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Assassin鈥檚 Creed Origins : Guide to the Phylakes - Bayek's long journey in search of the truth will lead him to find answers he would have preferred not to have, especially if these answers are the Phylakes, fearful bounty hunters ready to skin our killer!

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Once you pass the main mission GENNADIO THE COMMANDANT, red skulls with horns will appear on the map. These are the Phylakes, an elite choice of bounty hunters to kill you on sight. The Phylakes populate almost every region of Egypt and when they enter their field of action they will ferociously chase you until they kill you. The level required to bring down these behemoths is from 20 onwards. Below is a detailed guide to eliminate them all and discover the rich rewards that await you!

WARNING: By eliminating the first Phylakes, in addition to unlocking the trophy/objective Challenge the authority you will also unlock the secondary mission THE PREDA OF PHYLAKES, with a suggested level of 40 and where you will be required to eliminate all Phylakes. Eliminating the second Phylakes will give you a new mission object for your inventory called the KEY OF THE STOPS, which you'll need once you've killed all dangerous bounty hunters.


LEVEL: 20.
WHERE: On the left border between Alexandria and Lake Mareotide.
STRATEGY: Take it at night and prepare to battle with a fairly powerful shield, best if you can inflict altered status by blocking attacks. You'll also need a fast but powerful sword and a good bow. If you want you can also tame a predator animal nearby and let it accompany you in battle. The Outsider is a very aggressive but slow Roman. You can parry almost any blow except the Ultra ability which, if it catches you, is able to take away a good part of your life energy. Sneak up on him and if you can, start the fight with a sneak attack. If you think you can't do it, get in the nearest bush and bombard him with arrows in the head. Dodge and attack, if you have enhanced the attack caicato, try to attack with that every now and then to break his shield and throw down the enemy. If the Outsider hits you roll away and keep hitting him with arrows while you wait for your energy to recover a bit (if you have unlocked the ability). Whenever you can hurl yourself at him with the Ultra Ability, it's best to upgrade it. You can already defeat him at level 19, but if you reach 21-22 your fight will go smoothly.
RECOMMENDED: Golden Wolf - Excellent Normal Sword - Quality 51 - Damage 202/s with 2 out of 4 increased damage from critical hit a 4 out of 4 probability from critical hit and the ability to get health from each kill.


LEVEL: 22.
WHERE: In the Nomo di Canopo, to the right of the Apollodoro Estate.
STRATEGY: All the above tips for the first Phylakes are valid. Remember that weapons that inflict altered status are great against these opponents. This Phylakes is very slow and very easy to take down as long as you pay attention to her big iron club. The best time to hit him is after he launches his powerful attack, it will take him a few seconds to recharge and you can fill him with hits, especially if you have extended your basic combo thanks to the Extended Combo skill.
FILL: Copper Mace - Excellent Heavy Mace - Quality 56 - Damage 236/s with as much as a 4 out of 4 adrenaline killer, 1 out of 4 Damage Multiplier and the ability to get health from every hit scored.


LEVEL: 25.
WHERE: In the Nome of Ineb-Hedjet, in the large central vertical island, north of the town of Cercasoro.
STRATEGY: All the advice already said for the previous Phylakes are valid. Aries wanders around the fields on his chariot stopping occasionally. Acting at night and paying attention, you can easily catch him by surprise by taking away a good part of his vital energy, especially if you've upgraded the LAMA CELATA. This Phylakes is very fast and uses two blades, if you want to avoid to end up in the middle we suggest you to stay at a distance and to bombard it with arrows (in the head if you can) until you see it overflowing on the ground.
FULCRUM: Illusory Appearance - Excellent Predator Bow - Quality 63 - Damage 395/s with 3 out of 4 points of increased sneak attack damage, 2 out of 4 critical hit probability and the ability to set enemies on fire.

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