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If you're already trying to get all the trophies in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, you've probably noticed that "The Sect Revealed" is definitely one of the hardest achievements to unlock. The trophy in question will ask us to eliminate the Sect of Cosmos, which is the enemy faction present in the game (a Templar equivalent, so to speak), and can count 42 followers. You will unlock the "Cult Members" item during Sequence 3, when the main plot of the game has already had you defeat two of them. However, we recommend that you postpone getting this trophy until the conclusion of the main quest. The reason is soon told: many members of the Cult will not be immediately attainable, as they will be unlocked as a result of your progress in the story or, instead, the completion of certain side quests. For this very reason, complete all nine sequences in the game first, and then set about killing the remaining cult members.

In this guide, we'll tell you where and how to find the 42 Adepts of the Cult of Cosmos, the killing of which is essential to obtain the "The Cult Revealed" trophy.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - how to find all cultists

Normally, you would be forced to kill a Cultist to get a clue where to find the next one. As mentioned above, during Sequence 3 you'll have a convenient menu where you can look up all the available clues on the various followers of the Cosmos Sect. In some cases, for example, the hint may ask you to "Help the people of Delos": this means that the Cultist in question can only be unlocked by completing a side quest. In other cases, however, you will have to face a Battle of Conquest to unlock them and make them available, or you will be asked to collect clues in caves, beaches or shipwrecks. Finding these "aids" will cause a marker to appear on the game map, which will clarify the location of the Cultist you're looking for.

However, by consulting our guide, you can also dispense with collecting the clues in question by going directly to the place where you can confront the adept you're looking for. With our guide, in simple terms, you can also dispense with collecting the clues. The only exception to this are the Cultists who unlock themselves after the completion of side quests. After defeating several of them, the Inner Circle Cultists will make their appearance, and after defeating 41 followers of the Cosmos Sect, you will also have to face their leader.

In the list below, we'll divide the cultists according to the branch of the "map" they're on, making it easier to recognize them.

Eye of the Cosmos Cultists (Upper Left Branch)

  • You'll meet him during the game's story, he'll be virtually impossible to miss;
  • You'll find him in the Megaris Fortress. More precisely, you'll find him walking in the harbor area, on the right side of the fortress. In case you have difficulties, use your eagle to locate it;
  • The Master: this Cultist will be unlocked during the side mission "A Life's Worth" (in the Attica region, you will have to complete all the side missions assigned to you by Socrates, until you see the Cultist in question appear). Once you have done the above, you will find him in the south of the Attica region, between the fast travel point called "Sounion Tower" and the Silver Mountain. Use the eagle to find him immediately, in case you have difficulties;
  • Hermippos: To find this Cultist, you will need to undertake side quests called "Freedom of Speech" in the Attica region. Complete all of them until you see the marker that will show you the location of the adept. You will kill him during the quest, so don't worry so much;
  • Midas: You will find him in the Argolid region. You'll unlock him as soon as you get the "Cultists" item in the game menu, which will tell you how and where to find him;
  • Nyx the Shadow: You'll find her in the southeast area of the city of Attica. Use your eagle to locate her more easily.

Cultists of the Silver Veins (Branch in the center left)

  • Epiktetos the Next: you will automatically encounter him in the main storyline, it will be impossible to miss him;
  • The Chimera: you'll find it on the island of Andros, in the place called "Beach Encampment", on the southern border of the island. In any case, you should be able to track him down as soon as you've unlocked the full list of all Cosmos Sect Cultists;
  • The Centaur of Evia: You will find him on the island of Evia. In any case, you should be able to locate him as soon as you have unlocked the complete list of all Cosmos Sect Cultists;
  • The SilverGriffin: You will meet him on the small island of Prasonisia, which is located southwest of Mykonos. The enemy in question will walk through the ruins in the area: use your eagle to locate him more easily;
  • Machaon the Feared: This is without a doubt one of the most difficult Cultists to track down in all of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, because the trail is definitely well hidden. The Cultist will be located in the region of Achaia (a sub-district of "Mount Panachaikos"). You'll find him by walking around the harbor, where you'll see the dock icon displayed on the map. However, while walking, it can be difficult to find him, as sometimes he will be indoors and sometimes he will even climb on a scaffold. Once you spot him, you can start a fight to try and get his attention. Or, you can try to get the clue, which is hidden in a corpse lying on a rock in an underwater area of Achaea, called Scavenger Coast. In the indicated area, there will be many shipwrecks with a corpse on one of the outer rocks. Analyze it and you will find the clue;
  • Poleman the Wise: You'll find him in the Achaea area, in the courtyard of the main temple, in the fortress called "Theicho of Heracles".

Cultists of the League of Delos (Rama bottom left)

  • Podarkes the Cruel: To unlock this Cultist, you will first need to complete the side quest called "Trouble in Paradise" on the island of Mykonos (not far from Delos). Once this is done, you will unlock a side mission immediately after: "Hades, meet Podarkes". You will have to kill Podarkes during this mission. You will have no difficulty identifying the adept: he will be the leader of the nation marked with a purple icon, as well as the main target of this quest. The cult will not be available outside of this quest! If you can't find the initial quest "Trouble in Paradise", it means that you may have already started it; in this regard, check the active quests in the game menu;
  • Rhexenor the Hand: you will automatically kill him during Sequence 8, and more precisely during the main quest entitled "Funny Story";
  • Iobates the Stoic: you will find the Cultist on the island of Lemno, in a place called "Deconsecrated Sanctuary";
  • Kodros the Bull: will kill the adept in question during the side mission "Chip on Your Shoulder", obtainable on the island of Lesbos;
  • Kleon the CommonMan: will automatically kill him at the end of sequence 8, it will be practically impossible to miss him;

Cultists of the Heroes of the Cult (Upper Right Branch)

  • Pallas the Silencer: the only time you will see this Cultist appear will be during the battle of conquest in the Achaea region, where you will have to fight for the Athenian faction (the one with the blue flag). The Athenian army will have to lead the invasion, so Sparta will have to take control of the region we're talking about. Pallas will appear in the middle of the battle of conquest, and you will have to kill him;
  • Deianeira: You will automatically encounter her during the main story of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, during Sequence 7, during the main mission titled "The Fall of Deianeira";
  • Belos the Beast of Sparta: The Cultist in question will be the second champion you will face in the Pephka Arena. He is a level 29 enemy, so only face him if you have reached a similar level and are well equipped. Talk to the Arena owner and accept the fight against Belos;
  • Swordfish: During the side quest "Myths and Minotaurs" in the Messara region, you will encounter this Cultist inside an underwater cave, and you will automatically have to fight him;
  • Okytos the Great: You will find this Cultist in the southernmost part of the Attica region, in a place under the control of your enemies, the Temple of Poseidon. You should have unlocked this adept by the time the full list of Cultists appears;
  • The Legend of Exekias: You will find yourself in the enemy fortress called "Fortress of Olouros", located in the region of Achaea. The Cultist will be in the center of the fortress, but be careful: you will only be able to kill him after you have eliminated all the other Cultists belonging to his sect;

Cultist Worshippers of the Bloodline (right central branch)

  • Melita: you will find him in the Messara region, more precisely on the large island located at the bottom right of the map;
  • Harpalos: you'll find it on the island of Keos;
  • Zoisme: you'll find it in the Wild Bear Cave, located in the Malis region, a subdistrict of Xerxes Bay. Don't worry, the cave in question will be marked with a marker, so it will be impossible not to notice;
  • Diona: to find this Cultist you will have to complete the side quest called "I, Diona", which will be assigned to you in the island region of Cythera, where you will have to complete all the quests assigned by Diona. At the end of the quest, the woman in question will be the final boss, whom you will obviously have to kill;
  • Chrysis: To unlock this Cultist, you will have to complete the side quest called "Death Comes to Us All", which will be assigned to you in the Argolis region;
  • Iokaste the Seer: will be located inside the Fortress called "Ruins of Anvatos", located in the north of the island of Chios, in the Hunted Forest sub-region of Artemis. You will find the Cultist right at the top of the fortress, sitting next to a lion. He looks like a normal enemy, since he doesn't have a golden crown, but be careful: this enemy has really a lot of health points, and killing him won't be an immediate feat at all. You can kill this adept even if you haven't killed the other cultists of his sect;

Cultists of the Aegean Gods (bottom right corner).

  • The Mytilenian Shark: The Cultist will be on a ship patrolling the territory between the island of Samos and the island of Kos (you are most likely to encounter him near the island of Samos). The clue to this adept is hard to find, as it is located in an underwater location north of Thera. You'll have to dive to retrieve it from an underwater chest (remember that you can use the eagle to highlight the location of the box, even if it's placed underwater). What is now described is completely optional and is not necessary to find the Cultist we're talking about, it simply makes it easier to locate. The ship he is on will be recognizable thanks to its purple sails and a golden crown icon like the other cultists. His ship is called The Mytilenian Shark, like him;
  • Melanthos: you'll find him aboard a ship patrolling the land west of the island of Messara (the large island at the bottom right of the map). The ships will move around a bit, but they will always be in the same area. The ship is called "Melanthos" (as well as the cultist) and is marked with a golden crown icon, so it's easy to distinguish it from other ships;
  • The Octopus: You will be aboard a pirate ship that will patrol the territory between the larger island in the bottom right corner of the map (Messara) and the island to the north of it (Thera). Normally the ship will sail together with two or three other pirate ships, recognizable by the fact that they all fly the black flag. The ship is also called "The Octopus", and will be distinguished by a golden crown icon;
  • Sokos: you will only meet the Cultist in question during the battle of conquest on the island of Melos (located in the Obsidian Islands archipelago). Bring down the nation's power by burning war supplies, killing soldiers and looting the nation's treasury on Melos. It doesn't matter if you side with Athens or Sparta for this conquest. Sokos will be spawned on a ship during the conquest of the sea. His ship is also called "Sokos", has brown sails and a golden crown icon. Be careful that his ship has the ability to restore his health, even when you are one step away from destroying it. Precisely according to what is written now, the advice we have to give you is to save the fire arrows for the last moments of the fight, and fire them when you have taken at least half of your ship's health, and then fire them quickly, to quickly destroy the ship in five seconds. Otherwise, the collision could take a long time;
  • Asterion: you will find him aboard a ship between Skyros and Andros. The cultist in question will be unlocked by default when you get the full list of Cultists, and you can track him directly from there. The ship will move around a bit, but you'll always find it in the same area. The ship in question is also called "Asterion" and has a golden crown icon;
  • The Hydra: It is located on a large ship with red sails, in the waters in the lower left corner of the game map. The ship is also called "The Hydra" and will be marked with a golden crown icon. You will find the ship in question always in the same area, but be aware that in any case, the ship will move frequently. There are usually other ships near it. Remember that you can only reveal and track "The Hydra" after you have killed the other 5 Cultists belonging to the Aegean Gods branch;

Peloponnesian League Cultists (lower group)

  • Skylax the Fair: found on the island of Evia, on the west coast of the island. He sits next to a blue tent. You can use your eagle to find her faster. You can unlock her location on the map by looting the fort nation's treasure in the Lokis region. However, this is a completely optional action, as the Cultist will appear anyway;
  • You'll automatically encounterhim during the Assassin's Creed: Odyssey storyline, more precisely at the end of Sequence 5. It will be virtually impossible to miss him;
  • Lagos the Archon: you will automatically unlock him during the main mission titled "To Kill or Not to Kill", during Sequence 7;
  • Kallias: this cult will be part of the Olympian Games quest line, which you will find in Sequence 7, in the sub-quest "The Long Game". You will automatically get the Olympic quest during Sequence 7, within the sub-quest "The Long Game". You must play all the test quests that are given to you to unlock it;
  • Silanos of Paros: You will automatically meet him during the main storyline of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, more precisely in Sequence 7. It will be virtually impossible to miss him;
  • Pausanias: You'll automatically meet him during the game's main quest, and you'll practically be forced to kill him in Sequence 7, during the mission titled "A Bloody Feast";

The leaders of the cults

  • Deimos: You'll find him near the end of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey in Sequence 9;
  • Cultist Leader (Ghost of Kosmos): The Cultist Leader, located in the center of the followers' map, is none other than Aspasia, whom you have met several times during the game's plot. After killing the other 41 cultists (not just her inner circle), you will be able to track her down and carry out the quest linked to her. The quest will take you to the temple of Apollo in the region of Phocis, where you met the Oracle of Delphi. Once there, you will be able to open the temple door and descend into the crypt where the Cult gathered in Sequence 3. There, the final battle between you and the Sect of Cosmos will take place;

Order of the Ancients (DLC "Legacy of the First Blade")

  • Phratagoune the Keeper: This is the first clue you will find in the DLC "Legacy of the First Blade". You'll get it in Darius' Rock Arch hideout, more precisely on a table next to a hallway. As for the cult, you'll find Fratagoune in the north of Macedonia, in the bear's den, where you'll find three bears defending the territory. Our advice is to kill the animals in question using the bow, to keep a proper distance. If you get too close, you will be attacked by all three quadrupeds at the same time, which will complicate the task;
  • The clue that will reveal the existence of this new cult will be in the bear's den, right where you killed Phratagoune. You will find Konon the Fighter in the area of the Sacrifice of the Nine of Xerxe, northeast of Amphipolis, and east of where you defeated the previous adept. Again, your opponent will have an ally, as well as several animals that will protect him with their own lives. Eliminate all other enemies before focusing on Konon;
  • Echion the Watcher: To find this member of the Order of the Ancients, you must first complete the Dead Man Rises side mission. At this point, you will find a message on a wagon east of Rock Arch, telling you to pick up five bearskins and bring them to the Blacksmith's Apprentice in Amphipolis. In any case, once you reach the Apprentice to deliver the skins, you will have to choose the dialogue option "And we are the Order". This will activate the cult in question, which will be located north of Amphipolis, protected by some hidden fighters disguised as farmers;
  • Akantha the Deceiver: To locate Akantha, you will need to steal the clue from the room next to the Nation Box in Olinto Fortress, southwest of Amphipolis. Once you've done this, you'll find the cult in the Amphipolis Leader's House. If you decide to engage her face-to-face in battle, she will flee, throwing several enemies at you. For this very reason, be prepared to chase her down or, alternatively, kill her silently;
  • Timosa the Physician: You can eliminate Timosa during the main quest called "Mysterious Illness";
  • Bubares the Conspirator: You will face Bubares in the main mission "Reveal the Recruiter".
  • Pactyas The Huntsman: This cult is the easiest to track down: all you have to do is complete the DLC main story missions and, at the end, you'll face him. First, you'll have to kill the wolf, their animal ally. Immediately after that, you will attack Pactyas, who at certain moments, might literally turn invisible. Precisely for this reason, we advise you to confront him with a combat weapon which, if it hits him, will deprive him of his invisibility;

Order of the Storm (DLC "Legacy of the First Blade")

  • Nestor the Formidable: In Olouros Fortress, south of the Scavenger Coast, read the note on the desk in the same room as the nation's cashier. By doing so, you will discover the identity of this cultist. At this point, all you have to do is return to your ship and sail south of Cephalonia: there you will find Nestor, aboard his ship, whom you must destroy;
  • Augos the All-Seeing : As soon as you defeat Nestor, you will automatically be in the path of Augos, which you can find right next to the statue of Poseidon on the Scavenger Coast. Our advice is to attack the cultist with bow and arrows;
  • Sophos the Runner: To take out this member of the Storm Order, you'll first need to get your hands on the clue, which you'll find on a corpse on the deck of one of the shipwrecks in Shipwreck Cove (the one you'll find wedged between two rocks). It's near the three underwater valuables, which you can pick up during the main quest "Safe Passage". At this point, you will find Sophos in the Patrai Shipwreck. Again, the enemy will be protected by some guards, who will attack you as soon as you strike the first blow;
  • Megakreon the Unbreakable: You will face this cultist during the main mission titled "Tactics and Espionage";
  • Phila The Tempest: You will encounter this enemy during one of the main missions of this Assassin's Creed: Odyssey DLC, called "The Jaws of Leviathan";

Order of Dominion (Legacy of the First Blade DLC)

  • Immortals: You will face this cultist pair during the main mission of the DLC titled "A Flight in Fire";
  • Dimokrates the Destroyer: Once again, you will face your enemy during a main quest titled "Command the Kosmos";
  • Gergis the Herald: In this case, there will be several times when you will have the opportunity to meet Gergis during the main plot of the DLC. At the beginning, in fact, you'll decide whether to kill him or let him live. If you opt for the path of mercy, you will later face the cultist, at the end of the "Smoke and Fury" mission. In either case, choose freely because, for plot purposes, there will be no change;
  • Amorges, the Fang of Persia: The same applies to Amorges as to Dimokrates: you will meet him in the main plot. If you're looking for a strategy to easily eliminate your opponent, we have a tip for you: walk away and hit him with the flaming arrows;
  • Gaspar the Gatekeeper: Gaspar is probably the most difficult member of the Order of the Ancients to track down, a bit like the clue to the Cultist of the Cult of Kosmos that you found, in the main game, in the rocks of Smuggler's Cove. To find the clue that will lead you to the enemy in question, go to the eastern edge of the swamp in Hades Bay, Messinia. You will find the clue in question on a corpse lying on the shore. At this point, you will find Gaspar in the area of the Great Trench Mines in Messenia; more precisely in the "Terror Gorge".
  • Pithias the Architect: To find the clue that will lead you to Pithias, head to the Pedasos Camp, located southwest of Messinia's main city, Aipeia. Once there, interact with the scroll near the large leopard skin.
  • Artazostre the Silent: To find this member of the order, head to Keadas Cave, which is located northeast of Messinia's main city, Aipeia. Once there, you will find a well, with a ladder leading to some corpses. Here you will find an ancient track, which will lead you directly from Artazostre, which will be facing southeast of the cave.
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