Batman Arkham Knight - How to Capturing Deathstroke

- Batman Arkham Knight Wanted Guide - Deathstroke, among the various wanted ones that infest Gotham there is also Deathstroke that will take control of the militia. With this guide you will be able to stop his armored vehicles and get the Dark Pacts trophy/achievement.

Batman Arkham Knight : Where to find Deathstroke

This criminal will make his appearance simply by continuing the main adventure. You won't be able to capture him right away, however, you'll first have to complete all the missions related to the Arkham Knight Militia:

- Guide to Destroy Checkpoints (The Streets of Gotham) - The Arkham Knight Militia has filled the streets with Checkpoints, only Batman and his trusty Batmobile

- Guide to the Watchtowers (The Gates of Gotham) - The Arkham Knight Militia has filled the city with Watchtowers, only the Dark Knight can stop the Arkham Knight men and get the trophy/goal The Gates of Gotham.

- Campaign for Disarmament Campaign Guide (The Gotham Slums) The guide to finding and defusing all the explosive devices of the Arkham Knight Militia.
Where you have completed these 3 side missions, you will find that there is still some space left in the "Campaign for Disarmament" completion marker. At this point a new explosive device indicator will appear on the map and you'll finally be able to face DeathStroke in combat.

Batman Arkham Knight : How to destroy DeathStroke's armored truck

Deathstroke will not face you alone but will be accompanied by some cobra drones, the ones you can eliminate only by firing into the reactor they have in the rear area. Our advice is to eliminate all the cobras and then concentrate on the Deathstroke armored truck that is very similar to the Nubifragio but can be hit anywhere and by any bullet from the Batmobile. Eliminate the Cobras also, you'll have the missile gauge full and, with the right power-ups, you can launch a shower of missiles on your opponent's tank, bringing his life bar below half in one shot. Now all you have to do is fire your last two cannons and stop Deathstroke!

IMPORTANT: Remember that Deathstroke's machine can see in any direction at once, so use the buildings to try to get around it and hide from its blows.

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