Batman Arkham Knight - Misision of the Heir to the Cowl

- Batman Arkham Knight  Guide of mission - Heir to the Cowl, A mysterious masked "hero" is leaving fiery symbols of Batman on the rooftops of Gotham. With this guide you will find out what Azrael wants from the Dark Knight and get the Angel trophy/achievement in the dark.

Batman Arkham Knight : how to unlock the Heir of the Cowl mission

Like most of the secondary missions of Batman Arkham Knight , this can also be unlocked by continuing in the main plot. During the first 30% of the CITY OF FEAR story mission, Alfred will inform you about a burning Batman symbol on a rooftop in Gotham and you'll have to investigate this flaming bat.

Near the flaming bat you'll find Azrael kneeling down waiting for you. After talking to him you'll have to face some simple fighting challenges and you'll have to shoot down all the enemies in the simulation without getting hit. The process is not difficult, Azrael can use all the gadgets of Batman, our advice is not to aim to make particular combos but to focus on hitting and dodging. After finding it the 5 times listed below, you'll have to go to the Clock Tower to ananalyze the data and find some symbols in the recording. Our video guide at the end of the page shows you where to find them and how to overcome the whole Azrael story.

Batman Arkham Knight Where to find Azrael

Azrael will always be on top of a rooftop and his presence will be signalled by a burning Batman symbol. Below are all the maps that show where to find Azrael:

Azrael Location #1 - Miagani Island

Azrael Location #2 - Founders Island

Azrael Location #3 - Bleake Island

Azrael Location #4 - Miagani Island: Central Islet "Lady of Gotham"

Azrael Location #5 - Final Location

Go to the computer in the Clock Tower.

Batman Arkham Knight : Video guide to the Heir of the Hood mission


At the end of the mission you will be offered a choice. Whatever your decision you make you will still complete the mission and get the trophy/goal but you will unlock an alternative ending for Azrael. If you choose to "Kill Batman", he will land you and then lock you in the police station in the cell with the other criminals. If you choose to "Save Batman" (the choice you find in the video), Azrael will break the sword and make a pact with the Dark Knight to take revenge on the Order of Sain Dumas. The choice is yours!

Audio Video Batman Arkham Knight - Misision of the Heir to the Cowl
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