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Guide and Tricks Auto Chess | How to play Auto Chess on mobile? The guys at Drodo Studio - the creators of the popular Dota 2 mode - have reached an agreement with Chinese publisher Dragonest to bring the game to your mobile. The turning point? It's no longer connected to the Dota universe, but it's pretty much the same game.

This means that Auto Chess mobile does not present any of the heroes or themes of Dota, but retains all the mechanisms that players have learned to know and love. In addition, Drodo Studio has collaborated with ImbaTV, responsible for some of Dota's biggest events, to launch the game into the export circuit.

Auto Chess is a game that needs a lot of practice, so we decided to offer you a general guide suitable for everyone How to play it

How to download Auto Chess | To download Auto Chess to your mobile phone, go to -> Google Play | App Store.

Auto Chess - General guide for beginners

Auto Chess Mobile is incredibly similar to Dota Auto Chess , so if you are already familiar with Dota mode, some tips will seem familiar. Otherwise, read on below, we'll show you all the basics.

How to play Auto Chess

Auto Chess Mobile puts you up against seven other players in several rounds. The ultimate goal is to build a strong team, win rounds and remain the last player standing.
The first three rounds (and the subsequent specific rounds of each game) will take place against Creeps (the base units) and bosses. They will drop items that will allow you to accumulate resources and gold that will strengthen your team.
When you start a game for the first time, you purchase a chess piece that you place on the board. At the beginning of each round a selection of randomised pieces can be purchased from the shop using Gold.
Once the fight starts at the beginning of a round, your active pieces will fight automatically. If you play against AI-led opponents, they will drop items. Pick them up by touching them and they will enter your bag. Click on these items to learn more and drag them to the characters you wish to give them to. If you're fighting other players, no items will fall. If you win a round, you inflict damage to an opponent's health based on the number of pieces left on the board. Conversely, you will lose health if all of your pieces are destroyed.
At the end of each round you will get EXP and money depending on how well you played.
EXPs increase the level of your avatar. Your avatar's level determines how many pieces you can place on the board. You can also spend gold to level your avatar and gain an advantage over your enemies.

Guide to using chess pieces

Chess pieces have a passive or an active skill. An active ability is cast when a piece's mana bar is full. You earn mana when you attack an enemy. Some pieces have inherently fast mana regeneration, while others don't. Some items can increase mana regeneration and the number of active abilities cast per turn.

Chess pieces can be combined and updated. If you have three units of the same piece, you will be asked to combine them into an even more powerful version. To create a two-star unit, you will need three pieces from one star. To create a three-star unit (higher level), you'll need three two-star units.

Each chess piece belongs to a certain specialization (tank, killer, etc.). Put several pieces of the same type on the table and you will give a special bonus per unit. You can tap the icons at the top right of the screen to see which buff are active at any time during the game, or how many units of a particular specialty you need to fulfill the next requirement.

The level of your avatar determines how many chess pieces you can place on the board. Don't overlook this aspect of the game as there is a serious advantage with an additional chess piece on the board. Placing your pieces is also the key to success. Each piece is placed according to type: remote, tank, killer. Try to avoid throwing them on the board at random and consider who needs protection, who might be able to flank a weaker piece, who needs to be in the back and so on.

Auto Chess - Better initial strategies

It's worth pointing out first of all that a guide like this can never be considered definitive. All kinds of strategies, classes, combinations and the like can succeed if you play well.

It is important to be able to adapt to the chess pieces you have available, so it is important to be flexible in choosing your strategy on the fly.


Warriors are good to play first as the sources of damage are mostly physical. They are also tanks, inflict decent damage and can be combined cheaply.

Start with an Orc warrior and it won't cost you much to get to a two-star unit. Just hit three basic Orc warriors and you'll have a tank that will demolish your enemies in the early stages.

Axe, Tusk and Juggernaut are all cheap and decent choices that you can combine very soon.

Just don't forget to diversify the composition as the rounds continue. You'll need some magic damage, or maybe even some pieces to help you heal yourself to complete your hand-to-hand build.

Goblins / Mech

Goblins and mechs are quite common in Auto Chess and don't cost much. That means you can combine them for a pretty powerful unit right from the start.

Combine Clockwerks, Tinkers and Timbersaws to do astounding damage in the beginning. Make sure you have a myriad of Goblins and Mechs for the race bonus.

However, it's important not to get too carried away with the urge to just Goblin/Mech. Although they are strong at the beginning of the game, they fall hard in the later stages. It is worth accumulating and finally combining other units in the background.


Enchantress, Furion, and Treant Protector are excellent choices for the initial game, not to mention they have a lot of stamina for later stages. Throw a lot of Druids on the board and you'll accelerate the speed with which you can combine them.

Place four druids on the board and you can combine two units from one star to create two stars or two stars into a three star unit.

Although your tanks and healers have great stamina, your composition will need an extra boost. Think wizards, assassins and warriors in the most advanced stages of the game.

Auto Chess - All Tricks

  • First of all, always be flexible when it comes to a game. Don't focus too much on one strategy because you never know which hand you will be dealt.
  • It's nice to have a variety of classes and pieces on the board, but make sure you always have a general strategy in mind about betting in case of difficulties. As each match develops, start accumulating some pieces so you have a high probability of combining them at the start.
  • We recommend accumulating pieces from two or three classes so you can start building a solid party instead of having a single piece for each class.
  • Team composition is very important, so try to avoid just buying tanks or ranged shooters. Try to have a couple of tanks, some healers, some ranged shooters and maybe even some killers. This way you'll have a variety of sources of damage and force the enemy to handle more threats.
  • If you have a huge amount of gold, consider spending some on EXP points to speed up the level up process. The higher your level, the more pieces you can deploy and the greater your chance of encountering powerful units. Try to gain an advantage of at least one level over your opponents right away, so you have a better chance of winning and increasing your damage and speed during the game.
  • Don't be tempted to accumulate hordes of expensive parts. In the first matches, however, it's best to stock up on cheap parts, as you'll increase your chances of updating them quickly. When it comes to expensive pieces, pick one or two and buy only those every time they pop up. This way you won't burn your resources, but you'll still have the chance to get a very powerful unit.

How to earn Gold

Round - At the start of each round, all players are given an extra five gold units to spend on their initial strategy.
Interests - As tempting as it may seem to burn all your gold reserves on extra experience points, you'll get a certain amount of interest, during rounds, while conserving your resources. Each round you get one extra gold unit for every 10 units you have in your reserves. Keep in mind, however, that you can only earn a maximum of five gold pieces per round this way.
Wins - For each non-NPC opponent you have beaten in a given round, you will receive a single gold unit.
Series wins / losses - You will receive bonus gold to achieve a certain series of victories - or even a series of defeats to help less skilled players not to be left without. This way you can earn a maximum of three gold coins per round.
Refunds - If a chosen chess piece is not working for your strategy, you can have it refunded for the same amount of gold it initially cost you.

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