Banana Kong Tricks: How to Win Easy, Sprints, Rocket,..

Banana Kong is a free game distributed for Android and iOS that's being spopooled between mobile devices. Just think, for example, that on Google Play Store alone, has totaled over 50 million downloads and the count is constantly growing.

In Banana Kong, the player takes on the role of a young Donkey Kong in an obstacle course where the goal is to collect as many bananas as possible while surviving as long as possible. Here, then, are some tricks to win easy in Banana Kong and beat all your friends.

  • Sprints: use sprints only in cases of extreme necessity. Sprints will not only make you run faster, they will also help you to break down the doors of secret levels and destroy obstacles in your path. The thrifty use of sprints, therefore, will be very useful also because, in order to be used, it must first be loaded by picking bananas.
  • Animals and rocket: at certain points of the level, you may come across some animals such as boars, pelicans and even a rocket. Get on top and run as fast as you can: these animals and the rocket, in fact, will allow you to travel a long way without hindrance.
  • Bonus levels: on the way you will encounter doors that you can only knock down thanks to the srint. By breaking them you can play some bonus levels that will allow you to collect a large number of extra bananas. It is important to play all possible bonus levels.
  • Spirit of Adaptation: Each level is purely random and self-generated. The spirit of adaptation, therefore, will be an essential part of the game: no pre-determined scheme; each game is its own.

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