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One of the most anticipated games of the month of October is definitely Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey . The game, despite appearances, represents a real prequel to Origins, being set about 400 years before the events narrated in the "Egyptian chapter" of the Ubisoft saga. The player will find himself in the role of Alexios or Cassandra, two Spartan warriors exiled descendants of the famous King Leonidas, who will find themselves in the middle of the Peloponnesian war. The choices that the player will face will not be simple at all, and will determine the fate of both protagonists. If you're a "platinum hunter", a few moments ago some non story related trophies appeared on the net, which give us an idea of what awaits us in the full game.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey - some preliminary advice

If you've already got the platinum trophy in any other chapter of the Ubisoft saga, you should know that the activities you'll have to do in this Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey one are not very different. The game will have 51 trophies, including 38 bronze, 10 silver, 2 gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. Let's start by saying that a good part of these achievements will be achievable through the simple completion of the main plot chapters. Fortunately, unlike the previous chapters of the series, in Odyssey there are no real collectible items and, above all, it will not be necessary to complete 100% all the places we will visit. The only trick could be represented by the 42 underwater locations that we'll have to visit, but this is the only activity that will take a little more time.

The only missing trophy is the achievement "The embrace of Aphrodite", which will require us to spend a night with another character. However, despite everything, you will soon realize that it will be really difficult not to get this trophy. In the game there will be several objectives related to the trophies, including: 5 questline, 4 bosses that you will meet while continuing the plot, 42 Cultists to kill, 10 Mercenary Levels to get, 5 matches to be played at the Arena, 20 side quests to get a gold trophy, 20 Contracts that you can get at the bulletin boards, reach level 50, upgrade your ship to the maximum, as well as other secondary objectives. You'll be able to work on all this even simply during the main plot, as none of these items are actually missing.

All the steps to follow to get the Platinum Trophy of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

We remind you that, although the game involves the presence of two protagonists, the choice of sex of the character will not preclude you from obtaining any trophy. Precisely for this reason, we recommend you approach the game platinum in the following way: first, complete the main plot that, due to the large gaps in levels required between one quest and another, will also require the completion of many side quests to get the necessary experience, then devote yourself to the 5 questline to which the trophies are connected, then explore all the various regions and reach the underwater areas. Once you've done this, engage in battles in the Arena and become the "First Mercenary", then defeat the 4 bosses on the game map and the 42 Cultists.

Once this is done, commit yourself to level 50 (which will take up to 4 hours) and devote yourself to maximizing your boat's performance. Once you have completed all of these activities, there should be very few more trophies left to get, and all of them quite immediate. As soon as you unlock them, the platinum trophy will finally Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey be yours.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Trophies Guide


This is Sparta!

Complete the battle of the 300.

This trophy is directly linked to the plot of the game, which is why it will be impossible to miss.

The beginning of an odyssey

Complete episode one.

This trophy is directly linked to the game's storyline, which is why it will be impossible to miss.

Past Mistakes

Complete episode 2.

This trophy is directly related to the game's storyline, so it will be impossible to miss.

Evil unmasked

Complete episode 3.

This trophy is directly related to the game plot, so it will be impossible to miss it.

Brilliant minds

Complete episode four.

This trophy is directly related to the plot of the game, so it will be impossible to miss.

From the ashes

Complete episode five.

This trophy is directly linked to the game's storyline, which is why it will be impossible to miss.

The collapse of democracy

Complete episode six.

This trophy is directly linked to the plot of the game, which is why it will be impossible to miss.

Birth of a legend

Complete episode 7.

This trophy is directly linked to the plot of the game, which is why it will be impossible to miss.

Make it yours

Engrave your first item.

The engravings are one of the main features of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey , which will upgrade your weapons and armor. You can unlock them simply by leveling up, but also by finding legendary weapons and armour. To be able to engrave the equipment of your choice, go to any Blacksmith in the game and choose the option "Engravings". Know that engraving will have a cost in resources, but don't worry: you can find the necessary materials in the game world, or always buy them from the Blacksmith. The engravings may increase a certain type of damage by a certain percentage, as well as allow you to improve in stealth, melee or ranged combat.

Make your first engraving and the trophy will be yours. If you want to learn more about the subject, have a look at our guide to the legendary armor of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey .

Now you work for me

Recruit an excellent NPC and assign him to your ship.

Excellent NPCs are usually Captains that you will find in the strong enemies. Among the first areas where you can find some, you can mention Fort Tiryns, in the Argolis region. You can use our eagle to see if an enemy is of the "legendary" type. Simply press the directional cross key on the game pad to use the eagle view and then the L2 key to scan enemies. The top right corner will show the rarity of the various NPCs. Those we're looking for will appear Sparta Kick skills as the final hit, or remove your weapon from the equipment through the inventory, so you can fight using only your fists. However, you can always use your weapons to weaken the enemy, but the final blow must always be made with your bare hands or, alternatively, with Sparta Kick.

When the enemy has been knocked out of action, get on top of him and press the L3 button to recruit him. You won't be able to do this while you're in combat, so wait for the right moment. If you find yourself "in the company" of other enemies still alive, kill them without too much trouble; after you have done this, you can devote yourself to recruiting enemies knocked out.

Finally, open the ship's menu, select "Special Lieutenants", spend some money and you will have recruited the character in question, automatically obtaining the trophy. If you want to learn more about this topic, please consult our guide on how to recruit legendary lieutenants for the ship in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey .

How she glitters!

Get and equip your first excellent item.

You will get your first excellent object at the end of the second sequence. It will be the Sword of Nikolao, recognizable by the fact that its name is the object in question, and you will have obtained the trophy.


Reach level 50.

This trophy is probably the one that will take the longest. Let's make it clear right away that when the main plot is completed, your character will have a level between 37 and 40. By completing all the side quests, you should easily reach level 45. If you're wondering how to get the five levels that separate you from the trophy in question, know that you will be farming with the Battles of Conquest (by discovering the entire map of a given region, it will be easy to find one or two of these battles). This way, you should earn about 1 level for every hour of play. Overall, achieving this achievement should take you about 50 hours, but don't worry: most of the activities you'll have to do will be required to complete the game, and you'll do them without even thinking too much about it.

The advice we have to give you is to often access the various bulletin boards and accept as many contracts and sizes at the same time, as the requests to meet them will be easy to reach, and will make it much easier for you to unlock the trophy.

Divine power

Acquire an active grade 3 ability.

First, you'll need to upgrade the Spear to Level 5, killing Cultists to get their Artifact Fragments. Once that's done, head to Andros Island at the Ancient Forge and upgrade the weapon in question. There will also be a game storyline mission called "Improve the Spear". See also the "The Revealed Sect" trophy for more information about Cultists.

At the top of the food chain

Become the highest-ranking mercenary.

To get this trophy, you will need to reach Mercenary Rank 1, which is the highest rank. To find out what our current rank is, simply open the game menu and select "Mercenaries". To increase your rank in this particular ranking, all you have to do is kill other Mercenaries who occupy a higher rank than you. However, always remember that, for each kill you make, you will only gain 1 position; you won't be able, for example, to kill a Level 2 Mercenary at level 5 and automatically jump to the same rank. This kill, however complex, would only move us forward by one position of our current rank.

To find Mercenaries to beat us with, open the game menu, select the "Mercenaries" item, click the button to select one and press the button again to track it down and figure out where to face it. This operation will make a marker appear on their position, so that you can see where you need to go. To get the trophy, you will have to face all the Mercenaries of high level, until you reach the highest rank, thus reaching the top of the ranking.

Grim look

Retrieve the eye of the Cyclops from a goat on Kefalonia.

To get this trophy, you must first have completed sequence 1. At the end of it, you will be fighting an enemy called "the Cyclops". At the end of the fight, a film will start in which you will see our protagonist placing the eye of the Cyclops... in the rectum of a goat. Well, our goal will be to "retrieve" that eye! To do this, as soon as you have completed the first sequence of the game, return to Kefalonia and start killing as many goats as possible. Taking them out will be a piece of cake, just use your bow so they don't escape. After you've killed one, don't forget to inspect the animal's carcass to see if it's the one that had the eye.

Remember that the object in question is a completely random drop, so you may also need to kill a considerable number of goats before you get the eye. However, don't despair: goats are very common animals in Kefalonia, and it won't be at all difficult to kill the right amount.

Appearance of Hermes

Discover all the sub-regions of Greece.

To get this trophy, you'll simply have to "trample" every territory on the game map. To make the idea better: consulting the world map, you'll immediately understand that almost all the territories are shrouded in a real fog (it's called "Fog of War"), which symbolizes the fact that, as yet, you haven't explored those areas. To remove the fog now mentioned, you simply need to go to the various regions and sub-regions in the game map, so that the whole world map is perfectly visible.

The most difficult part in obtaining this trophy is related to the islands. Each region will have its own main and secondary districts and, in some cases, a considerable number of islands, many of which are very small and even nameless. To unlock the achievement, you will also have to land on these small islands. You will notice whether or not they are included in the "list of places to visit" because, the moment you set foot on them, you will be awarded experience points.

N. B.: In order to obtain the trophy in question, you need not visit all the points of interest marked with the question mark.

Are you Perseus?

Defeat Medusa.

To unlock this boss, you must have previously completed the following side quests: Side Quests "Romancing the Stone Garden"; "Love's Long Shadow"; "Hard to Artemis"; "Heavy is the Spear"; "Keys to Happiness?"; "Writhing Dead". Medusa will be the final boss of this questline, and you will face her in the Stone Temple on the island of Lesvos. She's a level 50 boss, so if you have even a vague hope of defeating her, your protagonist will have to be at least level 46.

Victory in the Maze

Defeat the Minotaur.

To unlock this boss, you must have previously completed the following side quests: "Myths and Minotaurs" > "Of Minotaurs and Men" > "He Waits". The Minotaur will be the final boss of this questline, which you can face at the Temple of Lost Souls. Defeat him and the trophy in question will be yours.

You're Nobody

Defeat the cyclops.

To unlock this boss, you must have previously completed the following side quests: "A God Among Men" > "Left to Dye" > "Stairway to Olympos". As soon as you complete the secondary quests now listed, you will find the Cyclops waiting for you on Forgotten Island. The boss will not be unlockable in any other way. We remind our readers that the monster in question has nothing to do with the enemy we will face towards the end of Sequence 1, despite having the same name.

Guess what?

Outsmart the Sphinx.

To get the trophy in question, you must first complete the following side quests: "A Family's Legacy" (Thera) > "Lore of the Sphinx" (in the Viotia region) > "Awaken the Myth" (in the Viotia region). Once you arrive in Atlantis, you will come across the Sphinx, but unlike all the other bosses listed above, it will not face you in combat, but will test your deductive skills with riddles. The questions the monster will ask you will be different each time, but they will come from a "block" of 12 questions, and you will find the correct answer among the three that the Sphinx will list.

If you want to find all the correct answers, see our Sphinx riddle guide in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey .

If you wish to find out how to get to the Sphinx, consult our guide on how to get to Atlantis.

Chosen One of Artemis

Complete the missions of the Daughters of Artemis.

The Daughters of Artemis represent a real questline, a set of secondary missions all connected to each other. You will come across the first of them in the sub-region called "The Sacred Lands of Apollo", in the area of Phocis, and will be assigned to you by an NPC named Daphne, who will ask you to kill a boar. Below, we list all the quests to complete in order to obtain the trophy in question:

  • The Daughters of Artemis
  • Kallisto the Bear
  • The Erymanthian Boar
  • The Hind of Keryneia
  • The Kretan Bull
  • The Krokottas Hyena
  • The Lykaon Wolf
  • The Namean Lion
  • Artemis's Request

Everybody wins!

Complete Marco's missions.

Marko's is the second questline you'll come into contact with. You will meet the character in question on the island of Kos, locked inside a cage in a strong enemy. To access his side missions you will, of course, have to free him and bring him safe and sound to his home. Below, we list all the quests to complete in order to get the trophy in question:

  • A Business Opportunity
  • Old Friends, Old Problems
  • Farm in Flames
  • Protect Markos

Make room, I'm a doctor

Complete Hippocrates' missions.

Again, Hippocrates' missions will constitute a questline of its own. However, before accessing his side quests, you must first have completed all other missions in the Viotia area. Following the plot of the game, you should reach the area in question during Sequence 7. Below is a list of all the side quests you need to complete to get the trophy in question:

  • Inheritance Insurance
  • Too Much of a Good Thing

How beautiful is the buccaneer's life

Complete Xenia's missions.

You will get to know Xenia during Sequence 5 of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey . The woman in question is a pirate, and will ask you to pay a "fee" of 15,000 Drachmas in order to continue. Precisely for this reason, you will have to complete a whole series of "treasure hunts" to be able to accumulate the sum in question. Below, we list all the quests to complete to get the trophy in question:

  • Birds of a Feather
  • Sacred Vows
  • She Who Controls the Seas
  • Throw the Dice
  • Priceless Treasure

If you want to learn more about the side missions now listed, have a look at our guide to Xenia's maps.

Scourge of the Aegean

Sink your first epic ship.

In the course of your adventures in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey , you may easily come across epic ships. These ships are easily recognizable, thanks to a yellow crown-shaped icon that stands out on them. You will be able to find these ships, in a completely random way, while navigating the Aegean Sea. Although these ships are much rarer than ordinary boats, it will not be at all difficult to spot one in the game. The first clashes with the epic ships will not be easy at all, but the strategy to follow is always the same: first, you'll have to try to "block the movements" of these ships and, immediately after, you'll have to attack them with everything you have available.

Violent sports

Defeat a mercenary in the arena.

The Arena is located in the Pephka region. All you need to do is talk to the owner of the facility and check if there are any mercenaries inside. Unlike the various Champions you can find, mercenaries are recognizable precisely because they are NPCs without any indicated level. Unfortunately, mercenaries will not always be present in the arena. By default, you should come across five champions of higher and higher levels, up to level 50. Just before the level 50 champion, you should find the mercenary mentioned in the trophy. However, should this not happen, your only option is to return later. You only need to remember to check from time to time, or increase your level of wanted.

Don't worry, the fights that await you with the mercenaries in question will all be very short: it will be "one on one" fights, exactly what happens when these same mercenaries hunt you down in the game world.

More beautiful and more superb than before

Improve the Adrestia for the first time.

For the achievement in question, we refer you to the description of the silver trophy "Lord of the Seas".

The Creed of Fashion

Equips an excellent armor set.

To get an excellent armor set, relatively easily and quickly, you'll need to complete the side missions related to the Daughters of Artemis questline. As soon as you complete all side quests (for more information, please refer to the "Artemis' Embrace Trophy" description), you will be rewarded with the Artemis' Armor, which is an excellent armor set. At this point, open the menu, equip the armor in question and the trophy will be yours.

The embrace of Aphrodite

Spend a night with one of your conquests.

During some dialogues in the main and secondary missions you'll be able to choose dialog lines marked with an icon with a heart. Always choose these options, as they will lead you straight to the sentimental relationships available in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey . It doesn't matter if you have chosen the male or female protagonist to play your adventure, since you can "go to bed" equally with all the characters, regardless of theirs and your gender.

For example, at the end of Sequence 4, during the main mission entitled "The Symposium of Pericles", you will go to a party and sleep with Alcibiade. Choose the dialogue option with the heart icon "Let's take off these clothes", available after you get the oil for Alcibiade, and you're done.

Another simple way to get this trophy as soon as possible will be available during Sequence 3, performing the secondary mission "Age is only a number, in the area of Phocis (more precisely, in the sub-region of the Great Mount Parnassus). The side quest in question will require you to "plunder" the carcasses of a deer and a bear, both located in the same region of the mission. At the end of the side quest, when you return to the one who assigned it to you, choose the dialogue option marked with the heart icon "Let me satisfy you". As soon as the cutscene that is activated immediately afterwards is finished, you will be awarded the trophy.


Discover Atlantis and talk to Pythagoras.

You'll get this trophy once you finish the main mission called "United Front" during Sequence 7. This is a phase of the main storyline, so it will be virtually impossible to miss this trophy.

If you would like a more detailed description, please consult our guide on how to get to Atlantis.

Inordinate speed

Break a ship in two.

To obtain this trophy, you will simply have to fight against any ship. First, you will have to prevent the boat from moving and, once you have done this, you will not have to board it, but you will have to collide with it at the maximum possible speed, spurting it and, in fact, breaking it in two. To achieve the desired effect, you simply need to move a little further apart and press the button to acquire the necessary speed.

I have the power

Execute an Ultra attack with any type of weapon.

To get this trophy, you'll first have to unlock the following skills: "Warrior Ability: Overpower Attacks" and "Hunter Ability: Overpower Bow Strike". Once you have purchased them, just press the R1 + R2 keys you can perform an Ultra attack, which will consume three segments of your Adrenaline. Below, we list the weapons with which you'll have to perform the attack in question to unlock the achievement:

  • Sword
  • Dagger
  • Heavy blunt weapon
  • Weapon with heavy blade
  • Stick
  • Launch
  • Bow (requires the "Overpower Bow Strike Skill" skill)

There is also an Ultra attack to be made with your bare hands, which can be made when you don't have any weapons equipped. However, this attack will not count towards obtaining the trophy in question.

Master of War

Kill the leader of any region with few resources except the Megaride.

To unlock the trophy in question you must first reduce the power level to zero, indicated by the scroll bar. If you scroll through any area of the game map you will see a purple bar in the lower right corner of the screen. Depending on the degree of filling, this bar may indicate that the territory in question is fortified (3 bars), weakened (2 bars) or vulnerable (1 bar). As mentioned before, to get to the head of the territory, you will have to make the purple bar we just told you about disappear completely.

There are three activities with which you can reset the purple bar in question:

  • Kill the soldiers belonging to the faction that is in power in that particular territory (remember that Red indicates Sparta and Blue, instead, indicates Athens);
  • burn the war supplies, which you will find in the forts and houses of the leaders;
  • plunder the nation's treasures, which you will always find at the forts;

Find the stocks and treasures will be a fairly simple operation, as you just use your eagle to locate those in the vicinity, highlighting them with icons of the directional cross of the game pad. Do this in the smaller regions and you will have no problem getting the trophy.

N. B.: the only region where you will not be able to apply what we have now described is the Megaride (the first region that you will visit through the game plot).

Training from misthios

Complete 20 sizes, war contracts or bulletin board missions.

In the course of your adventures you will Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey find a bulletin board in every city in every region. If you go to see them, you will always find sizes, war contracts or naval missions to carry out. The trophy in question requires that you perform at least 20 such missions. The advice we have to give you is to agree to carry out the largest number of contracts, missions and sizes at the same time, so that you meet the necessary requirements almost automatically with your natural progression in the game plot. Contracts will require things quite simple, such as "sink 5 pirate ships" or "plunder 5 crates of resources", ie actions that you can easily perform naturally during the gameplay, without you specifically dedicate yourself to them.

To make your job easier, you can use the "Quick Trip" function to move quickly from one bulletin board to another, so you can accept all available contracts. You will also frequently come across duplicate contracts, the requirements of which can even be combined to halve fatigue and double your results. In the questlog you can keep track of all accepted Contracts and Sizes. If you go to select one, the requirements will be set to show you what to do.


You get a big bounty on your head.

As was often the case in previous chapters of Assassin's Creed, in Odyssey we may have a bounty on our heads. In the lower right corner of the screen there will be an indicator that will show us how much we are wanted in the region we are in. The indicator in question will be composed of five helmets, and it goes without saying that ours will be to make it fill completely, in order to unlock the trophy in question. The easiest way to succeed is to go to a particularly large and "crowded" enemy, and start attacking and killing all the enemies that come within range.

In this way, within a few minutes, you will have brought the indicator to maximum, obtaining the trophy you are looking for. Just be careful not to weld your bounty, as well as avoid killing the person who placed the bounty on you, because doing so would reduce your level of wanted, having to take more time to bring it back to maximum.

Heroism for a fee

Win the first battle of conquest on earth (except the one in Megaride in the hero's journey).

In order to gain access to the conquest battles, you must first weaken a certain territory, which means reducing the purple marker to a single notch. The first chance you'll get to get your hands on the trophy in question will be in Sequence 3, since the battle of conquest that you will face at Megaride will be provided by the game plot and, therefore, will not be counted for the achievement we are talking about.

There are three activities with which you can reset the purple bar in question:

  • kill the soldiers belonging to the faction that is in power in that particular territory (remember that Red indicates Sparta and Blue, however, indicates Athens);
  • burning war supplies, which you will find in the forts and the houses of the leaders;
  • plunder the nation's treasures, which you will always find in the forts;

Finding the stocks and treasures will be a rather simple operation, as you only need to use your eagle to locate those in the vicinity, highlighting them with icons of the directional cross of the game pad.

Only after the purple bar on the map has dropped to 1/3 can you start the battle of conquest. You will see a blue flag and a red one on the game map. Choose the faction that is going to attack that indicates the "difficult" difficulty level and win the battle by quickly killing the enemies.

A trick to easily achieve victory in conquest battles is the following: first discover the entire game map, as there will often be conquest battles taking place somewhere on it. This way you will be able to perform a simple farming task, without having to lower the power level of a specific region.

The fury of the Amazons

He breaks a ship in two with a female crew.

To get the trophy in question, you will have to follow several steps. First, you will need to get a cosmetic skin for your ship.

  • One of these is the skin "The Assassins (Female)", which you can get from Ubisoft Club completely free, as it will only require an Uplay account. In the game map menu, press LEFT and then click on Ubisoft Club;
  • Find "Bandits (female)" in the underwater location called "Underwater Wreck of Datis", southwest of the island of Delos;
  • Complete the Olympian questline (it will be essential to get one of Assassins' Creed: Odyssey's golden trophies);
  • Complete the questline of the Daughters of Artemis (for more information, please refer to the description of the trophy "Chosen One of Artemis");

Immediately after you get the skin in question, all you have to do is to equip it through the game menu. You don't need to select a female lieutenant as well, so leave the relevant slot free.

Finally, after you have done all this, you will have to engage in combat with any ship, and weaken it to the point of preventing it from moving. In this case, if you want to get two trophies in one, don't board it but ramm it at maximum speed, in order to unlock both the trophy in question and the "Out of speed" achievement at the same time.

The Midas touch

Engrave an excellent object with an excellent property.

Every time you get a new legendary weapon (which will be marked with a new one once you get possession of it), you'll have to go to a blacksmith and carve one weapon with the bonus attribute of the other. The procedure now illustrated will also work with armor, but not all engravings are compatible between armor pieces. With weapons, in short, you will have more options. The engraving will cost a few resources, so don't worry about that. In the blacksmith's menu, select "Engravings", scroll down until you reach the yellow engravings and insert one of those in your weapon (or armor) and you will have obtained the trophy.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Trophies Guide


The reconquest of Athens

Complete episode 8.

This trophy is directly related to the plot of the game, so it will be impossible to miss.

Heir of Poseidon

Complete all the targets of the underwater sites.

A guide is currently in progress that will show you the location and how to reach all the underwater locations in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey . Stay tuned so you don't miss any updates.

I am legend

Equips an excellent hand-to-hand weapon and five pieces of armor.

There will be as many as 42 Cultists in the Creed: Odyssey, and each of them, once killed, will reward you with a piece of legendary armor. Once you have obtained one, know that you can neither sell it nor dismantle it, so you will not be able to miss this trophy.

Towards the end of Sequence 2, however, you will be rewarded with the first legendary weapon. Equip the weapon in question with the five pieces of legendary armor needed (Head, arms, torso, waist and feet) and the trophy will be yours.

If you'd like to learn more about the trophy in question, check out our guide on how to find legendary weapons and armour in the Ubisoft game.

Didn't you have fun?!?

Become champion of the arena.

If you want to become the arena champions, and get the trophy in question, know that you will face five fights of increasing difficulty. There will be 5 champions available, and the strongest will be a 50 level opponent. However, don't get too scared: you will be able to bring home the victory even if your protagonist will be at level 45 and in possession of good equipment. Remember that, to achieve the achievement described here, you will not only have to defeat the champion of level 50, but you will have to come out winners from all five fights.

If you would like to learn more about the trophy in question, please consult our guide on where to find the Arena and how to become Champions.

Heritage Restored

Upgrade your spear to grade 6.

To get the trophy in question you will have to perform a simple task: kill all 42 Cultists. Each one of them, in fact, will give you a fragment of artifact, which you can use to upgrade your spear at the Ancient Forge on the island of Andros, until you reach grade 6. For more information on this, we refer you to the description of the silver trophy "The revealed Sect".

The revealed sect.

Defeat all members of the Cosmos Sect.

In Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey you will find 42 Cultists scattered in the game map. This is a real enemy faction, a bit like the Templars were in previous games of Assassin's Creed. In the game menu you can find the item "Cultists" and by clicking on the silhouettes of the members of the Cosmos sect you will get clues about where you can find them. Often the Cultists will be linked to the performance of some side quests and, in some cases, also to the main plot (for example, in some cases you may be asked to help people in a certain place to reveal the location of a cultist, present in that same area). The best strategy is to first complete the main plot of the game, and then find and kill all the Cultists you missed. The reason for this now lies in the fact that many Cultists will appear only during some missions of the main plot, and then, after completing it, you will have already taken out quite a few. Also, if one of the Cultists appears to you with a gray inscription, it means that you won't be able to reach him yet because of your progress in the plot.

By pressing the button on the Cultist of your choice, the game will show you how to unlock its position. Then, after completing the main plot, you'll have to follow these clues to kill all the Cultists still alive. After defeating all the cultists of a certain branch, you will unlock one belonging to an inner circle. Defeat all members of this inner circle and unlock the Grand Master of the sect.

As mentioned in descriptions of previous trophies, the Cultists, once killed, release fragments of artifacts that are used to upgrade your spear to level 6, as well as pieces of legendary equipment. For this very reason, you will need to eliminate them all as soon as possible.

A guide with the exact location of all Cultists is currently being worked on. Stay tuned so you don't miss any updates.

Lord of the Seas

Maximize the Adrestia.

The Adrestia is your ship, which will accompany you on adventures to the Aegean Sea. As has happened in several other incarnations of Assassin's Creed, you can upgrade your ship. Below, we list all the improvements you can make to the Adrestia:

  • Arrow Volleys (4 levels)
  • Javelin Throws (4 levels)
  • Fire Braziers (4 levels)
  • Arrows (4 levels)
  • Ram (6 levels)
  • Javelins (4 levels)
  • Hull (6 levels)
  • Rower Stamina (4 levels)
  • Crew Armor (3 levels)

It goes without saying that the various upgrades now listed will be priced in resources. However, we can already tell you that the materials you'll need the most will be Iron and Olive Wood, which you'll get mainly by sinking enemy ships. In some cases, however, you may also need Soft Leather, which you will get by hunting certain animals. The fastest way to accumulate the materials you need, however, is to dismantle all those pieces of equipment you no longer need. The dismantling will replenish your stock of resources in a short time. The ancient tablets, on the other hand, will be a real headache, as they can only be found in the ruins, and are only sold by a few blacksmiths.

The best strategy to get a lot of Antique Tablets is the following:

  1. Discover the entire game map, and then visit every blacksmith present, buying all the Antique Tablets in their inventory. Just be aware that not all blacksmiths will sell them; in fact, it is relatively rare that they do;
  2. Plunder the ruins you will come across, they are the only place where you will find the Tavolette Antiche, besides the blacksmiths, we mean. Beyond these two places, you won't find them anywhere else. The ruins are marked with a red icon on the map;

The good news is that, fortunately, you won't have to sift through all the Ruins in the game: there are many more tablets than you need to buy all the upgrades you'll need to get the trophy in question.

The Argonauts

You're filling the vestry with legendary lieutenants.

To obtain this trophy, we refer you to our guide on how to get the legendary lieutenants in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey .

Aim for gold

Complete Olympic missions.

The Olympics questline will be activated automatically during sequence 7, just after the main mission "Kings of Sparta". Precisely according to what has now been said, it will not be possible to miss the missions that we are going to list. At first, you will be required to deliver a champion to the Olympics, but in the end, you will find yourself fighting in the first place at the games.

The questline relating to the Olympics includes several side missions, which we will list below:

  • Delivering a Champion
  • The Contender
  • The Long Game
  • Pankration

Complete the side this time and the trophy will be yours.

Off with a head...

Defeat a group of members of the Cosmos Sect.

To achieve this achievement, we refer you to the description of the trophy "The Revealed Sect".

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Trophies Guide


The end of the odyssey

Complete episode 9 and the epilogue.

This trophy is directly linked to the plot of the game, so it will be impossible to miss.

Around the Islands

Complete 20 missions to the islands of Pefka, Obsidian and Abantis.

To get the trophy in question you will have to complete 20 side quests. Be careful: these are not quests activated by accepting contracts and/or sizes, but real side quests, which will be available in the following regions:

  • Pephka = The right half of the island of Messara at the bottom right of the map.
  • Obsidian Islands = Hydrea and Melos.
  • Abantis Islands = Evia + Skyros

By fully discovering those areas and synchronizing the sync points, you'll see all the side missions on the map.

For the Obsidian Islands it is advisable to carry out Hydrea side missions first, as doing the one on Melos will make them no longer available. In any case, there is nothing to worry about: there will be 20 missions even if you miss the ones on Hydrea. But in that case, you will also have to complete the 5 fights in the arena, because they will count as one secondary mission. If you complete the secondary missions on Hydrea first, you'll have 23 missions in total, so you can skip some of them.

So don't forget the side quests related to the arena on Pephka (the one that will ask you to become the Champion), which will also count for this trophy, but that won't have a real marker on the game map.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Trophies Guide


Epic cycle

You get all the trophies.

If you have reached this point, it means that you have achieved all the other achievements of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey , and then unlocked the platinum trophy. Congratulations!

Frequently asked questions and answers

Regularly upgrade, change and engrave your armor.
Disassemble armor and weapons you are not using so you can upgrade items quickly.
Parrying perfect as soon as you can.
The perfect exploration mode is quite simple to employ.
More elements

There are 3 episodes: "Fields of the Eliseo", "Torment of Hades" and "The Judgment of Atlantis".

Approach the dock and press the indicator so that your ship docks automatically.
The ship can also be called to any dock it has not docked to by interacting with the glowing ship symbol found in the primary ports.
6 oct two thousand eighteen

Search for lateral.
Play Location Based Objectives.
Talk to NPCs for an auxiliary quest.
Time based quest.
Battle of Conquest.
Legendary animals.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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