man-Bat again and inject the first dose.
  4. Glide over Man-Bat and inject the second dose of the cure.
  5. Take Langstrom to the station.

Capturing Man-Bat: Useful Tips

Each time you'll have to find Man-Bat flying through the skies of Gotham in a different area to the previous one. Just keep an ear to the local surveillance and go towards the roars you hear coming from the sky.

Batman Arkham Knight Video Solution to the Crazy for bats mission where you capture Man-Bat

Audio Video Batman Arkham Knight - Mission Creature of the Night
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