Batman Arkham Knight - Guide to Mission Own the Roads

- batman arkham knight guide for Conquer the Streets- Arkham Knight's militia has filled the streets with Block Places, only Batman and his trusty Batmobile can destroy them and get the trophy/achievement The Streets of Gotham.

Among the various missions of the Wanted available in the new one there Batman Arkham Knight is also "Conquer the Roads" which plans to eliminate the 20 Blocking Posts installed in the streets of Gotham by the militiamen of the Knight of Arkham. The following guide will show you where to find all the Checkpoints and what to do to eliminate them!

NOTE: By completing this mission you will be able to access the Deathstroke clash, but you must also have finished the Wanted Missions "Campaign for Disarmament" and "Occupied Gotham".

Batman Arkham Knight how to eliminate checkpoints on Gotham's streets

The Block Places are formed by small steel walls with the Arkham Knight coat of arms and are always positioned at street level near junctions, alleys, etc.. To break down these barriers you'll have to study the enemies inside from above and decide the most advantageous approach. Once eliminated you'll be able to use the detective's view to locate the enemy with the Lockdown remote control and destroy them once and for all.

IMPORTANT: Remember that each Lockdown Station has a different level of difficulty, so try to study the situation well before attacking and above all to have the right upgrades (very useful is the upgrade that destroys the machine gun turrets and that applies to the Remote Infiltrator).

Batman Arkham Knight where to find the checkpoints in Gotham City

The Blocks will be accessible as you progress through the main campaign. At about 90% completion of the FEAR CITY mission you will be able to eliminate all enemy positions and have access to all islands:

Roadblocks on Bleake Island

Roadblocks on Miagani Island

Checkpoints on Founders Island

Batman Arkham Knight : Video solution conquers the streets

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