Batman: Arkham City: Archievements and Trophies Guide

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Do you want platinum or all the points it Batman: Arkham City can provide? Is a goal too complex or not understood just how to get a trophy? Don't worry, here is our complete guide to the goals and trophies of Batman: Arkham City .

All the following objectives up to SCENE OUTPUT are part of the main story, so you only need to continue in it to unlock them:

I am Batman
Become the bat

Acid bath
Save the bridesmaid, but is she really in danger?

Save the volunteer doctors

Chimney sweep
There's only one way in

Right Arm
Knock on the right nail

Communications interrupted
Free the radio waves

The last survivor

Wrecking ball
Stop the unstoppable

Seeker finds
Discover the secret of Arkham City.

We are legion.

Hide and seek
I play deadly hide-and-seek.

Ghost train
Fight for survival.

Free fall
Don't look down.

Exit the scene
The world is a stage.

The following are objectives all related to secondary missions. See our guide to secondary missions to unlock them.

Forsense science expert
Gather enough evidence to identify the mercenary killer.

The contract is revoked
Stop the hired killer.

Serial Killer
Track down the serial killer.

Mysterious Observer
Reveal the mysterious observer.

Signal flare
Answer the call for help.

Broken Toys
Destroy everything.

Drin Drin
Answer a phone that rings.

Call from the killer
Stop the phone booth killer.

Stop the clock
Time is running out.

Exchange goods
Reunite the separate couple.

Knight increased
Complete all augmented reality training.

Aggravated assault
Stop all assaults on Arkham City.

Meet the Calendar Man on the 12 fateful dates.
The Calendar Man is locked in the dungeon of the Solomon Wayne Court. To achieve this you will have to talk to it on 12 different dates:

- 01 January 2012 (New Year)
- February 14th, 2012 (Valentine's Day)
- 17 March 2012 (St Patrick's Day)
- 01 April 2012 (April Fool's Day)
- 13 May 2012 (Mother's Day)
- June 19, 2012 (Father's Day)
- 04 July 2012 (Independence Day)
- 16 August 2012 (Feast of San Rocco)
- 05 September 2012 (Labour Day)
- 31 October 2011 (Halloween)
- 24 November 2011 (Thanksgiving)
- 25 December 2011 (Christmas)

If you disconnect your console from the internet you can change the date of your console undisturbed and get the target without waiting a year, but remember that every time you talk to Calendar Man, you'll have to leave the court so that the game saves you. If you do everything correctly, the next time you talk you'll see scribbles on the calendar next to Calendar Man's cell.

Below are all the targets related to the Riddler. Look at our GUIDE TO THE TROPHERS to find out where to find the Riddler's objects and everything else.

IQ Test
Solve the first riddle.
Start the secondary mission "Puzzle Breaker" by going to the Church/Medical Center when the icon of it appears.

Brain Teaser
Save the first hostage from the riddler.

Brilliant mind
Save the second hostage from the Riddler.
You will need 80 puzzle trophies.

King of rebuses
Save the third hostage from the riddler.
You'll need 160 puzzle trophies.

Save the fourth hostage from the riddler.
You'll need 240 puzzle trophies.

Save the fifth hostage from the riddler.
You'll need 320 puzzle trophies.

Save all the hostages from the riddler.
You'll need 400 puzzle trophies.

Here are the objectives related to the medals for the original maps and campaigns of Arkham City.

Bronze Revenge
Get 24 medals on the original Arkham City ranking maps (with Batman).

Silver revenge
You get 48 medals on the original Arkham City ranking maps (with Batman).

Golden revenge
Get all 72 medals on the original Akrham City ranking maps (with Batman).

Bronze Campaign
Get 36 medals in the original Arkham City campaigns (with Batman).

Silver Campaign
Get 72 medals in the original Arkham City campaigns (with Batman).

Golden Campaign
Get all 108 medals in the original Arkham City campaigns (with Batman).

Perfect non-stop wrestler 2.0
Complete a fight challenge without suffering damage (any character).
Easy, just a little practice.

Miscellaneous and gadgets and fight related objectives

Gotham Jumper
Jump from the tallest building in Arkham City and glide for at least one minute without touching the ground.
You just need to jump from the Wonder Tower and try continuously to get out of the game map i.e. glide towards the walls of Arkham City, Batman will make a turn and you will have to continue to get him out, with this trick you can glide for as long as it takes to get the trophy.

Pay your respects
One minute of silence.
It is simply a matter of paying a minute of respect to the dead Wayne... go to the alley shown in the picture and after listening to the tape on the ground, go to the rose and pay a minute of respect.

On the fly
Find someone to play "Get the Batarang Remote Control on the fly" with.
You'll have to launch the remote-controlled Batarang against Azrael, the character you'll meet in the sub-missions of the "mysterious observer".

Combo 50x
Perform a combo of 50 moves (any game mode and character).
Very easy to achieve, you can do it in various stages of the game, especially if you quickly beat an opponent first by stunning him with circle/B and then starting the continuous beating.

Non-stop perfect 2.0
Perform a perfect combo with all Batman combat moves (any mode).
To achieve this goal you will need to perform, in a single combo, ALL the attacks that Batman can do:


The following moves can only be performed after reaching an X8 or X5 combo indicator if you have unlocked the upgrade.


A+B Requires at least one enemy on the ground to execute it.
X+Y Can be made against enemies who have a weapon.
LT Pressed quickly


RT+Y Used to finish an enemy when he is on the ground.
B+X and then X held down.

Gadget attack
Use 5 different quick throw gadgets in a fight (any mode).

During a fight, you will have to use all available gadgets:
- Batarang
- Bat Gel
- Rampino
- Download Electric
- Freezing

To get the trophy you'll have to make sure the gadget attacks are successful.

Fully loaded
Collect all the Batman gadgets and upgrades.

Double night
Complete the New Match +.

Perfect Knight - Day 2
Complete all challenges in Arkham City: Story, side quests, upgrades, items, New Game +, Revenge of the Riddler (with Batman).
You'll need to bring your game percentage up to 100%.

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