Batman Arkham Knight - Mission Lamb to the Slaughter

- Batman Arkham Guide mission Lamb to the Slaughter- A mysterious Sect is killing the inhabitants of Gotham, Jack Ryder sets out on their trail but Deacon Blackfire is determined to make him his last sacrificial victim. With this guide you'll be able to stop the Deacon's plans and get the trophy/achievement The Sect.

Batman Arkham Knight : how to unlock the Lamb to the Slaughter

In the wheel of the Missions, you'll surely be left with a small space in the top right corner that concerns the secondary mission of the Sect. This mission can in fact only be unlocked by talking to Jack Ryder in the very last stages of the main plot (where he took the Remote Power Charge). Jack Ryder is the journalist who is in a small room on the right immediately after the prisoners' cells in the GCPD police station. If you talk to him often you'll find out that he's investigating some kind of ritualistic murders in search of the scoop of the century.

Going back to talk to us after getting the electric charge and almost finishing the story (at least 90% in the main FEAR CITY mission) you'll discover that Jack disappeared to go to the Lady of Gotham (the big statue on the little island in the middle of the 3 big islands of the city). Batman will have to go to save Ryder and unlock this mission.

The mission itself is very simple, it simply requires you to go to the island and stop the human sacrifice. To do this Batman will have to knock out all the members of the sect, escape from the electrified cage as shown in our video and stop the Deacon Blackfire!

Batman Arkham Knight : video solution to the mission  Lamb to the Slaughter

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