Batman Arkham Knight - Find and Rescue all Firefighter

- Batman Arkham where to find Guide - First duty, Gotham's firefighters have been kidnapped, only Batman can find them and bring them to safety. With this guide you will be able to find all firefighters to get the Innocent Victims target trophy.

The firefighters of Station 17 have been kidnapped by gangs of criminals, someone seems to have passed information to Firefly to set fires and as if that wasn't enough all this happens on the most challenging Halloween night of Batman's life!

Batman Arkham Knight : Where to find all the firemen and how to free them

In the following video you can find out where to find all the firefighters taken prisoner by Gotham's criminal gangs. To free them you just need to knock out their torturers and untie them to get information about what happened. Once all the firefighters are freed you can finally find Chief Underhill and find out what happened.

Audio Video Batman Arkham Knight - Find and Rescue all Firefighter
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