Batman Arkham Knight - Guide Mission Friend in Need

- batman arkham knight guide mission Friend in Need- it seems the Arkham City identity thief is back in this latest chapter too, Thomas Elliot aka Hush is ready to take his personal revenge. With this guide you'll be able to find out what happened to Lucius by stopping the madman who kidnapped him and getting the Double Jeopardy trophy/Achievement.

Batman Arkham Knight How to unlock the mission Friend in Need

Towards the end of the main plot, Alfred will inform you that it is no longer possible to communicate with Lucius Fox inside the Wayne Tower, thus unlocking the secondary mission Friend in Distress. Go to the tower parking lot and use the elevator to enter. You'll play Bruce Wayne and you'll have to interact with the computer at your desk to continue but be careful because nothing is as it seems. In the final part of the mission, you will have to be ready to press triangle/Y to save yourself and poor Fox from certain death. Watch the video below to learn more:

Batman Arkham Knight : video solution to capture Hush and unlock the objective trophy Double Crime lens

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