Asssassin's Creed 3 - Hunting Guide, Tips and Tricks

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"Animals killed while hunting can be skinned to obtain resources to sell or use for processing new objects.

With a little practice it will become a very lucrative distraction. Although the slayer on the estate will allow you to buy animal products directly, some animals can only be killed and skinned by Connor".

Here are some tips to get the most out of your hunting activity:

- To increase the percentage of animals in an area, you will need to search for clues with the Eagle's Eye. After you examine them, the animals will appear in greater numbers and the creatures indicated when you examine the clue will be highlighted on the mini-map with the "Use Bait" icon next to the clues to attract more animals.

- Generally, the animals will not be able to see you as long as you remain hidden in the staking out areas, hiding places or out of their field of vision on the higher branches. Some animals have a blind spot directly behind them. As a general rule, however, most creatures will spot you as soon as you move out into the open.

- From a single animal you can get more than one resource, but the method used to kill it determines the quality of the skin. Perfect skins are by far the most valuable items that can be obtained while hunting, while skins that are damaged during hunting - especially when using firearms - have a much lower value.

The cleanest killings are the murders carried out with the concealed blade. Aggressive animals killed with the concealed blade during the mini-game always provide perfect skins. Other recommended killing methods are those using poison darts, bow and traps.

- In the hunting areas you will find some areas where a species is predominant and abundant. By completing the secondary missions of the Hunters' Society you will discover all these unique areas.

The animals in the game world Assassin’s Creed 3 can be divided into two categories: aggressive and passive.

- Aggressive animals - mainly bears, wolves, lynxes and pumas - will attack you on sight and are represented as enemies in the mini-map. To kill them, it is preferable to use throwing weapons from a distance or take them by surprise with an assassination, better if from above.

Another possibility is to let them attack you and successfully complete the mini-game with time controls. The most dangerous animals may require more time and more complicated command combinations to be defeated, with devastating consequences in case of failure. The male moose for example can also try to charge and frame you if it is frightened or attacked. Unlike natural predators, however, moose will usually leave you alone if you keep an adequate distance.

- Passive animals - like hares and beavers - will run away as soon as they notice your presence. To kill them, it is preferable to use a ranged throw weapon, a white weapon from close range, or set traps. To lure the animals to a specific location, simply place the bait near the lookout areas or hiding places, then wait for them to approach and strike.


Black Creek

Lynx, Elk, Hare and Beaver

Kanien: Ken

Fox, Deer, Hare and Cougar

Valley Forge

Elk, Hare, Raccoon and Beaver


Raccoon, Hare, Beaver and Deer


Hare, raccoon, elk, fox...

Davenport Estate

Elk, Deer, Fox, Beaver, Raccoon, Wolf and Hare

Diamond Basin

Deer, Wolf, Cougar and Beaver

Great Piece Hills

Lynx, Hare, Wolf and Elk


Bear, Lynx, Hare and Beaver

Scotch Plains

Raccoon, Deer, Hare and Puma

Troy's Wood

Wolf, Hare, Deer and Elk


Hare, Raccoon, Deer and Fox

Vulnerable to: Bait, traps
Fox skin (£100), fox tail (£20), ruined fox skin (£12)
Vulnerable to: Bait, assassinations in flight
Bear skin (£240), bear fat (£20), bear claws (£10), ruined bear skin (£40)
Vulnerable to: Bait, poison darts
Cougar tusks (£10), cougar skin (£90), ruined cougar skin (£4)
Vulnerable to: Bait, bow(from lurking)
Wolf tusks (£10), wolf skin (£100), ruined wolf skin (£10)
Vulnerable to: Bait, poison darts, traps...
Lynx claws (£10), lynx skin (£70), ruined lynx skin (£4)
Vulnerable to: Bait, traps, blind spot behind.
Hare skin (£30), hare leg (£4), ruined hare skin (£2)
Vulnerable to: Bait, traps. Also they are very slow
Beaver skin (£160), beaver teeth (£10), castoreum (£30), ruined beaver skin (£12)
Vulnerable to: Bait, traps, blind spot behind.
Raccoon skin (£60), ruined raccoon skin (£2)
Vulnerable to: Bait, blind spot behind
Deer Heart(£10), Deer Marrow (£4), Deer Meat (£40), Deer Tail (£6), Deer Skin (£120), Ruined Deer Skin (£12)
Vulnerable to: Bait, blind spot behind, assassinations in flight.
Elk skin (£140), elk horns (£20), elk heart (£10), elk meat (£60), ruined elk skin (£16)

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