Batman Arkham Knight: Guide to Mission Two Faced Bandit

- Batman Arkham Knight: Guide missionTwo-Faced Bandit -among the various fugitives who haunt Gotham there is also Two-Face and his gang of thugs who have decided to rob the 3 main banks of the city. With this guide you will be able to stop them and get the Jekyll and Hyde trophy/achievement.

During the course of the main adventure, Alfred will inform Batman that Harvey Dent, Two-Faced, the Dark Knight's historical friend/enemy, is robbing the city's banks. Your task will be to get to the banks where the robbery is in progress and stop the required number of Two-Face's men before they clean out the entire vault. You can use different gadgets, such as the DISTURBER to block their firearms and the REMOTE INFILTER, useful to activate the various protection systems inside the bank and knock out the opponents. Once the required number of men is stopped, Two-Face will order them to stop the robbery and search for Batman. Take out the remaining men and proceed to the next bank.

Batman Arkham Knight to stop the robberies at Two-Faced bandit

Here is a set of tips and information to stop the bank robberies of former Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent, Alisa Two-Face:

  • There are 3 robberies to foil and they can be tackled one after the other.
  • During the Robbery there is an alarm from the Bank that covers your noises, so you can take out your opponents with the loudest techniques without attracting the attention of too many enemies.
  • Keep an eye on the money counter in the center at the top of the screen. It will tell you how much money the enemies were able to load into the van. If they take it away, the whole mission has failed.
  • In the last robbery, after stopping the required opponents, Two Faces will personally arrive to party, accompanied by 2 Doctors and 2 enemies with the hecklers. Eliminate first the Doctors to prevent the other enemies from waking up, then the enemies that disturb the viewer's signal and finally Two-Face who can be knocked out like any other opponent.

Location of Two-Face's robberies

They are very easy to find as they are the 3 banks on the 3 islands of Gotham:

-BANK OF CHINATOWN in Bleake Island
-FUNDERS' BANK on Founders Island
-GOTHAM CENTRAL BANK on Miagani Island

In the following video you can see how to stop the 3 robberies and arrest Two-Face by finally putting him in jail in the Gotham Police Department:

Batman Arkham Knight Video solution Two-Face Bandit:

Audio Video Batman Arkham Knight: Guide to Mission Two Faced Bandit
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