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- batman arkham knight guide Mission Gotham on fire- among the many wanted fugitives that haunt Gotham is Firefly and his obsession with the flames that led him to set fire to the 3 firehouses in Gotham. With this guide you'll be able to stop him and extinguish his fiery dreams of glory as well as get the Fire Days trophy / achievement.

Batman Arkham Knight how to unlock the mission Gotham on Fire

During the course of the main adventure, shortly after the events of the Derigible, Alfred will inform Batman that a mysterious arsonist is setting fire to Gotham's firehouses. Soon the Bat will discover that it is an old acquaintance of his: Garfield Lynns, better known as Firefly who, obsessed with fire, wants to burn down all of Gotham. Thanks to the Batmobile, we will have to reenergize the fire stations, thus reactivating the fire engine. At that point, Firefly will jump out of the building and we'll have to chase him until he uses up all the gas in his suit.

Batman Arkham Knight How to put out Firefly fires

Here is a series of useful tips and information to put out fires caused by the flying arsonist Firefly without problems:

  • There are 3 fires to put out and they can be faced one after the other but only if you can take the Batmobile on all 3 islands that make up Gotham, if you can't do it yet you have to continue with the main plot.
  • The Video at the end of the page shows where to find the 3 stations, if you want to look for them yourself, fly over the map looking for big black smoke emissions. At their base you will surely find the station on fire.
  • During the chase, try to stay as close to Firefly as possible, this way he will consume much more fuel and it will be easier for you to catch him.
  • Watch out for the flames that your opponent fires even though they don't seem to cause much damage to the Batmobile.
  • When you run out of fuel, you can get very close to Firefly, catapult out of the Batmobile and punch it.
  • If you should lose contact with Firefly, you won't be able to try the mission again for some time unless you enter the Start menu and use the RECALL function.

Location of Firefly's fires

They are very easy to find as they are the 3 fire stations on the 3 islands of Gotham:

2-STATION OF Bleake Island PUMPS
3-Station of Founders Island Pumpers

The following video shows the exact places where to find the 3 Stations, how to put out the 3 fires and finally how to stop Firefly putting an end to its days of fire:

Batman Arkham Knight : Gotham video solution in focus

Audio Video Batman Arkham Knight - Guide Mission: Gotham on Fire
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