Assassin's Creed Unity - Trophies and Achievements Guide

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Here is the complete list of Assassin's Creed Unity ... After the release of the game this list will be updated with all the information needed to get the Platinum trophy and the 1000G making it a complete guide to Arno's adventure!

Assassin's Creed Achievements / Trophy Guide

A long time ago
Complete the Prologue.

Youth in Versailles
Complete Sequence 1.

Complete Sequence 2.

The first blood
Complete Sequence 3.

No Man's Land
Complete all the fracture missions. Continue through the main story to unlock them all.

Need more data
Obtain additional data in 3 different Helix Fractures. In the Helix Fractures you will have to collect data around the location, such as rosettes. Once you reach 500 data you can unlock the frozen assassin that will appear on the map, before leaving the area, you can use the remaining time to collect more data, collect the amount needed to get the bonus data. Repeat the process 3 different fractures of the propeller.

Free 10 trapped assassins. See previous achievement/trophy. You can also tackle the same fracture 10 times.

A blade in the crowd
Assassinate 100 enemies. Unlike the old AC chapters, here we can't use the Hidden Blade at any time, but only when we're hidden. In fact, the game is split between killing, fighting in the sunlight, and Assassinations, killing with a Hidden Blade. To achieve this objective you'll need to complete 100 kills made with the hidden blade, so take advantage of shelters, hideouts, camouflage yourself in the crowd and complete the occasional distress call by leading criminals behind you to assassinate them.

Social network
Restore your first club. After unlocking the Café Theatre, continuing in the main storyline will unlock other clubs on the map. Restore any of them to get the trophy/objective in question.

It fell from the sky
Execute 10 in-flight kills. All you have to do is assassinate your enemies by swooping down from a building or high place to the victim.

From the past
Unlock the Medieval armor in the Café Théâtre.

The Baguette Gang

Complete a Coop mission.

Complete all training missions. Inside the Café Théâtre, train in the gym by completing the tutorial for all skills.

Velvet Hand
Strength 20 Chests.

Complete all Coop and Robbery missions at least once.

Duty and pleasure
Earn ÂŁ50,000. Follow this procedure: Easy Money Tricks in the AC unit.

And stay down!
Execute a kill on the ground. You will need to buy the skill after passing sequence 9. Then all you have to do is throw an enemy on the ground, long guns are great for this, and stab them on the ground.

Synchronize all viewpoints.

Complete 10 crowd events. Random events will appear from time to time on the map. Completing 10 will unlock the trophy and a basic piece of your clothing to equip, 20 events will get you 10,000 Livres and 30 events instead... hehehe, figure it out!

Justice is done
Solve a murder mystery.

The sieve of Versailles
Complete Versailles 100%. Just travel to Versailles with the carriage in front of the Café Thèatre and collect all the coffins and rosettes, here is the location of each collectible.

Accurate forecast
Complete a Nostradamus Enigma.

Tri Manufatti, Scrigni and Coccarde

I don't need it.
Drop 20 bags of coins on the street - you'll need to unlock the related skill and then throw the money at people on the street!

Patron of the arts
Watch a play in the Café Theatre. Once the Café Theatre has been fully restored, you will have to complete the quests related to the theatre mask icon inside the Café. Once you have completed the quests, in the entrance Café you can watch the shows on stage by simply standing in front of the stage and pressing forward.

You get all the rewards in a Coop mission. Usually 3 per mission, just repeat the mission 3 times.

Accomplish all club missions in a neighborhood. First you will have to restore a club and then complete the 3 missions which will unlock and increase your income.

Room with view
Enjoy the view of Paris from Arno's balcony. Just go out on the large upper balcony of the Café Teatro and press against the balcony parapet.

Get in there!
Kill 20 enemies with a long gun. You must first unlock the relevant skill after passing sequence 5.

Get out of here!
Kill 20 enemies with a heavy weapon. You must first unlock the relevant skill after passing sequence 5.

Kill an enemy with the counterweight of a forklift. Take an enemy to the base of the forklift, usually the ones around major monuments defending a private area are more likely to chase you. Once under the forklift, use the smoke bomb to block the enemy, and quickly fire the forklift to eliminate them.

Apparent death
Revive a comrade in co-op mode.

Soft heart
Stun 10 enemies without killing them in a Coop mission.

Execute 10 synchronized kills. You only have to eliminate one enemy while another me, bro your theme is to eliminate another, it's not even important that you're nearby, sometimes you'll be back there without even knowing it.

Din don!
Sabotage 5 alarm bells. The game is full of bells, it will be hard not to unlock it.

Why close them?
Force 5 doors. Buy the relevant skill, then you will find a multitude of doors in the game.

The Court of Miracles
Complete sequence 4.

The roots of evil
Complete sequence 5.

Secret meeting
Complete sequence 6.

Mystery solved
Complete sequence 7.

Bloody track
Complete sequence 8.

Towards destitution
Complete sequence 9.

Love and duty
Complete sequence 10.

On the ground, but alive
Complete Sequence 11.

I want everything.
Complete all challenges in the single player missions.

Social life
Restore all clubs and complete all club missions.

Open all chests in the game.

Complete all renovations in the Café Theater.

Unlock all skills.

Complete Sequence 12.

Master assassin
Get all trophies. Playstation only.

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